Jennifer Hockey

Jennifer Hockey


Jennifer Hockey's music is a dynamic mix of crisp melodic acoustic guitar, well embraced by a raw expressive band, expanding the use of biting lyrical content with an appeal to those who appreciate a creativity with weight and meaning.


Jennifer Hockey's music is a dynamic mix of crisp melodic acoustic guitar, well embraced by a raw expressive band, expanding the use of biting lyrical content with an appeal to those who appreciate a creativity with weight and meaning. She has lived across Australia and taken in many creative pockets of independent music, currently thriving throughout the country.

Jennifer has done a number of demos with different recording houses, and participated in the open mic nights around Brisbane, to orientate herself with the various industry mediums within making music. Currently she is working with Brisbane Producer, Nathan Woodrow, and has just launched her first official album, Face The Music, on 11th November 06, at the Princess Theatre, Wooloongabba, with the view to take the album on tour early 2007


Breathe A Word Tonight

Written By: Jennifer Hockey

I will not say a word tonight
I will not vent my angst outside
I'll button up my lips so tight
And I will not breath a word tonight

For 20 years we'll go on this way
Though how we'll grow I cannot say
Let's hope it all works out someday
While we go quietly on our sorry way

And if I get a whiff of guilt
I'll kneel and pray and forget all the things I felt
And if my stomach starts to turn
I'll regurgitate all the things I never learnt

The Truth

Written By: Jennifer Hockey

The truth is ...
I've forgotten what it's like to be me
And I have myself to blame
For messing with the mundane
No shackles at my ankles, no noose, no cuffs
To distracted to be thankful
Dust to Dust

The truth is ...
We allowed this parade to run its course
Both diseased and rendered lame
Both in this cubby house of shame
No defense upon your tongue
No rage, no passion
No praises to be sung.
Only Ashes

The truth is ...

I am sick with pain and sick with struggle
We are guttered by the same
We might just as well dispose of our remains
No perception exists between us
No effort, no understanding
God only knows what can redeem us
One left standing

Imaginary Friend

Written By: Jennifer Hockey

Today you smiled at me
And as always I perceived
Your simple gesture
As a monumental measure
Of desire for me

In my poor demented mind
We have lived a life time
In one moment
But there is no predestined space or time
That has our path etched on it

You are my imaginary friend
Existing only in my imagination
Oh but how irrationally we have loved
Defies all rational explanation

My mind deludes me
With intoxicating fancy
I bide my time despairing of my chances
But there is no preordained occasion
In which to beg your hearts persuasion
Because it's all in my imagination

You are my imaginary friend
Someone to speak my darkest thoughts to
Ah but I'm not the only one who pretends
It's a game we all resort to


Written By: Jennifer Hockey

I opened my eyes to let all the pain in
I bared my soul to my friends so that they might see
And those that were true laid thier homes on me
And all the dead wood was cut and set free

I opened my eyes to what you thought of me
Then I closed them again and let the bile run free
And when I was clean I saw that I could be
Much more than you ever thought for me

And you know the longer that you wait
The harder it is to compensate
And you know the more time that you take
The harder that habit is to break

I opened my eyes to things I could not see
I'd wasted my life in trying to appease
But battles are fought for greater things than these
And ego's like ours are hollow things indeed

Broken Many Hearts

Written By: Jennifer Hockey

I must have broken many hearts
I must have maimed and reaped and lied
I must have built hopes
Upon a land filled earth
And left many lovers mortified

I must have rampaged uninhibited
Throughout the centuries
Beyond the grave
And been vicious in my conquests
My enemies dismembered and dismayed

My dominion must precede me
All powerful and obsolete
For it seem the seeds of all my evil
Have now sprouted at my feet

For my heart is many times broken
And I am impaled beyond repair
I have prostituted my preference
My coat of dignity left threadbare

Broken, broken, broken
Broken many hearts


Written By: Jennifer Hockey

Three score years of hating myself
Thirty long years of berating myself
A lonely lifetime spent forsaking myself
Too many tears shed contemplating myself
So much effort in forgetting myself

A complete waste of time in regretting myself
Wanting to be something else instead of myself

Free Free

Three score years of violating myself
Thirty long years annihilating myself
A ruthless attempt in recreating myself
An unlawful judgement, incarcerating myself
A pathetic display, masquerading myself
My worn out old way of depreciating myself
I thank God for the day of reinstating myself

Free Free


Demo - Ontogeny 2004
Album - Face the Music 2006

Set List

1. Breathe A Word Tonight
2. Heaven Hell
3. Master Of Many Languages
4. The Truth
5. Compensate
6. Imaginary Friend
7. Storm and Never Calm
8. Who You Are
9. Broken Many Hearts
10. Missing Person
11. Myself
12. Everywhere