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Jennifer Marriott

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Band Blues Rock


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"CD Review - Eddie Bagwell VP Blues Society of Tulsa"

Jennifer Marriott & Odd Sheep Out's Baa Baa Blue Sheep is the latest of the fine projects that are coming out of Mike Peace's Mi Casa Studio. To call this a traditional blues CD would be a gross understatement. Folk-pop-jazz-inspired blues crooning with great lyrics and a wonderful musical performance... a mouthful, but I've literally deleted hundreds of words of content, trying to describe this CD and Jennifer's vocal style.

The CD has so many winning combinations: Pete and Jennifer's songwriting talents on all 10 original songs; the amazing guitar work and powerful vocals of Pete Marriott; and gritty but sultry vocals of Jennifer Marriott. (Jenny could curl your toes if she read you the phone book and make a jazz singer beg for mercy); and you will not find a more rock solid rhythm section than Richard Coffey (drums) and John Johnson (bass). The additions of Mike Peace's (one of my favorite harmonica players) understated harmonica licks and the beautiful piano and keyboard work of Spencer Sutton make this a CD that would stand out in any collection.

Although there is not a weak song on the CD, if I had to choose my favorite songs, they would be the duos of Sweetness & Delight and Pleasure, which feature both Pete & Jenny on vocals... one can only imagine how fulfilling such a public display of affection towards a spouse could be. I can picture sitting in a huge overstuffed chair, sipping a nice red wind in some dimly lit jazz club while Jennifer croons on Spare Change and Outrunnin' the Rain. This CD, and more generally this band, has something just about everyone would love... You won't be disappointed!

As a side note: Odd Sheep Out was one of 8 bands selected by venue owners/managers in Memphis while representing Friends Of Rentiesville (F.O.R.) blues society at the 2008 IBC (during, but not affiliated with the IBC) to compete in a "Kings of Beale Street" competition in the New Daisy Theater. Jennifer was also spotlighted on the internet based Modern Guitars magazine as an up and coming new talent.
Eddie Bagwell
Blues Society of Tulsa, VP
- Blues Society of Tulsa

"CD Review - Kyle Diebler - Blues Bytes Magazine"

For those of you who’ve never been to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge, I would strongly suggest that you make the trip to the Bluff City one time. As a veteran volunteer for this event, it consistently gives me the opportunity to see some of the best amateur bands in the country. These are the bands that day in and day out are keeping this music we all love so much alive.

Some of the buzz surrounding this past IBC centered on the amazing voice of Jennifer Marriott, and I was glad to see that she and her band, Odd Sheep Out, were assigned to my home in Memphis, the Rum Boogie. I came away from Memphis with a copy of her latest record, Baa Baa Blue Sheep, and it’s high time I got around to reviewing it.

The first cut, "Chicago Blues," finds our lead singer out in the cold. Her lover left her behind in Chicago all alone and she’s finding out the real meaning of blues in Chicago. "Loving you was a gamble...don’t know if I win or lose...if you want...make it me some of those Chicago Blues!" It turns out she’s not too heartbroken, "no need to’ll be all right...cause you left me in Chicago on a Saturday night!" I have no doubt that Jennifer will end up just fine. This theme of mistreatment continues on the next cut, "I Don’t Understand." Jennifer’s a hard working woman and somehow her man is still finding time to step out on her. "I work hard at night...come home in the morning time...found some strange clothes in my closet...they weren’t mine." "I’m a good lovin woman...just want to please my man...why he’s acting so funny...I just don’t understand." I don’t understand it either but he obviously needs to go. Good luck!

Peter Marriott’s blazing guitar intro leads into his vocal on the next tune, "Pleasure." "Come sit down beside me...why don’t you tell me your name?...cause I’ve been watching you for so long...and its driving me insane." Peter obviously has a major interest in this object of his affection. And, of course, Jennifer has an answer for him. "Hello sweet daddy...Pleasure is my name...every time you flash those sweet eyes at really...really fan my flame." This is definitely one hot connection where the sparks are going to fly. Probably my favorite song on this record is "Outrunnin’ the Rain." Jennifer’s vocal on this song is just amazing and her words stay with you, "I’ve been good...I’ve been bad...yes I have...nothing ever really changes...wherever I go...I’m outrunning the rain!" Odd Sheep Out is a very tight band and I hope I get the opportunity to see them again soon.

"Invested in You" brings us back to the reality of trying to make relationships work. Sometimes we all make bad choices and the thought of trying to mold a person into that image we hope for doesn’t always work out. "You lost the pawned the lost just about everything...wrote hot checks...all over town...I’m invested in you, baby...why do you want to treat me this way?" Mike Peace’s harp work provides the intro to our next cut, "Sweetness and Delight." "Said good morning...are you feeling all right? He had a gleam in his eye and smiled so bright. Said 'awe baby...don’t look at me that way'...when you do...all I can say is "Sweetness and’re my Sweetness and Delight!" Sounds like this is one relationship that is going to make it.

