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Jennifer Logue

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Blues Singer/Songwriter


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"Glenolden singer's still recording, even at college in New York City"

By: Jean Ignatuk
GLENOLDEN- When she started singing Whitney Houston's "You Give Good Love" in an empty stairwell on the campus of Fordham University, Jennifer Logue was thinking only of the location's great acoustics.

"I will sing anywhere," Logue said. "I have no shame. If I'm in an empty stairwell or an empty church and no one's there, I'll just belt it out."

During this particular performance, someone important happened to be listening.

Logue's powerful voice attracted the attention of Melvin Jones, producer and CEO of an independent record label who immediately asked her to record a song he had written, "I Am Here."

Next thing you know, Logue, 19, a Glenolden native, is getting some major airplay.

The song, which is categorized as rhythm and blues, will premiere on Power 99FM radio, after a live interview with Logue, on Friday, July 22, at 9pm.

Logue has been a singer, songwriter, and dancer since she grew up in Delaware County. A 2003 graduate of Cardinal O'Hara High School, she has recorded two CDs and performed on various stages in the Philadelphia area.

Though she enjoys singing a variety of styles, Logue said her R&B influences include Mariah Carey, Etta James, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Logue is inspired by "all the females with power voices, " she said.

When she was younger, Logue wanted to be a pop star, but not she pursues music for the fun of it. She sings with Six Feet Up, a local band that performs at Delaware County venues. She also plays the flute, piano, and guitar and writes and records all of her own songs.

"Music is a constant process," Logue said. "There's so much to learn. There's never going to be a time when I'll say I know it all. I'm probably going to be taking lessons in something when I'm 95 years old."

Though she studies voice in private lessons, Logue chose to study Comparative Literature and Spanish at Fordham University, where she is a full- time student and maintains a high GPA.

She earned a Father William Boyle, SJ, scholarship to attend Fordham in New York. At home are her parents, Celeste and Michael Logue, and her two sisters, Jillian and Melissa.

Attending college in New York City has provided Logue with opportunities for performance and connections in the music world, but coming home to Glenolden has kept her grounded.

"Glenolden is a nice place to grow up and a nice place to find yourself," Logue said. "The relationships I have here are so much deeper than the ones I have in New York. They go way back, to days of SSR and lunchtime detention." She laughs. "I like to come home to get rooted again." - Delaware County Daily Times

"Hometown Sound"

Hometown Sound
By: Ed Condran
Music Columnist

When Jennifer Logue was growing up on the 2200 block of South Bouvier Street in the early 1990s, she dreamed of becoming a singer.
“I would sing Whitney Houston songs, “ Logue said. “I admired her and Mariah Carey. I just loved to sing.”
Logue’s family left South Philly and St. Monica Parish 10 years ago for Delaware County. Although her address changed, her ambition remained the same. “I’ve always been all about music, “ Logue said. “I love it.”
The 19 year old had been working on her dream with the help of producer Anthony Newett, who has a studio at 1347 S. 13th Street. The pair collaborates on songs even though Logue spends much of her time in New York at Fordham University, where she majors in Comparative Literature and Spanish.
“Anthony has done so much for me,” Logue said. “I can’t say enough about him.”
While hanging out in a stairwell at Fordham in May 2004, Logue broke into song, leading to a professional break.
“I was singing Whitney Houston’s You Give Good Love and a producer walked by and said, “You got to sing on this track I have.” Logue recalled. She has been cutting a few songs with Jones and one of those tunes, I Am Here, caught the ear of Power 99 DJ, Cosmic Kev. The track will premiere on Power 99 at 9pm Friday. Cosmic Kev will also interview Logue.
“I’m so excited about going on Power 99,” Logue said. “That’s a great opportunity for me. The song is one of Melvin’s. The songs I write aren’t typically like the songs you would hear on Power 99. They’re not r&b driven. But doing music with Mel is great because I really get to stretch out my chords.”
Country music and folk-pop are Logue’s favorite genres. “I love Faith Hill,” Logue said. “I also like Sheryl Crow and Carole King. But I’ll sing everything and I’ll sing it anywhere- given the right acoustics of course.”
Logue is working on an album, but still plans on completing her degree at Fordham. After graduation, it’s gung- ho with the music.
“No matter what, I want to work in music, “ Logue said. “Music is my passion. If I’m able to touch one person, then I’ve succeeded.”
- South Philly Review

"Jennifer Logue- Pretty"

Jennifer Logue is bringing infectious attitude & sound on her new EP, Pretty. The NYC-based singer/songwriter offers up a little rock/pop/folk mixed with country influences, but delivered in such a pleasant fashion. Logue has seven new refreshing tracks that are so ready for human consumption.

