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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Review: Jennifer Quiroz @ The Roxy"

As the curtains rose revealing a singer on stage, holding a guitar almost as tall as her, Jennifer Quiroz proves that big things come in small packages. I stumbled upon the gem that is Jennifer Quiroz performing at The Roxy last Monday night. But this was no ordinary night, it was Jennifer's birthday and what better way to spend your birthday than performing at the The Roxy on the famed Sunset Strip. There was also cause for more celebration too. Earlier this month Jennifer found out she was named as one of ClearChannel Radio's "New! Disocover & Uncover Artists To Watch,". Her debut EP, And So I Sing, was just released earlier this year. Six tracks of personal and intimate songs sung by someone who's lived through each harrowing and blissful experience. At least, that's what it sounded like. She's that good. Sounding like someone who had to grow up really fast, Jennifer's honest lyrics are brought to life by her catchy melodies in a way that doesn't make it sound phony. Yet onstage, she retains that youthful innocence who enjoys everything that life has to offer and transforming her performance into what felt like a special, intimate and private jam session.

In a year since she's released And So I Sing, Jennifer has been adding to her resume. Most recently, she won the "In Search of a Song" monthly Searchlight Songwriting Contest for her song, "Crash." In September, she was featured on SoCal Sounds on BreakThru Radio highlighting LA artists. Her song "The Greatest Good" has been featured on Ghost Whisperer and she was nominated for a 2010 LA Music Awards Triple A Artist of the Year Award. Wow. If she's able to accomplish this in one year alone, there's no telling what 2011 has in store for Jennifer. - Picksysticks

"A Happy Birthday Spent at the Roxy with Jennifer Quiroz"

A glorious day was celebrated last night at the Roxy. Jennifer Quiroz took the stage in sparkled garb for her birthday, playing seven original songs and a cover of Will Hoge's "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" to an excited crowd of friends, family and new fans. With her band rocking out behind her, Jennifer glowed with the utmost enjoyment and appreciation to see all of those faces smiling back at her.

The bill was made up of different bands playing different genres, which made Jennifer stand out even more being the only solo female to perform. Not to mention all the shouts and screams belted her way. All eyes were on her in the best way and she worked it well.

If you love And So I Sing's album sound, you'll be even more amazed by hearing it performed live. Jennifer's infectious little voice seeps into you like water in a sponge. In between songs she actually took the time to give love to all of those who came to see her. Her gratitude made the show more enjoyable because it showed that she actually cared that we all came out, especially for her birthday.

Jennifer's debut EP And So I Sing can be purchased at her website, iTunes and Amazon. Bring it with you to her show-- she loves talking to fans once her set is done and she'll even give you an autograph!

"Home Page Feature On More Than 45 Hot AC, AC, and AAA Stations Across The Country (i.e. KOST-FM)"

On November 22nd, 2010, I was chosen as ClearChannel Radio's New Music Monday Feature. My single "The Greatest Good" was featured on the home page of more than 45 major Hot AC, AC, and AAA stations across the country, i.e. KOST-FM, which I have a screen shot of below:
- ClearChannel Radio

"ClearChannel Radio New! Discover & Uncover Artist To Watch"

Was chosen by ClearChannel Radio as an Artist To Watch in November, as part of their New! Discover & Uncover music program

Click here for screen shot: - ClearChannel Radio

"Around Town - Events"

"RHYTHM TRAIN": It's the name of the new CD from Dick Van Dyke and musician Leslie Bixler. They'll be signing and singing at Borders Westwood at 6 p.m. Now, two things. Number one: Dick. Van. Dyke. Written out very slowly with plenty of punctuation to stress how major this man is. And two: The CD is plenty cheeky and fine for all ages. There's even a song about a vacuum cleaner.

TWO FIRST THURSDAY STAPLES: It's the 2nd of the month but the first Thursday, meaning both Hear NoHo and the San Pedro Artwalk are on for tonight. Hear NoHo happens in NoHo -- a snap to remember -- and features Jennifer Quiroz, Vonyse, and several other artists. The San Pedro night has a bunch of galleries and musical things afoot, including live, strudel-adjacent opera.

WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: Yep, they'll be roaring up here in a week, but they're impressing and astounding in Anaheim at the moment. Here's the info. - NBC LA

"Jennifer Quiroz at Hotel Cafe July 2nd"

Local independent singer/songwriter Jennifer Quiroz will be kicking off 4th of July weekend with a set at Hotel Cafe (get there early, she’s on at 7:30pm) If you’re a fan of Michelle Branch or Hotel Cafe superstar Sara Bareilles you’ll probably dig Jennifer Quiroz. To be sure, check out some songs here:

A little history on Jennifer: She used to have paralyzing stage fright that prevented her from singing and writing music for years. That all ended when her dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness that was then beaten by a miraculous recovery. Her father’s recovery gave her the strength and courage to get over her stage fright and go after her dreams.

Recent career highlights include having her music featured on the Ghost Whisperer, a 2010 LA Music Awards nomination for Triple A Artist of the Year, and a feature on the radio trade site All Access in their Cool New Triple A Music section.

Find Jennifer here and mark your calendars for July 2nd! - LA Snark

"Triple A - Cool New Music"

Featured a stream of "Crash" with accompanying write up. See link to view write up. - All Access

"Jennifer Quiroz @ The Hotel Cafe – Hollywood, CA – 2/22/10"

Review with video, interview, and pictures available at: -

"New Music: Jennifer Quiroz “Crash”"

Inspiration comes in many forms. Something Jennifer Quiroz knows all too well. The singer-songwriter used to suffer from debilitating stage fright, which prevented her from singing for years. It was only after her father was diagnosed with a terminal illness and then had a miraculous recovery, that Ms. Quiroz found the strength and courage to conquer her fear and pursue her dream of performing. And we’re glad she did.