"Mister...can you spare a little change" is Jennifer’s inquiry on our next tune, "Spare Change." "Change is in your pocket and its spinning on a dime...mister, can you spare a little change?" Soulful guitar work by Peter Marriott underscores her need for a just a little help from this stranger that she’s encountered. Temptation and bad choices influence the lyrics in "Long, Slow Spiral Down." "Take that first little a stroke of violence...God knows what else...give up without a sound...Please stop...or you start the long, slow spiral down!" The price of being a victim is a heavy one and there are choices everyone can make in the moment that will keep them safe.

"Sugar Daddy Blues" has Jennifer telling us that she’s a woman who knows what she wants. "I ain’t looking for my sugar daddy...that’s a rumor...that ain’t right...I want a man who comes home...keeps me warm at night!" All the players might as well stay home; Jennifer’s looking for one good man and nothing less will do. The final cut on the record, "Blues Plate Special," has Jennifer in the kitchen cooking up some great soul food. "Tell you one thing that will do you some good...pigs feet, hammocks, hot barbecue...blues plate special...of some good soul food!"

So shout out to "Peep and the Sheep!" This was a great record when I first head it and I’m glad to have the opportunity to revisit it for Blues Bytes. Bands like this remind me that we’re lucky to have Blues in our soul and the opportunity to feel all the emotions a good Blues song will inspire. The IBC will celebrate its 25th anniversary next February and I hope some of you will visit Memphis in search of a band like Jennifer’s that reaches out and touches your soul. To learn more about Jennifer and Odd Sheep Out, visit her website at
- Kyle Deibler
Blues Bytes Magazine
Phoenix Blues Society

- Blues Bytes Magazine


Book of Time - 1994
-Co-produced by Jay Newland and Pete Marriott
-Engineered and Mastered by Jay Newland
-Currently played worldwide

Baa Baa Blue Sheep- Jennifer Marriott & Odd Sheep Out - 2008
-Engineered by Mike Peace
-Produced and Mastered by Jennifer Marriott, Pete Marriott and Mike Peace
-Currently played worldwide

You Should Be With Me - Jennifer Marriott Band
-Engineered by Matt Martin
-Produced and Mastered by Jennifer Marriott, Pete Marriott and Matt Martin
-Currently played worldwide



Queen of Blues infused Rock and Americana, Jennifer lights a stage on fire with her smoky vocals that range from a soft whisper breeze to the stage rattling power of a gale force wind.

Jennifers musical story started back at a Jam night hosted in London, Ontario in 1989, from there she quickly became the go to opening act for national and international touring acts.

Fast forwarding to the present Jennifer is touring and performing in support of three independent CD releases, bringing the house down at every venue she appears at.

-City of London International Buskerfest - 1992
-London Blues Festival - 1992
-South Florida Folk and Acoustic Music Festival - 2005
-Dfest Music Conference and Festival - 2006
-Rentiesville Dusk till Dawn Blues Festival, Rentiesville, OK - 2007
-23rd International Blues Challenge, Memphis, TN - 2007
-24th International Blues Challenge, Memphis, TN - 2008
-Rentiesville Dusk till Dawn Blues Festival, Rentiesville, OK - 2008
-Bixby BBQ and Blues Festival - Bixby, OK - 2008
-25th International Blues Challenge, Memphis, TN - 2009
-Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival, Sedan, KS - 2009
-Stillwater Blues Festival, Stillwater, OK - 2009
-Burlington Discovery Jazz Festival - Burlington, VT 2010
-Hound Dog Blues Festival Tulsa, OK - 2011
-Bixby BBQ and Blues Festival - Bixby, OK 2013

-Winner Battle of the Bands Dusk till Dawn Blues Festival Rentiesville, OK - 2006
-BST Blues Choice Award Vocalist of the Year - 2007
-Winner BST Blues Challenge - 2008
-BST Blues Choice Award Vocalist of the Year - 2008
-BST Blues Choice Award Band of the Year - 2008
-#1 Blues On OurStage - November 2008
-#4 Live Performance Video Ourstage - November 2008
-#1 Blues On Ourstage - December 2008

-Featured in the International Blues Challenge Spotlight in Modern Guitars - 2008

Notable Quotes:

Naples Daily News -2004 - Elizabeth Wendt-Kellar
"With her husky, dusky voice, Jennifer Marriott gives a distinctive soulfulness that is infinitely easy to hear. "

The Message - Rutland VT
"Singer, songwriter and guitarist Jennifer Marriott puts a fresh face on folk with torchy vocals and an eclectic mix of musical styles..."

London Blues Society - Brad Harwood
"Jennifer was a treat to watch with vocals reminiscent of a young Rickie Lee Jones."

Fort Myers Life Magazine - Renny Severance
"..she loves telling a good story in her music, she gives the story energy and the audience feeds it back to her...."

Fort Myers Life Magazine - David Evanston
"Jennifer can seduce into relaxation with the words of her songs, then her soft melodic voice can take on a Janice Joplin growl, or a downtown rhythm and blues wail setting the stage alive.."

John Tepiew - Judge - International Blues Challenge 2007
Great singer, great band!

Baker Yates - Judge - International Blues Challenge 2007
Outstanding songs; outstanding delivery. You left me wanting more. Thanks!

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