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Jennifer Lang's silky, smooth voice carries you away on her debut album "Just A Lang Thang". She sings about loving and being loved and about being soft and seductive yet strong and independent.

The album has something for everyone with heartfelt ballads like "So I Say To You", slow and easy tunes like "The True Meaning of Love" and sassy jams like the first release, "I Bet You Want Me Back." Lang delivers an addictive new flavor to the R&B scene that you don't want to miss. - Upscale Magazine

Just when we thought R&B was dead and stinkin', we find that in small pockets of the U.S. of A. it's alive and kickin'. Showing and proving this is Jennifer Lang, a songstress with sultry lyrics and phat jeep beats.

- Los Angeles Sentinel by Marsha Mitchel

Jennifer Lang's soulful voice sways melodically across the tracks, which creates a beautiful sound called music, so listen closely. "I Bet You Want Me Back" includes a laid-back guitar and bass, which-along with Lang's outstanding vocal performance- combine to make this a very promising cut. Lang sings about leaving a lover who mistreated her, then later realizes his mistake and tries to re-enter her life. Think again, she says, "I Bet You Want Me Back" is primed for day or night rotation and should get many requests.
- BRE Magazine by Telly & Shaphan Roberts

Jennifer Lang: I Bet You Want Me Back

Lang is among the more promising ingenues gunning for the throne of jeep-soul queen Mary J. Blige. She slinks through this easy-paced funk jam with convincing authority and ample soul. Lang penned this tune, which has a kickin' chorus and a tight melody that lingers in the brain long after initial impact. R&B programmers looking to break a new artist should give this a close inspection. - Billboard Edited by Larry Flick

Once in a while an artist will come along with a completely fresh sound that has one humming that hook all day...Introducing Jennifer Lang. Jennifer's voice is full of soul and emotion. This is something noticed right away when listening to her sing. Her music brings back the definition of R&B the way it's supposed to be. - The Philadelphia SUN

Click on the "Audio" button to hear Jennifer Lang's interview. Jennifer discusses her album from concept to end product. - Fast Forward Promotions

"I Bet You Want Me Back" is the catchy title of this Pine Bluff, Arkansas native's first single off the J-Lynne Records recording label.

Lang has a promising future in the music business with such lyrics as "You'll be the one who said she used to be my girl, but to the next guy I will be his whole world. And he will cherish what you want back the most. Goodbye my love"

If this single is any indication of what Lang's CD Just A Lang Thang is like, it's a must for any music enthusiast. - The Inland Empire News in Black and White


The album has something for everyone with heartfelt ballads like "So I Say To You", slow and easy tunes like "The True Meaning of Love" and sassy jams like the first release, "I Bet You Want Me Back." Lang delivers an addictive new flavor to the R&B scene that you don't want to miss. - Upscale Magazine

1. Gotta Get My Groove On
2. Fire With Fire
3. Knocking At The Door
4. So I Say To You
5. Caught Up
6. I Bet You Want Me Back
7. Take Your Best Shot
8. Good Morning Sunshine
9. The True Meaning of Love
10. Praises To You



Jennifer Lang is a singer/song writer/producer/entrepreneur who has taken another step into diversifying her business with the launch of She combines her passion for music along with her devotion to helping others become more empowered in their music careers.

Jennifer's music has moved and inspired people all around the world. She combines an old school sensibility and funky mix of R&B to create a soulful and sultry sound in her music.

As a singer/entrepreneur, she has had a career that has led her down many different paths. Ranging from singing, being a TV host to mastering the ins and outs of business. Jennifer has a wide range of experience that lends credibility to her business success. Her drive and determination in creating her own Independent record label speaks volumes to how she takes destiny into her own hands and does it on her own. She doesn't rely on the assistance of the industry, but the love and appreciation of her listening audience.

Jennifer Lang has slowly and somewhat quietly, created a small empire that is as diversified as any of the best stock portfolios on Wall Street. She has combined entertainment, fashion, e-commerce and retail/wholesale specialty catalog businesses together to form an overall encompassing corporation.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jennifer has financed all of her business ventures solely on her own. Describing them as her babies and therefore like any good parent, more than willing to make the utmost sacrifice to support them. Working seven day work weeks and overtime 13 - 18 hour days. Her ultimate motivation was not what she was giving up, but what she would receive; afterall, the bigger the sacrifice - the bigger the reward.

Jennifer is a part of a new generation of strong, independent music businesswomen, who have and are focused on dominating the music industry.

Jennifer was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and readily admits that Arkansas is not the place to be if you want to be discovered! Jennifer grew up studying music and singing with various choirs throughout high school. Her sultry voice began to blossom and she soon earned a music scholarship to the University of Arkansas. Upon graduation, little did she know she would soon be moving to New York and it would all be about music! She landed in New York one rainy Saturday evening and upon leaving the airport stopped to pray.

That day, Jennifer vowed that she would realize her dreams. Jennifer established herself as a session vocalist and started writing her own music. Having a hit album is no fun unless you own the record company. So quite naturally Jennifer decided she would create her own label to ensure that she had a continued vehicle for her creative talents. J-Lynne Records is just that. J-Lynne Records is not just a business venture for Jennifer, she would like to use it as a venue to give young people like herself an opportunity to achieve their musical ambitions. Don't think it's been easy though, it's been uphill all of the way. Through her faith and determination, Jennifer is achieving her lifelong ambition. Jennifer Lang and J-Lynne Records will surely be a force to be reckoned with!