Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer Leigh

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Jennifer Leigh is a singer/songwriter in Denver, CO. With years of operatic training, she brings a unique sound and authentic writing style to the table, all the while highlighting her raw vocal talent. Her catchy music is worth listening to, and her performance is even better than her recordings!


Jennifer Leigh had a passion for music at a young age. Pursuing opera as a career took her to Denver, CO, where she completed her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance. It was then when she realized that she had more to create in life, and began to explore writing music.

Jennifer's first self-titled EP was released in 2011. It brought authenticity and honesty to a genre rife with over-produced sounds. Recording with a Grand Piano and voice, the 5-song EP received great acclamation.

Jennifer is now working with a band to create a second EP, of which she has 2 songs recorded. The addition of instruments only brings more passion to her already powerful music, and she hopes to complete recording within 2012. Throughout this process, Jennifer still sings opera throughout the city of Denver, as well as other vocal projects. She believes that the more versitle her voice is, the stronger it will be for her greatest passion-her music.


Where E'er You Go

Written By: Jennifer Leigh

It's in the way you look at me
It's in the way you hold my hand, boy
It's in the way you smell so sweet
Running circles in my mind

I'll follow you o'er the rainbow
I'll follow you where e'er you go
So you know, I love you so

I'll wake you in your dreamin boy
and tell you all my fears and foes
You fill this void, in my soul

It's when I see what you see
And when I'm down you hold my hand, boy
It's when I just want to be
This is all new to me

And when the fire begins to slow
I see nothing but your glow

Chorus 2
I'll follow you o'er the rainbow
I'll follow you where e'er you go
So you know, I love you so

I'll wake you in the morning light
and tell you everythings' alright
So you might feel feel just fine

Painted Glass

Written By: Jennifer Leigh

I hunger, starve
Feel consumed by nothing
I fill myself with distraction

Do you remember?
Do you know who I am?
Do you recognize me?
Can you feel this hand?

I am but painted glass
Pieced together
Vulnerable, I color the world around me

I hunger starve
For the touch of your mind
connection to
Something more than me and you


Self-titled EP: Jennifer Leigh
Released 2011
5 songs: Streaming at or

2012: Working toward 2nd EP
2 songs streaming at Facebook or

Set List

Depends on gig. Does perform some covers as appropriate. Otherwise, up to an hour of original music available as well.