Logue’s upbeat and pretty persona is picked up on right away while listening to the record. Her music seems to have a simple charm about it while also being full of zest & life. She exudes a vibe of just fun, positive energy, but always keeps the music in check and 100% real. Jennifer’s emphatic, perky and suave vocal appeal can best be described as Reflective/Infectious Music for the Indie Generation.

The self-titled track, “Pretty”, is actually about a guy she dated while in college. This gentleman apparently made her feel so good about herself and “Pretty” no matter what. Way to go buddy for inspiring this peppy-induced gem!!! The song, “Damned”, is about the ongoing tribulations women go through while in the workplace. “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”, said best by Logue while incorporating country/rock guitar strumming. On the track, “Sigh”, Logue brings it down a notch to more of a calm & reserved tone. JL sings this number in such a soft and sweet manner, but combined with painfully sad & hurtful undertones.

One of the key tracks on the EP, in my opinion, is “Incognito” due to its deep impact toward the artist and listener. This soul-searching song focuses on Jennifer Logue facing her fears and insecurities in life. Preferring to be alone vs. being surrounded by the mob of people in the Big Apple is a pertinent theme on “Incognito”. JL says it best during the line, “Put on my shades and away I go”, meaning that the glasses serve as a security blanket for her. She can actually escape the sea of faces amongst her when she is wearing her special Super Woman/Jackie O style sunglasses. How cool! This is an extremely personal song, but can also be depicted as reaching out to the community. People, I feel, can definitely relate to “Incognito” in some form or fashion. Fun, powerful and even insightful at times= Jennifer Logue and her newest release, Pretty.

For more on the artist, Jennifer Logue SKOPE out

By Jimmy Rae - Skope Magazine

"Jennifer Logue is Sittin' Pretty"

“Incognito” is a track that will ensure that listeners are singing it months after they first hear it. Logue brings to the track a timeless nature that ensures that fans of Wilson Phillips and Taylor Swift alike will love the song. The soft vocals of Logue during the titular track balance with the deftly-crafted instrumentation to make a track that would work well on alt-rock, collegiate, or even top 40 radio. “Pretty” continues to expand the range of different styles and approaches available to Logue, as hints of country even sneak with the track. It is during “Pretty” that the intensity of Logue’s vocals really come out; where both “Incognito” and Logue’s previous EP, “The Woman in Me” tended to show a softer side, this step ensures that Logue will be a rising star in pop and rock music for years to come.

The two, quiet and simple as they are taken separate, create a dense type of track that will have fans coming back for more, to properly understand what all Logue has placed into the track. “I Don’t Feel A Thing” builds off of some trends previously broached during “Pretty”, while allowing listeners to see Logue in an entirely new light. This chameleon-like approach continues through “Sigh”, a contemplative track that provides a little more heady content to a pop genre that desperately needs it. The track is driven by Logue’s vocals, further ensuring that the song will stick with fans long after they put down the album. With a number of genres, such as the aforementioned pop, country, and even Latino, Logue’s “Pretty” EP will please all equally.

Keep an ear to the ground for Logue’s subsequent recordings: news has it that she is going to come out with a Spanish-language album sometime in 2009. With the ability to crossover shown so well with only 7 tracks, I can only imagine that the follow-up to this album will be on everyone’s top ten for the year. If you like strong female vocalists that have a softer, more emotive side, Jennifer Logue’s “Pretty” EP is something that simply cannot be missed.

Top Tracks: Incognito, How Much I Love You

Rating: 8.6/10 - Neufutur Magazine

"NYC's bright, rising star"

Coming to you by way of NYC is Jennifer Logue, a young, bright, rising star on the alternative country/singer-songwriter scene. She's released two EPs so far, but claims this 2nd release Pretty to be her first "official" release as it signifies more of who she really is as a musical artist. Fair enough! This album certainly leaves no room for confusing that fact; these songs are all direct highlights of her quirky, upbeat personality and there's little room for ambiguity or confusion. Apparently the physical copy of the EP will have 7 songs; my digital copy only has six. So let's touch base on those, shall we?

