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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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"Album Review"

This is Brooklyn native Jennifer Richman’s latest record. It’s as refreshingly vibrant as is it easy on the ears. Jennifer plays in a folk/pop style that showcases her clear, honey-dipped voice on songs that are crafted with great care.

Flowers Of Gold delivers a nice variety of material over its 11 songs. While the record fits well in the easy listening section, you can’t say it’s all folk or all pop. The title track is tranquil with a memorable chorus and effective bridge. “Better Days” gets things bopping with a sing-along chorus and it’s one of the best cuts here. “Beautiful Girl” is like the title track in that it’s a beautiful, sedate tune that features Jennifer’s great voice. “Wounded Love” is another highlight, with its swaying rhythm and strong melody line. There is more of a band sound on “Sweet Surrender” and the bass and drums change the mood nicely. We’re talking Country for the next, “Mirror Door,” with its toe-tapping melody. The honor of best cut on the record goes to “Where You Belong,” a wistfully gorgeous song with an awesome chorus. The rest of the cuts round out this strong outing where only the finale, “Linda’s Song” wears, as the last line is repeated, ad infinitum. Jennifer also works as a music therapist in NYC and I can imagine her calming voice would be a great asset in this area.

This record would be of interest to anybody who likes folk music, and possibly to Country fans as well - MorleySeaver

"Jennifer Richman - Flowers of Gold - Independent 2006"

Jennifer Richman is an independent singer/songwriter whose first CD, Flowers of Gold, was released in January 2006 without the help of a major studio. The music mostly straddles the line between folk-rock and light rock, with a bit of country thrown in. Jennifer's talent seems to mostly be found in the vocal and songwriting departments; while the front cover of the CD shows her holding a guitar, Jennifer pretty much leaves the instruments to other musicians.

Flowers of Gold starts off with the title track. The melody is tranquil. The sounds of the cello and ebow lend a regal air to the music. Despite lyrics that discuss a scared and broken heart, this tune is rather positive; Jennifer states she is going to pick herself up and find a place to call home. The title comes from the last two lines of the chorus: "But if these walls are mine forever / I'm gonna paint them with flowers of gold." In short, it won't matter what pain crosses her path, Jennifer is still going to focus on the bright side.

"Wounded Love" takes a musical detour towards country-blues led by a Hammond. The pace is again slow, yet this time, Jennifer doesn't sound so much positive as desperate and in denial. Her lover tells her he has moved on, the love is gone. But Jennifer doesn't want to leave. I'm not sure who to feel more sorry for.

"Mirror Door" also leans towards country, but this time more of a country-rock. The tempo is more upbeat. The song focuses on the life of a man from boyhood to old age. Memories are a constant thread. "The sun will rise and the sun will set / Memories that we'll never forget / Like fingerprints on mirror doors / We're always changing and same as before." The notable instruments in this piece are the banjo and mandolin.

Jennifer wrote all 11 tracks found on Flowers of Gold. While she mostly concentrates on vocals, she contributes acoustic guitar on one track and piano on another. The following musicians supported her on this CD: Marcus Wolf (acoustic and electric guitars, bass, ebow, percussion, mandolin, background vocals), Philip A. Jimenez (bass, electric guitar, tambourine, drum loops, hammond, synthesizer, mandolin, banjo), Frank Colon (percussion), Tom Papadatos (drums), Jilliann Jones (backing vocals), Jonathan Maron (bass), Ben Stivers (keyboard), Richard Hammond (bass) and Dave Eggar (cello). Wolf and Jimenez produced all the tracks (together and as individuals depending upon the track) and occasionally helped with the musical arrangement, but Jennifer holds the copyrights.

Flowers of Gold is a pretty decent first CD. Jennifer's vocals are very pleasant. The production quality is good, which isn't always the case for independent CDs. Jennifer's website has some snippets of her music, but to hear the songs in their entirety, you will have to purchase the CD.



Jennifer Richman "Flowers of Gold"

Approaching each song on "Flowers of Gold" with maturity and introspection, this Brooklyn native has offered up a well-shaped disc that commands attention. On this, her debut, Jennifer has her feet firmly planted in her own unique style and shows diversity with tracks like the country twang inspired "Mirror Door", the very tender pop of "Beautiful Girl", and the whispered rock of "Tell Me". Her soft, soothing voice leads each track accompanied by remarkable songwriting and a gift for drawing you in with each word spoken. An amazing collection of pop rock songs for the masses, IO recommends adding this to your playlist. The disc hits on Jan. 24th with a party at the Cutting Room, NYC.
R.I.Y.L.: Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos, Jewel

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Beautiful Girl
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I. FLOWERS OF GOLD (debut 11 track LP)

featuring tracks such as Beautiful Girl
Better Days
Flowers of Gold

(single released 2/2/10)

Jennifer Richman's music has been heard at:
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103.5 FM (NY) (China)
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WECS (CT) (Feature interview with Jared Ford)
KEAO (Hawaii)
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Sometimes we survive through our art, and sometimes we save others. Jennifer Richman has done both. The Brooklyn born and bred singer/songwriter has a penchant for uplifting lyrics and songs of hope and inspiration. Her song “Beautiful Girl” spent over 30 weeks on Top 40 and Adult Contemporary Charts in 2010, and Richman was nominated as Best Female Artist and Best New Artist of 2010 by New Music Weekly Magazine. Jennifer Richman’s songwriting has won her comparisons to Jewel and Joni Mitchell, while her voice recalls Shania Twain and Mindy Smith. All of these are fair assessments, but fail to capture the essence of who Jennifer Richman is.

Jennifer Richman brings you into her stories like an old friend. It is this quality, more than any other that distinguishes Richman as an artist. Her songs touch chords in her listeners because they are honest stories told from the well of memory and the depths of emotion. Her drive to heal and inspire has informed everything that Richman has ever done, and she brings that drive to the world in song.

Jennifer Richman is the change she wishes to see in the world. Devoted to the spiritual process, Jen set out on four trips to India, where she studied dehypnotic meditation under the guidance of Swami Yogiraj Nanak Chand, and Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, through Yogavani Mission. Devoted to a life of service, Jen has worked tirelessly to help people with autism connect with others through sensory integration and the healing powers of music.

Jennifer Richman’s debut album, Flowers Of Gold, finds Richman weaving her personal experiences into song like a master songwriter. The beatific sound of her voice puts listeners immediately at ease, and Richman fills her songs with messages of hope, comfort and survival. Richman is currently working on her sophomore effort, due in 2011; a more mature musical affair informed by years of honing her musicianship and vocal craft, paired with inspiration from the passing of friends and the perspectives gained on concepts such as thankfulness and forgiveness. All of this is blended with Richman’s trademark blend of insightful lyrics laced with hope for a better world.

Reviews: “Jennifer Richman is a talented singer/songwriter with a soulful voice, clearly full of emotion.” (CDBaby)

Jennifer has a sweet, soothing voice and has a way of simply expressing herself. It is no wonder why fans say they can relate to her songs. (Podfeeder)

Remarkable songwriting and a gift for drawing you in with each word spoken. An amazing collection of pop rock songs for the masses. (Independents Only)

It's as refreshingly vibrant as is it easy on the ears. Jennifer plays in a folk/pop style that showcases her clear, honey-dipped voice on songs that are crafted with great care. (Now on Tour)