Jennifer Sanon

Jennifer Sanon


With a background in classical jazz, her trademark bluesy sound, and clarion sound, Jennifer Sanon is refreshingly one of the most innovative singers out in the market.


Jennifer Sanon born in Florida, is an American, singer, songwriter, solo artist, and actress who began her career at 17 as a singer touring with jazz legend Wynton Marsalis while yet in highschool. Sanon, from the outset of her career, disarmed her audience with a charming personality and uncommonly supple instrument, and a unique touch in singing vintage ballads. Her first debut was in New York with Diana Ross at Avery fisher Hall in a "Ladies in Jazz" concert. Her gorgeous, refreshing tone, color, and wide-open way with a phrase proved a feast for the ear. According to jazz critics she was the first female to be featured with Marsalis' because his small groups rarely feature a singer. By the age of 21 she had already recorded her first album as a featured artist on an album that that sold out in the stores as of the second month they were put out on store shelves. She began writing early at the age of 9, and performed regularly at local events with her family's band. Although recruited to go to Juilliard after graduating highschool, she decided to drop out and pursue her musical career.
Her break through moment came when she landed a record deal with Sony Records, but at the last minute she decided not to sign. There aren't many important jazz vocalists under the age of 50 right now and Sanon has the potential to fill the void, especially with her gorgeous voice, seemingly effortless control, impressive poise, impeccable intonation and solid rhythm. Currently, she is about to make her recording debut at exclusive club Ronnie Scotts this August 2008 in Soho, London.


-From the Plantation to the Penitentiary
by Wynton Marsalis feat. Jennifer Sanon
-airplay on XMSatellite Raio

Set List

Songs by Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, and the American Popular SongBook. Along with written originals.