Jennifer Faust

Jennifer Faust


Sounds like Roger Waters started a band with his eldest daughter, Jennifer Faust, and got some of Portland's finest ambient noise makers to mingle with Nashville's most expensive paid-by-the-hour studio rats.


Welcome to the birth of Jennifer Faust: Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. This recording (which will soon be released..) was made possible due to two factors: Love and Death. Love of music, love of life on earth, and love between two people, myself, and Christian Hurd, who took my simple songs and turned them into emotional compositions. Death of my grandfather, John Stellatino, or Nono, as I lovingly knew him: a farmer, a vitner, and a full-blooded Italian with four daughters, one of whom was my mother. His passing left me a chunk of money, which allowed for this recording. What can I say? Timing is everything, and these two events crossed paths, and so here is this record. I imagine when I die, this recording will be one of the strongest momentos of my life on earth. I hope I can give someone a gift like this after my passing.


Head West

Written By: Jennifer Faust

Float above the city, skim the tops of trees, turn around onto your back, feel the ghostly breeze, take in all the beauty, above you and below, store the snapshot safely cause one day it may go, one day it may go. Take your hand and place it gently on your heart- think of this as language, think of this as art. Honor your great country, what it yearns to be...coming down is such a drag, heavy infantry, heavy infantry. Harness your reflection, take down all the chimes, make a wish upon the darkness in these moonless times, seek out eyes that look back, forgive everyone, take it out of cruise control, head West toward the sun, head West toward the sun, head West toward the sun.

Black Josie

Written By: Jennifer Faust

Red pencil, red notebook, utensil for a fortress, bird's eye-view, stiff upper lip, entice you with my grip--Black Josie, so feline, recess from the rewind, Black Josie--I love you...Red Chevy, you're such a bully, thick and heavy- so beautiful. You put the hurt on, you turn the heat up, you shake the tree from all its leaves, you take the tease from your little girl-the blackest cat in the world--Black Josie, so feline, recess from the rewind, Black Josie--I love you-I do!

Matte Kudasai

Written By: King Crimson (Belew, Bruford, Fripp, Levin)

Still by the window pain
Pain like the rain that's falling
She waits in the air
Matte Kudasai
She sleeps in a chair
In her sad America
When was the night so long?
Long like these notes I'm sending
She waits in the air
Matte Kudasai
She sleeps in a chair
In a sad America

Old Familiar Habits

Written By: Jennifer Faust

Old familiar habits
Taking charge over you
Comforts like a blanket
Rockin' and soothing you
Old familiar habits
So hard to let go
Old familiar habits-
I'll miss you so
Sleep cut from circulation
Digging deep, self-degredation
Always lookin' for a reason-
With all of this I'm through
I'm breathing what's in season
Turning off flourescent, electric light
Old familiar habits-

Lights Down

Written By: Jennifer Faust

I've been turning the lights down for so long. Candles I can handle- my skin still looks pure. Back pain and dirty thoughts, fragile heart of fear-- you've come a long way, dear...It's all so funny, forecast is sunny, I'm o.k. with what I've become.
I've been running in circles against time, hanging on for dear life like a cat on a string. Can't complain about the bed I made to friends or family-- I put the fear in me... It's all so funny, forecast is sunny, I'm o.k. with what I've become.
Ibuprofen, nicotine gum, heart-attack heart, falling apart, falling freely, it's easy to do...........


Written By: Jennifer Faust

She hates the word, "rubenesque",
Would rather be considered voluptuous
She feels much to much-
She's like the weatergirl
She's bolder than your common lioness
She sinks her teeth deeper than the rest
She's a child, she's a child, running into the wide wide wide
But oh! I know this will be good for you
Oh, your mother would say so too

Cocoa and powdered confections
Tiny little teacups from your family's collection
I know it's hard, but it's good to Let It Go
Head East and don't look back
Make yourself a name on the fast track
And if you find the time, send me a photograph-
You never know, I might write back
And oh! I know this will be good for you
Oh, your mama would say so too..


The LP entitled "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" is complete and will be released in the fall of 2007.

Set List

Jennifer Faust is a prolific singer/songwriter with a catalog of over one hundred songs. The current band is performing songs from the forthcoming album "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" and including occasional cover songs from 'Til Tuesday ("Coming Up Close"), King Crimson ("Matte Kudasai"), and Santo and Johnny (Sleepwalk). A typical set would be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or longer. The live show is psychedelic-pop show with rich harmonic textures and full-range dynamics lightly sprinkled with 50's era Nashville.

Here are some original titles from a typical set.

"Gershwin's Dream"
"Lights Down"
"Head West"
"Old Familiar Habits"
"Black Josie"
"End of the Road"