jennifer hershman

jennifer hershman


A voice unlike no other,vulnerable, and emotional,yet powerful,her songs speak about finding love,and losing love.The songs have a dreamy quality to them,combined with a folk sensibility.truly a natural. hear them for yourself,please!


A petite woman with a very big heart and the ability to have dreams and live them through is how some people have described her. When Jennifer attended her 10 year high schoool reunion, an old classmate, now an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Calgary told her that "out of all of us, you're the only one still making music. And doing what we all said we wanted to do"

Destined to be singing on stages for as long as she can remember, Jennifer started playing in my first rock band when i was 14. Throughout high school, musical theatre only added to the resume .But it wasn't until about 6 years ago, that she felt the need to dive deeper into songwriting. That pivotal choice proved to be a good one, with two of her songs placed in "The Chris Isaak Show" and thereafter on "Higher Ground". Jennifer continued to experiment: picking up a guitar and adding that instrument to her arsenal during a trip to Los Angeles.

In 2002, Hershman co-wrote and recorded the song called "Sweet Allure" for Balligomingo's debut RCA Victor album "Beneath The Surface". Chosen as the 2nd single from the album and rocketing to the top 5 of Billboard's Dance Club Play Chart. Jennifer mentioned that "She'll never forget when producer Garrett Schwartz, the creative force and producer of the group called to tell me that everyone at BMG loved the song, and that the powers that be wanted to make it a new single.

Fast-forwarding to a few months later: Balligomingo with Jennifer in the forefront went on tour in front of sold out audiences for a 4 week North American run. Playing rooms such as the "El Ray" in Los Angeles, a lined up, around the block,warming event at NYC's famed Bowery Ballroom" and much more. Going from city to city everyday, living on a bus, and sharing with with Iceland's Gusgus,

Returning to Vancouver, she co-wrote "Kissy Kissy" with Davor Vulama (Hedley, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings), which was subsequently recorded by Sony BMG Taiwan starlets Michelle and Vickie.
Hershman has kept herself busy, playing with local bands, doing local co-writes and envisioning her next move, whether it be through a songwriter circle, coffee house or the stage.



Written By: Jennifer Hershman/John Pippus

You say you’re having trouble
You’re world ain’t ring’n true
Well I’m hold’n out this light
I’m hold’n it for you

You and I are not that different
We got echoes from our past
In this world of sorry changes
We want one thing to last

And I want go
As long as you need me
And I won’t leave
As long as we’re together
We can stay in this forever

I will embrace
The moment that we have
Breathe in embrace
It’s beauty won’t erase
What we have is here,now,love
I will die here now happy

You’re worried that you’re broken
Never gonna find no peace
Put down you’re heavy burden
And come on home to me

I won’t fall
Away from this
No I want fall
Far from you’re kiss
It’s something I would surely miss

(music breakdown)


-Jennifer Hershman "the little things" released in the spring of 2007,a 12 song cd,which is available on itunes.
-Recently had a song on HBO.airing Oct.23/08
-and a song placed on an MOW on the lifetime netwerk.
-you can check out Jennifers' busy live show schedule on at
-see a review of the cd at and click on "site updates"
-"sweet allure" one of my songs that was released as a single,with a major (RCA).
-"edge of the world" is a song that i performed on that was on the Wes craven soundtrack "cursed".
-"kissy kissy" was a song that i wrote that was re-recorded in mandarin,by the artists,"vicki and michelle" and was released on sony/bmg in taiwan.
-"Balligomingo" a group from the U.S that is sing with,we released an album in 2000,and are slowly working on a 2nd.
-"chic.p" knowingly naive,was an ep that i recorded in 99,you can purchase it on cd baby.


Set List

all or nothing
what matters
sit back
over the rainbow
high and dry
fix you

depending on the nature of the show,we will typically do one set of original music,with a couple of cover tunes thrown in,as for covers,we like to play songs by radiohead,dido,and coldplay.
we can also fill an evenning with more covers,2 sets,if needed. x