Her debut EP, And So I Sing, is solid collection of immensely personal songs ranging from faith (“The Greatest Good) to escapism (“And So I Sing”) to receiving the news of her father’s illness (“Crash”). It’s “Crash” that left us stunned with it’s beauty and sadness. Give it a listen below — but warning you, have a tissue box near by.

The future is bright for Ms. Quiroz thanks to her ability to pen incredibly moving lyrics. If you’re looking for music from a talented singer-songwriter, you should give And So I Sing a listen via iTunes. LA readers, you can check her out in person when she performs at Hotel Cafe, July 2nd at 730p. - The Round Table

"Jennifer Quiroz: And So I Sing"

I came across singer/songwriter Jennifer Quiroz through an email I received last week. It’s great to get these kinds of emails because it lets me know that the artist is seeking out different avenues to promote themselves, rather than just sitting back and hoping people find them. I took a listen and said to myself, “Self? That’s pretty good!” and now I’m writing about her. It’s just that easy, folks!

Quiroz has overcome the biggest hurdle when it comes to being a performer: stage fright. Let’s face it, people, if you let the fear of performing control you, you might as well pack it up. People will often say things like, “Oh, he/she’s a natural performer!” and while that may be true for a select few, for the majority performing is something learned. It requires hours and upon hours of experimenting with banter, image, expression, all the way down to movement.

Her musical story began when she took up songwriting at the age of 16. It took her two years to overcome her first bout of stage fright by winning a college talent competition… this led to coffeehouse shows (which I think is a necessity for any singer/songwriter). Her fear of performing took over again, though, which led to her retreat from the stage.

It took her father’s fight with cancer to bring Quiroz back. Her bio explains, “After a two year fight and by a complete miracle, her dad beat all the odds, and in the process, Jennifer herself was also healed. She realized that if she could face what she had been through, she could face anything, and that life was too short not to follow your dreams. With her new found faith and strength, Jennifer found herself brimming with inspiration, songs, and the courage to follow her dreams.”

Since then she’s performed all over the Los Angeles area, she’s been nominated for a 2010 LA Music Awards Triple A Artist of the Year award, and she’s released her first EP, And So I Sing.

And So I Sing is a collection of songs that you KNOW the artist has lived through personally. She deals with her father’s illness in “Crash,”, and seems to conclude that everything happens for a reason on “The Greatest Good,”

Here’s a video of Quiroz performing “Heaven,” my personal highlight of the record.

Her voice is tender and poignant, and has a wide-eyed quality that, to me, is full of discovery. And So I Sing has been a wonderful listen for me, and I hope to hear more from her in the near future. Be sure to visit her MySpace page for more tracks and info.

Jennifer Quiroz has a show coming up at 7:30pm this July 2nd at Hotel Cafe, one of Los Angeles’ leading venues for singer/songwriters - The Frontloader


"And So I Sing" EP Released February 2010



Jennifer Quiroz writes and sings home-spun pop songs rooted in acoustic melodies and intimate detail. With lyrics like the ember-infused conversations one has with friends by a fireside and melodies as memorable as those moments, Jennifer Quiroz' debut EP And So I Sing is poised for success. With subject matter ranging from developing the faith that everything happens for a reason ("The Greatest Good") and the escape that music offers (the title track "And So I Sing") to the fear of being alone ("The Story"), her catchy songs and soft, raspy voice effuse a healing warmth.

Jennifer started writing when she was 16, but she suffered from paralyzing stage fright that kept her from singing. Two years later, after winning a college talent competition gave her the courage to play a summer residency at a local LA coffeehouse, she still couldn’t shake her fear and gave up performing. It took the traumatic experience of her father being diagnosed with liver cancer to finally infuse her with the strength she needed, as detailed in her song "Crash."

After a two year fight and by a complete miracle, her dad beat all the odds, and in the process, Jennifer herself was also healed. She realized that if she could face what she had been through, she could face anything, and that life was too short not to follow your dreams. With her new-found faith and strength, Jennifer found herself brimming with inspiration, songs, courage and the determination to make it.

Since then, Jennifer has become known for her intimate, conversational, and charming stage presence. With subjects ranging from heartfelt confessions to her custom airbrushed nails, she wins over an audience with a combination of depth and quirkiness. She plays to enthusiastic crowds at LA venues such as The Roxy, Hotel Cafe, The Mint, and Room 5, and has recently started expanding to New York, San Francisco, and college campuses.

In November, Jennifer was chosen by ClearChannel Radio as a New! Discover & Uncover Artist To Watch, resulting in the EP’s opening track, “The Greatest Good,” being featured prominently across the home pages of more than 45 major Hot AC/AC/AAA radio stations, including KBIG/Los Angeles, KOST/Los Angeles, KIOS/San Francisco, KDMX/Dallas and KBCO/Denver. The single has also been heard on TV’s Ghost Whisperer, received major radio airplay on Dave Koz’s Smooth Morning show (JWAVE/Tokyo) and was featured on the nationally syndicated radio shows Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Fox Sports Radio’s JT The Brick Show.

Other songs off her debut EP have also been gaining attention, The song “Build Me A Bridge” was chosen to be a part of The Alternate Roots 2010 Valentine’s Day compilation, while Triple A guru John Schoenberger featured “Crash” in the Triple A Cool New Music section on the major radio trade site All Access. “Crash” was also the winner of a contest put on by In Search Of A Song radio show, a nationally syndicated radio show featuring singer/songwriters. With various music blogs (The FrontLoader, The Round Table, You Tell Concerts, and local press (NBC LA) starting to notice Jennifer’s music, her star is certainly on the rise.