Jennifer Markey and the Tennessee Snowpants

Jennifer Markey and the Tennessee Snowpants


Wish you could go back in time to 1967 Bakersfield? How about a honky-tonk bar in Nashville circa 1972? You got your wish! This is original music that sounds like it came out of the backwoods decades ago.


Akron, Ohio transplant (now Minneapolis native) Jennifer Markey grew up on Broadway musicals and The Carpenters, the daughter of musical parents. She got her first guitar, a hand-me-down from a fellow church-goer's attic, at the age of thirteen, when she promptly acquired a few chords in order to learn Beatles songs. Finding it too difficult and having better things to do with her time, as many teenagers do, she put it away.
At the age of thirty-one, a bitter divorce and the desire to have more in life than Sunday football and the daily toils of a preschool classroom drove her to learn songs by Patsy Cline and Hank Williams. She quickly made a splash in the Minneapolis country music scene, singing with local honky-tonk heroes Trailer Trash and Sherwin Linton. Minneapolis guitar god Dan Gaarder opened Jennifer's mind to songwriting and, before she knew it, she had also become a prolific songwriter, penning titles about Old Crow whiskey and riding the rails to escape abusive parents. When she presented the songs to her band, they jumped on board.
First album "We're All Going To Hell!" has already created a buzz around town (the January 2010 CD release packed St. Paul's Turf Club), and Jennifer's band, the Tennessee Snowpants, is scheduled to be back in the studio in February 2010 for her sophomore effort, including many more original songs. Jennifer's latest batch of tunes include themes on divorce, murder, and the painful discovery of a cheating lover. A new gospel number has also been in the works.

The band:
Not a fan of the demure, reserved vocal stylings of many of today's female singers, Jennifer will knock you over with her powerhouse vocals and strong-worded lyrics.

Clay Williams, playing lead guitar on his fabulous Gretsch Duo Jet, will have every musical dude in the room standing directly in front of the stage, watching his every move, as he makes, well, hard stuff look easy.

Eric Paulson has been with Jennifer from day one, but also plays with local country/rock legend Sherwin Linton. He plays the upright bass with regal intensity, steady and flawless, keeping time and beat succinctly with drummer Keely Lane.

Keely, recently returned from a three-year stint in Nashville, was born with a gift; playing the drums. He is the picture of perfection; concise and reserved, but with the ability to completely ROCK OUT. Shhh-don't tell anyone he's the best drummer in town. That'll be our little secret.



Album "We're All Going To Hell!" release date 1/23/10
Sampling of songs and demos at

Set List

45 minute sets; we have played one to four sets. Long nights usually include country favorites like Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" and Loretta Lynn's "Don't Come Home Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)".
Short sets include such original songs as:
Old Crow
My Wedding Day
Hey, Hey, My Home
Bottom Of The Glass
Love Squared
Minneapolis Or You
That's What You Get For Cryin'
(Beggin' You To) Let Me Stay
(...And The Jukebox Played) "Sweet Child O' Mine"
Faith, S.D.

...and such covers as:
Party All The Time-Eddie Murphy
Feelin' Single, Seein' Double-Emmylou Harris
Hold Me Now-Thompson Twins
The Promise-When In Rome
5:00 World-The Vogues