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The best kept secret in music


"Jennifer Lee: Beyond the Frame"

Since we're in the final stages of this year's installment of "American Idol," its easy for many people to forget that real musicians actually create their own songs and write their own music. We also forget what real musicianship and artistry sounds like. With her brilliant debut cd "Beyond the Frame," Jennifer Lee reminds us.

Many women who park themselves in front of a piano draw the inevitable Tori and Fiona comparisons. Not all deserve it. However, Jennifer is right on par with both. And, by no means is her work derivative - Jennifer has a unique sound and style all her own. Her songwriting delves into highly personal matters ranging from rape to religion and captures your attention right from Frame's opening chords. The emotional outpouring continues through all the tracks with terrific piano playing and soulful singing that makes Jennifer an artist to watch in 2005 and beyond. --Jeff Davidson, editor

"On the Rise in California"

Through her spectacular display of exubrance and agility on the keys, Jennifer Lee's talent is both obvious and impressive. Her voice and piano-driven compositions are filled with intensity and emotion. With these rare giftings, Jennifer shines like a beacon high above the masses of mediocrity that have infiltrated modern music. -


Beyond The Frame - 2005 (debut)

“Morphine,” the first single released from Beyond The Frame, is currently being played on XM Radio. (XM: Radio Unsigned- channel 52)

New Music Seminar
daveFM 92.3 Atlanta
"morphine" featured song

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"morphine" on France radio station--
"Boys In Babeland"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jennifer Lee offers up a voice for the new generation of the Tori Amos and Fiona Apple formula—“the girl and her piano,” with her own unique sound. Her exhilarating, self-released debut album, Beyond The Frame, is a lyrically, emotionally, and musically intense body of work comprised of thrusting, piano-driven melodies, delicate ballads, and stimulating lyrics riddled with harsh reality—this singer-songwriter strikes a nerve with her personal life experiences.

This 12-track collection of songs has an immediate impact starting with “CASUALTY”; a song of sonic grandeur and undertones of how bruising and deceptive religion can be. It then whisks into “MORPHINE”, which has an infectious melody and drives the listener into various sonic planes on its engaging journey. The album then enters into a solemn cry for love— the stripped down piano and voice track “JUST LOVE ME”. From this point, Beyond The Frame continues its musical and thematic diversity on songs covering rejection, (the soft balladry of “DISTANCE” and the ever feisty “POPULAR”), rape (“LIQUID ICE”), suicide (“CLEAN UP”), and the powerful, retaliatory anthem on the subject of humanizing women (“COCK POLLUTION”); however, just when you think you’ve reached the darkest moment, a faint beacon of light at the end of the tunnel takes you to a more peaceful place—ending the album with a soft, intimate glimpse into discovering a lost love (“WHOLE”). Beyond The Frame reaches in and makes you care about the artist. If you are at all in tune with yourself, you will enjoy this ride.

Lee’s voice delivers solid emotion—it’s like the month of March, it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Beyond The Frame is a true story of a girl with a sensitive heart in a not so sensitive world.

“This album is about stripping away boundaries. Breaking away from society’s conscious and unconscious impositions and listening to the real voice inside. I had to get my message out. I lived in a closed off world for so long, afraid of being who I was, and ultimately afraid of my own thoughts—because my thoughts went against the grain of what society teaches us. Making Beyond The Frame was liberating for me. Playing the piano the way I want to, and singing about life the way I see and feel it is the most beautiful gift I have ever given myself, and I want to share it with the world. I want to give back and help others find their own truth’s so they can recognize and validate their own way of thinking—whatever shape or form, past events, or weirdo personality quirks that gracefully possess them.”

Jennifer wrote, composed, produced, sang and played the piano on Beyond The Frame. The basic instrumentation (piano, drums, and bass) was recorded and mixed at Studio Litho, Seattle, WA. She recorded all of her vocal and midi tracks at her home studio in San Diego, CA. The album was mastered at The Lodge, NYC. Impressionist Records is her own label.