Jennifer Hall

Jennifer Hall


I write and sing everything from Pop to indie Rock, to Country to Jazz. Everything is recorded with whatever instruments sound good. My original songs are catchy and the lyrics are memorable and thought-provoking, each it's own creation, intending to get you thinking about life!


My name is Jennifer Hall and I've always been a musician at heart. My influences in music include Fiona Apple, Billie Holiday, Jewel, Norah Jones and Billy Joel. My music speaks for itself in the sense that nothing is intended to sound like one thing or another. If a song sounds great recorded with a saxophone behind it and the next requires an electric guitar, so be it. The music is intended to make people take a moment and examine their life, their past loves, and the lives of others, whether it be to learn from mistakes, make note of their secrets of living well, or just to stare and be curious of others. Some is bouncy and fun, and some selections are more intense. As far as where it all came from, I am a product of the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, the songs of the Beatles my mom played often, and the natural curiosities of growing up in this time and age. I've always traded nights out for days alone when I could write and think about what kind of world I was living in and what part I'd play in it all. My music is a great collection of material that reflects where I am now, where I was when I started writing, and where I want to be as an artist, writer, and human being.

Set List

I play whatever fits the mood of the show.
Some contemporary originals that I like to perform are the following:
Fifteen Years
Hello Lady
Sweet Skeptisism
Sidewalk Affair
The Best Mistake
I Don't Know Your Name
Let's Misbehave

I do perform covers if the show calls for them. I like to perform works by Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald etc., or whatever works.

My set lists as well as my performances are very versatile. I'm up for anything.