Jennifer Evans

Jennifer Evans

 Danvers, Massachusetts, USA

"A gifted musician with an extraordinary soprano voice, Jennifer Evans has been performing on the folk circuit for years." PEM Museum Magazine. "Songs and a voice you will remember forever." South Shore Folk Music Club.


“A gifted musician with an extraordinary soprano voice, Jennifer Evans has been performing on the folk circuit for years. She is known for her intricate guitar work and performs works by Griff Evans, her talented songwriter brother, songs by other contemporary writers, as well as traditional ballads.”
—Museum Magazine

"When Jennifer first comes on stage she just radiates and when she begins to sing, you can hear a pin drop…Audiences love her and they find the voice irresistible." —David Jackson, director of the Driftwood Coffeehouse.

Jennifer Evans walks on stage, a pretty woman with flowing, black hair, twinkling, bright eyes and a curious smile to make you feel she is about to share secrets. Then you hear the voice, a burnished, mahogany mezzo that leads us through songs of joy, loss, remembrance and hope. Set to varied and unusual guitar arrangements, that voice and lively spirit fill the room.

Many of the songs Jennifer performs are written by her talented brother, Griff Evans. "His gripping, insightful ballads are sung through the voices of people in all walks of life. Griff is one of the best songwriters around today and I am honored to share his songs with the world,” she says.

She also performs ancient songs like "Gypsy Lass" alongside edgy modern tunes by Gillian Welch, Mark Knopfler, and David Olney. In Jennifer’s hands the songs all feel like neighbors -- but then, old and new have never been strangers in Jennifer's world.

Jennifer grew up in a musical home. Her father was a Welsh immigrant who brought his country's love of singing with him but it was her older brother, the songwriter Griff Evans, who exposed her to the music of the folk world.

“I remember the moment I wanted to be a folk singer," she says, laughing gently. "I was in my early teens and thought I wanted to be a visual artist, so was working on a painting and had an early Joan Baez album playing. The song “Queen of Hearts” came on and everything inside me froze. From then on the direction of my life changed and I began dreaming of being a singer instead of a painter which was a good thing because I wasn’t a very good painter."

Jennifer spent years studying with uber-guitarist Guy Van Duser, now Professor of Guitar at Berklee College of Music, and sought his expertise in creating guitar arrangements to her songs. Van Duser has performed with everyone from folk legend Odetta to guitar legend Chet Atkins.

“She has a beautiful voice, and accompanies herself with guitar arrangements that are varied and unusual, delicate and complex -- a sweet and musical sound."
— Guy Van Duser, Master Guitarist, Professor of Guitar at Berklee College of Music

"…songs and a voice you will remember forever."
— Karen Haffner, Booker, Shore Folk Music Club, Kingston, MA

"Jennifer Evans' music is an extraordinary combination of her brother's witty and poignant lyrics, mixed with her own uniquely beautiful voice and wonderfully orchestrated guitar pieces. I'm always in the mood for her songs."
— Elwood Donnelly, Booker, Stone Soup Coffeehouse

"Strikingly beautiful voice and artistic interpretation of her brother's songs..."
— Sue Krueger, Booker, Coffeehouse off the Square

“She brings a lyrical soprano voice and classic folk style to her acoustic shows.”
— North Shore Sunday Magazine


Set List

I perform songs written by my brother Griff Evans and other contemporary songwriters like Gillian Welch, Mark Knopfler, Stephanie Davis, etc. In addition to contemporary material, I like to perform one or two ballads from the British Isles per concert.