jennifer moore

jennifer moore


Intelligent lyrics with heartfelt melodies, a blend of country with acousitic vibes--Trisha Yearwood meets Mindy Smith.


Jennifer Moore was born in Evergreen, Alabama and cites her early influences as bluegrass and country. She has been writing for 20 years, but has just recently begun to pursue a full time songwriting career, having had some success in the areas of TV and Film placement. She writes from the heart, appreciates honest lyrics and is always seeking to make a connection with her listeners through her songs.


When She Sashays

Written By: Jennifer Ann Moore

She wants to be a princess
She wants to be a rodeo queen
Place upon a pedastal
In some sweet cowboy's dream
But for now she's waitin' tables
At the Starlite Grill Cafe
Where the local joes' lay a dollar down
Then go on their way

Each night after closing, she plays a jukebox tune
And dances a two-step
Swingin' round her broom
The cowboys in the parking lot
Wonder what they've missed
When she sashays by the window
And blows 'em all a kiss

When he walks into the cafe
All the locals turn to stare
At his sparklin' eyes and stetson hat and long, dark hair
He smiles as big as Texas
He even says her name
But men like him they never stay
It always ends the same

Repeat Chorus

She's never seen a princess
In this truck stop-of-a-town
She's never met a cowboy
that didn't let her down
So one night when she's leavin
she tacks a sign on to the door
It says, tell them "Cinderella'
Doesn't work here anymore.

Repeat Chorus.

The cowboys in the parking lot
Wonder what they've missed
When she sashays by the window
And blows 'em all a kiss

When she sashays by the window
And blows 'em all a kiss

River Of Tears

Written By: Moore, Williamson

Did you think that this world
Would always be kind
Did you think that your friends would stay true
When you stand all alone and everything is gone
There's nothin no nothin you can do
When you call out my name
this much I know
The waves may crash and the winds might blow

Here's a hand to pull you up
A voice to calm your fears
I'm a ship you can sail
On this river of tears

Did you think I could lieave
when you needed me most
That your pain sorrow was too deep to share
There's so much about me that you haven't seen
Or you'd have known I was always tight there
It's deeper than words could ever explain
How a heart can survive in a world filled with pain

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Did you think it would all rush out with the tide
Like secrets you wrote in the sand
Some things you can't hide
They get buried inside
My love, didn't you thik I'd understand

Repeat Chorus

I'm a ship you can sail, a ship you can sail I'm a ship you can sail on this river of tears

copyright 2006


Written By: Jennifer Moore

She was just sixteen
Time to spread her wings
she met him one night at the Krispy Kreme
He had a Harley Davidson and
She loved to ride on one
Any fool could see-It was destiny
Like a movie scene
A modern day James Dean
They blew out of town on his
big Road King
With such a feelin of intensity
Yeah, Yeah it was destiny

Destiny---They both knew that it had to be
What were the chances they would ever meet
Same time and place again
Brought together by a cosmic need
A little passion and a lot of speed
Theyknew it had to be
Yeah, Yeah, destiny

Drove to the Comfort Inn
Sheriff's tailin' then
Starts flashin his lights as soon as they pull in
He was ravin' mad cause he's her dad
And he don't believe it was destiny
Said "She's my daughter,son
And this is my shotgun
I been Shefiff here since '91
I hold your future right in front of me
Now THAT's destiny"

Repeat Chorus

copyright 2006 Jennifer Moore

The Church on Ashley Street

Written By: Jennifer Moore

There's a place down on Ashley Street
Where the city trains and the busses meet
Anyone can walk right in
Lonely people can find a friend
Beggars sit with businessmen
It don't matter what you've been
Where we lay our burdens down
We are all on level ground

On our knees our hearts meet
at the church on Ashley Street
Gathered there in sweetest prayer
We're all the same at Jesus' feet

There's a lady we all know
Who always sits on the secod row
She lost her husband and her child
She's been coming here for quite awhile
And always has the sweetest smile
when you ask her how she is
She always sings God's praise

Repeat Chorus

Optional 3rd verse:
There are gentle giants who walk by faith
And talk about the way God's grace
has led them through the years
Some of us have just begun to see the light of God's own son
He's the reason that we meet
At the church on Ashley Street

Repeat Chorus
Bridge:We don't need a steeple
We're all just people
With broken hearts and histories
Sharin what we believe



When She Sashays
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