Jennifer Grassman

Jennifer Grassman


Often compared to Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, and Loreena McKennit, Jennifer Grassman's music is dramatic, haunting, and mature. Her classically inspired piano accompaniments and classically trained vocal techniques give her music a serene beauty and a distinct sound.


"Jennifer strikes me as a very uniquely gifted artist. She crafts her own blend of classical and even folk music into the pop medium resulting in a dramatic and moving performance. In all, a very mature artist especially for someone her age."

- MD Thompson, Ivory Tower Realizations

Creativity is the expression of feeling, thought, and belief. It is the language which every artist employs to communicate their message to the world around them. It is a language that is becoming more and more dead through the over production and formatting of music. Many feel that popular music is gradually growing devoid of genuine feeling, intelligence, and artistc creativity. Jennifer Grassman is an exception.

In the summer of 1992, Jennifer began taking piano lessons. Though only eight years of age and reluctant to regularly practice, a deep love for music had been kindled and she began the difficult evolution from playful adolescent to mature artist. Nine years later, when Jennifer's family moved to Houston, she had the privilege of studying with an elite instructor. This was one landmark in a series of events that inspired over 250 songs and 75 performances. Jennifer began taking lessons from Mr. Timothy Hester, a professor of the University of Houston, Moores School of Music. Mr. Hester introduced Jennifer to a world of classical composers, expressive artists, and brought to life an elegant language largely unappreciated in modern pop-culture. It was composers like Mendelssohn, Schubert, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Debussy that influenced Jennifer's earliest songs, but they were not the force that first inspired her to write.

While attending a concert at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX., Jennifer watched a girl about her age get up on stage in front of over five hundred people. She sang simple songs with only vocals and rhythmic guitar strumming to accompany her. It was then that Jennifer knew that she was fully capable of writing her own songs and performing them live. In September, 2002, during the War on Terror, Jennifer wrote and recorded a song for the American troops overseas which she entitled, Where the Wind Blows. The song aired worldwide on the Soldier's Radio Network in October & November of that year. She began performing it and many other songs at local coffee shops, bars, and acoustic venues. In many of her songs, the need for justice and peace was expressed, but nothing prepared her for what was about to happen.

On July 18, 2003, a friend of Jennifer's, an eighteen-year-old girl named Rachael Koloroutis and three of her friends, were murdered at their suburban home in Clear Lake, Texas. Jennifer, along with everyone else who knew the victims, was stunned. That November, Jennifer gathered together a small group of musicians to perform a memorial concert for Rachael's family and friends. They called it Concert Threnody. At the event, Jennifer and her band performed many songs written in Rachael's memory. The event raised $750 for a Crime Stoppers reward fund and was covered by FOX26 News. On September 12, 2004, Jennifer again organized and performed a benefit for Crime Stoppers which took place at Six Flags AstroWorld. Her band, EdenNox, also performed. The event was aired on eight television stations including ABC13, FOX26, The WB39, and Channel 11 Eyewitness News. It was covered by many local newspapers including The Houston Chronicle, El Dia, and The Bay Runner in addition to being aired on several local radio stations.

Jennifer's determination and spirit are reflected boldly in her music. They are the finished product drawn from a seemingly exhaustless well of creativity. Her lyrics and her music intertwine to communicate feeling, intelligence, and strength to her listeners in a dialect that is honed and unique, as Jennifer expresses in a song called Legacy, "This is my legacy of thought, that men will hear and know I was, all I could be in the time given me, and my time is now."


Jennifer is currently in the studio at Sugarhill Recording Studios working on her second full length CD and first Christmas album with producer Dan Workman. The CD will focus on ancient Christmas carols and canticles and is set to be released Winter 2006.

Jennifer is Currently in the studio at Ivory Tower Realizations recording her first full length CD, At The Back of the North Wind. The CD will feature 16 of Jennifer's original compositions and focus on her live acoustic style. The CD is set to be released in Winter 2006.

Reverie EP: Track listing: Pass Away, Reverie, Show It All, Scarborough Fair (rendition).

Radio Airplay: Pass Away, Reverie, Show It All, Scarborough Fair (rendition)

Pretty Girls: Featuring 18 songs, this CD is slated to be released in Spring 2006. It is being produced by Jennifer Grassman and Mike Thompson of Ivory Tower Realizations.

Jennifer also has a Christmas CD slated for release in November 2006. It is being produced by Jennifer Grassman and Dan Workman.

Set List

Depending on the needs of the venue/occasion, set lists usually runs about 45 minutes long and are punctuated by 15 minute breaks. Jennifer is able to play anywhere from 30 min to 6 hour concerts without repeating too much material.

Originals Include:
At the Back of the North Wind,
As the Sweet Wind Blows,
For Always,
I Waited So Long,
Jonna McLane,
Lost Inside Your Mind,
Me & the Moon,
Mourning Star,
Much Like Dreams,
Once More,
One Last Time,
Perfectly Strange,
Pretty Girls,
Scarborough Fair,
Show It All,
Something More Then Heaven,
They Shot a Mickingbird Down,
Truth is Fulfilling,
Try to Try,
What I Must Know,
With You
And More....

Covers Inlcude:
Angel (Sarah McLachlan),
My Immortal (Evanescence),
Edge of Seventeen / White Winged Dove (Stevie Nicks),
Once (Nightwish),
Scarborough Fair (traditional),
Grave Digger (Dave Matthews)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Wizard of Oz)
Think of Me (Andrew Loyd