Jennifer Glass

Jennifer Glass


Vocal driven melodic pop rock, with a dose of American roots.


Jennifer Glass was raised in Mississippi and later in Rural New Hampshire. Currently based in New York City, Glass plays
regularly in New York and the Northeast, and parts beyond ( Cleveland, LA, Austin, Nashville.. ) and has toured with/opened for Rhett Miller, Hem, Sam Roberts Band, Will Hogue, Ben Kweller, and most recently
landed the coveted sidestage with Dave Matthew's 2006 summer tour. She performed at the 2005 sxsw music conference, and made a live appearance on Austin's KGSR.
In August, HD Net premiere's a Television special of Jennifer's performance from World Cafe Live, hosted by Philadelphia's WXPN radio. In 2003, Jennifer was asked to contribute a track for a Springsteen
Tribute record, " Light of Day", for which she recorded a countrified version of "Bobby Jean" with famed bluegrass musician Sam Bush, and his band. Later this month, she will be the featured artist on ArtistDirect
and will be interviewed by lauded rock music journalist and now radio host, Dave Marsh, on his Kick Out The Jams Sirius radio program.


For You

Written By: Jennifer Glass

Battered Tales the ancient truth
Those who speak are spoken to
The Water's dream is failed, and finer
Than seas that swim in broken silence

Stars will circle in the sky
If everything should turn out right
Then I will wait the night for you
And I will brave the truth

For you , you, you
Only for you, you

In parting heads the winds are kind
Strip the flesh down to the rind
You're buried, naked, stay alive
I'm a diamond standing by

For you, you , you
Only for you, you , you
Only for you , you

Don't stay to see me cry
You'll see me open wide
And simple words are said too soon

For you
Only for you, you
Only for you, you

So I fear the thing I want the most
Even though
Its you


Written By: Jennifer Glass/Roger Greenawalt

Innocent things, unspeakable things
Secrets, and silence, and timing
The lonely disgrace
Is carved on my face
Emergency thunder and lightening

Drenched, unforgiven
I float down a river
The cargo is kindness, and violence delivered
Packets of sugar
And chinese umbrellas
So sweet, and pretty and wased

Hey, I never knew
The problem is me
And the answer's not true
So what do you do

Satellite pictures of weddings and gravel
The atmostphere smothers, and travels
Triangular windows, leak in the winter
The wallpaper's peeling and tattered

Hey, I never knew
The problem is me
And the answer's not true
So what do you do
While floating in space
Well I never knew

Stars on the ceiling
Arranged with no meaning
Like Tea leaves, and murder, and dreaming
Take nothing away,
And leave this in its place,
The oldest and emptiest feeling

Hey, I never knew
The problem is me
And the answer's not true
So what do you do
While floating in space
Well I never knew

Yeah, you just gotta see one time....

Little Shout

Written By: Jennifer Glass

Walking around this well-lit store
Makes me wanna cut up all my clothes
Four walls and a floor
At least there'll be nothing left to hurt for
I want you to notice, I want you to want me more

Don't know where to put this table
I don't know where to put this chair
Wanna rip you into pieces,
Put you in a goldfish bowl and leave you there
I want you to see me
But I want not to care

I find, I find I find
I can take it over time

This room smells like whiskey
Its too bad that I've got perfect taste
Where's the pill that you gave me
It'd be such a shame to let it go to waste

Go on, erase me.
Go on, erase this little shout.


Little Shout EP, self released Spring, 2006

Set List

Typical set list 45-1 hr. Songs we generaly play Disappear, Little Shout, Simple As The Sun, Talking To You, 4 am, Hey, Invisible, For You, Everyday, Just Sayin, covers include "you could be happy" ( snow patrol), "save me" ( Jesus and Mry Chain), "luv" Travis, etc