Jennifer Morgeson

Jennifer Morgeson


A combination of Paramore and Blink 182. All the excitement and energy that pop punk brings, with the passion and intensity of hard hitting rock.


In April of 2007, Jennifer Morgeson found drummer Doc Richards and bassist Chris Rhodes through ads on MySpace. The group found instant chemistry and went on to release a 4-track EP titled "What You Wanted" in October 2007. The CD was promoted by 98 ROCK (radio of Baltimore, Maryland) and the station held the CD release party for the band on October 22 at Fletchers in Baltimore, Maryland (


What You Wanted

Written By: Jennifer Morgeson

Beautiful submachine
Wouldn't dream to step between the lines
At any time
At least that's what they think
But when she doesn't speak, she cries,
“Who am I?”

But surely they don't know
Her sense of self's so low
And every friend's a ghost

Come, come on, is this
Really what you wanted? Really what you wanted?
Oh, be strong
You can be what you wanted, be what you wanted
You know, it can be so serene at times
If you would open up your eyes

He sleeps silently
But dread is circling his mind
He walks the line
Nothing to believe in
And all he sees is black and white
Through bloodshot eyes

And surely they don't know
He only needs some hope
To free him as he chokes

Wasting Away

Written By: Jennifer Morgeson

You're sitting, smiling around your friends
I'm sitting, smiling 'cause I'm one of them
But something's missing

There's begging, burning behind my eyes
You're picture perfect, no surprise
I'm just some passerby
I wish you'd feel like I do

I'm wasting away these moments
Wishing you would see me that way
I've been careless again
My heart can't keep pretending, no
I've got to let this go

It’s two steps forward, and two steps back
I’m scared to ruin what we have
I wouldn’t take that chance

You let me in and then you push me away
Which is it? I won’t play this game
So why do I keep crawling back?
You’ll never feel like I do

Woah, I never believed that this would happen
Oh, I can't believe that this has happened
For the rest of my life
This burden will be mine

I'm Still Looking

Written By: Jennifer Morgeson

You saw the sickness in my eyes
The kind that slowly draws out death
It was a weight I tried to hide
But as always you know me best

And I talk, try to talk,
Try to talk to you, woah
And I talk, try to talk,
Try to talk to you, yeah

I thought that I would've been something more
I thought that by now I would've found
What I've been looking for

The words rub up against my lips
But lack the muscle to escape
So one more cigarette burns red
A shield to mellow out the pain

And I miss, and I miss,
And I miss the mark, woah
And I'm not where I thought
I would be thus far, yeah

All Over Again

Written By: Jennifer Morgeson

I took a little bit of time just to get over you
But lately in my room I've been thinkin
We were just so perfect
And no matter how I try
Oh, I just can't lie to myself
There's no way that I'll get over that kiss

The memory got twisted
And I swear to God I missed it
Oh, the opportunity, it left
And I'm alone, and

I know I have no chance at all
But I'll still fall in love with you all over again, yeah
I know, I have no chance at all
But I'll still fall in love with you all over again,

I hate to say it but this isn't the first time I
Fell apart at the blink of an eye, oh
I'm just partial to this
So c'mon, just for once in my life
I'd like get a little for the give I supply
Yeah that would be my one wish

The memory got twisted
And I swear to God I missed it
Oh, the opportunity, it left
And I'm alone

Oh you
Why aren't you easier
Easier to understand?
Yeah, you just swallow me whole


What You Wanted - EP (October 2007)
Single: What You Wanted
"What You Wanted" has been played on the radio on 98 Rock in Baltimore, MD. We were featured on their radio show "Noise in the Basement" and the show hosted our CD release party at Fletchers in Baltimore, MD.

Acoustic Sessions - B-Sides (October 2007)
- Side project, 2 unmastered acoustic tracks

Set List

30-45 minutes sets
Usually do 2 or 3 covers out of 7-9 songs.
Covers usually consist of pop punk or pop rock material.