Jennifer Ordalen

Jennifer Ordalen


'Cracks in the Concrete' is a rich combination of vintage grooves topped off with a blend of Rock n Roll, Soul, Blues, and Country.


Jennifer Ordalen first stepped onto her musical path at the age of three when she picked up a violin. Then, her repertoire consisted of only "You are my Sunshine", but today Ordalen’s music knows no boundaries. As a child she was surrounded by various musical genres—namely country, folk, classic rock, and classical music—and today her music exudes influences from each of these. At age five Jennifer joined her church’s choir, and it was that choir that birthed Jennifer’s passion for singing.

Jennifer was born just north of Iowa in the small town of Albert Lea, Minnesota. She and her younger sister, daughters of a jeweler and a cowboy, grew up with a lake as their backyard and many animal companions. Still to this day, she enjoys nothing more than singing while surrounded by nature.

A versatile musician of both classical and contemporary genres, Jen's love of music grew as she performed in a variety of places. Jennifer’s performances ranged from high school theaters to New York cathedrals, Minneapolis night clubs to grocery store lobbies. Always focused on growing her musical talents, Ordalen attended numerous vocal performance workshops and camps when she was younger.

After graduating from Albert Lea High School, Jennifer went on to attend Valpariso University, Riverland Community College, MusicTech and eventually The McNally Smith College of Music. After years of focusing on nothing but her music, Jennifer obtained her degree in vocal performance from The McNally Smith College of Music. To support her growth as a musician, Ordalen has also taught private music lessons as well as recorded commercial voice-overs and jingles—although her heart always remained with performing.

Today Jennifer splits her time between Saint Paul, Minnesota and Nashville, Tennessee. She recently completed a solo album with acclaimed producer Eddie Gore, on which Ordalen blends soul, blues, country, and rock. Moving and playful, Jennifer Ordalen captures listeners with her richness and purity of voice.

She is currently playing shows in the Twin Cities area and working on a summer tour.


Cracks in the Concrete (2010)
1. Ain't Nobody's Business
2. My First Lover
3. Slow Suicide
4. End of My World
5. I Want It Anyway
6. Another Woman
7. Closed for Tonight
8. Cracks in the Concrete
9. Ain't No Man
10. Slow Burn
11. You've Met Your Match
12. Too Long At the Fair

DRUMS: Doug Belote, William Ellis, Mark Beckett
PERCUSSION: William Ellis, Nick Buda, Eddie Gore
BASS: Dave Roe, Steve Mackey, Craig Young
KEYS & PROGRAMMING: Walt Scott, Eddie Gore
GUITARS: Jeff King, Ilya Toshinsky, Pat Bergeson, Sasha Ostrovsky, Jack Pearson, Bill Hullett, Guthrie Trapp, Tyler Cain
Produced, engineered & mixed by Eddie Gore @ Insomnia Studio
Mastered by Eric Conn @ Independent Mastering