"Damned" is easily the most rocking cut of the whole set, a groovy anthem to the modern working girl. Jennifer's lyrics are almost always straight forward, her singing voice potent and strong enough to help carry the lyrical points straight home. "How Much I Love You" has some great pop flair to it, especially during the chorus and the vocal melodies within. The song that stands right out is "Incognito", which must have hit home with her as well as it has an accompanying music video and all. It's got more indie charm than the rest, more honesty in Jennifer's lyrics regarding her personal space and how, despite feeling like a small girl in a big city, she's able to blend in and get along just fine. It's all very poppy, all very clean-cut and cheerful, and it works. You'll find her at her most emotionally peaked on "Sigh", a very well-written song, more mellow and moody than the rest.

Despite knowing some of our regular readers will pass this by, it's worth noting that Pretty has charms to sooth the savage beast in many of us; anyone with a shameless love for female pop artists who do it honest and come from a pure, love-of-the-music sort of place, Jennifer Logue may be just what the doctor ordered.
- Music Emissions

"Pop Rock done right"

Jennifer Logue has the bounce and brightness of the Bangles, often the voice of a Cindy Lauper cutting snappy pop folk country, and the music of Billy Joel blended with a bit of Elvis Costello, Elton John, and the Blondie side of the 80s chart sound. None of that is my cuppa tea, but I recognize when it's being done right, and she's certainly doing that.

Sigh, however, caught my fancy. The repeating guitar line and minor key nature of the song was instantly attractive, as was the more delicate vocal reading, not to mention a subtle arrangement slowly building as the song gained passion. Each section's breakback reintroduced the melody and traced it back up again, a fetching way of rondo-ing the listener into a compact with the singer's sense of loss. Then Incognito followed, another more laid back piece, and convinced me that such is Logue's true calling, the place her deepest sympathies and heart lie (though I'm not nuts about the middle section, too jarring).

Damned returned her to a Greg Kihn-ish vibe with slidey country twangs, so I figured she'd kick up for the remainder of the disc, but Suspiro, the closer, sung in Spanish, faded back to the more beguiling mood of the middle pair of songs, and thus I understood that when this composer takes on her rock side, she sounds like a great many influences, but when she slips back down into the gentler angels of her inclinations, she sounds just like Jennifer Logue. - FAME



The Split Sessions (2011)
The Pretty EP (2009)
The Woman in Me EP (2005)


"Get it On"--Single (2011)
"Party Girl"--Cowrote with Zach Adam
for XELLE- (2011)



If the name Jennifer Logue rings a bell, it’s probably because you’ve heard her somewhere before. She’s been breaking ground in the indie scene for quite a few years and now, that bell is about to ring even brighter with the release of her newest album, The Split Sessions. Produced by Allen Hulsey and Adrian Olsen, the album was recorded on a plantation in Virginia, resulting in an overall vibe that is gritty, organic, and raw.

Logue was inspired to record The Split Sessions while touring Europe to promote The Pretty EP, her first official release, which was polished and pop. Fans on the road were eager for a record that simulated the live experience, one which would showcase the natural richness of Logue’s voice and place more emphasis on the songwriting. On her return flight to the states, the young artist drafted a rough sketch of her next release. She wanted to “split” the record between her older songs and new songs penned on the road. However, all the tracks would be produced with real instruments- nothing synthetic- all natural. She launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help cover recording costs and with the help of her fans, successfully funded it.

Now the album is ready to be unleashed on the world, with a projected release date of September 29th. Jennifer has released two preview tracks for fans to hear until then-“Damned” and “Incognito,” which can be found on her official Facebook page:

Since releasing these tracks, Jennifer has been receiving more buzz than ever before, opening up for Steely Dan’s Jon Herington in April, and more recently, winning a slot to perform alongside Cee- Lo, The Black Keys, Patti Smith, Deadmau5, and many more superstar acts at this year’s Virgin Mobile Freefest. Jennifer is a testament to the magic that can be created between artists and their fans, as it was fan voting that earned her the opportunity. “My fans keep me moving forward in more ways than one,” she says.

Following her success at Virgin Mobile Freefest, Jennifer was asked to showcase at CMJ 2011 in New York, for two sold- out shows.

She is currently in the studio recording and preparing to do some extensive touring in 2012.

For all the latest on Jennifer, stay tuned to her Official Website, Facebook, and Twitter. She also has a new blog, , that covers all that is quirky, artsy, and amusing.