Jennifer Strickland

Jennifer Strickland


Jennifer Strickland is a now consummate bass player and soaring vocalist who grew up steeped in the country and bluegrass music tradition with a legacy of family players. Her impressive range, impeccable vocals and unique edge and style have made her one of the most sought-after vocalists, performers, and songwriters of today’s Acoustic music. Jennifer’s touring and guest performances with many high-profile acoustic music artists, established producers, and collaborations with numerous songwrit

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I Can Go Back Anytime

Written By: Jennifer Strickland

Verse 1:
You say that you couldn’t ever feel that way again.
You say that the only thing we’ll ever be is friends
You say that the distance between our hearts is just too far
I can’t help but laugh when I know just how wrong you are…

Chorus 1:
Cause I can close my eyes and you’re standing there
On a California beach, the sun in your hair
I don’t have to wonder what it might be like
I can go back anytime…

Verse 2:
In dreams of you I feel you lying right here next to me
Don’t tell me I’m the only one cause I just can’t believe
That you would ever leave me when you found somebody new
When every time I close my eyes I’m still right there with you…

Chorus 2:
Cause I can close my eyes and it’s Fourth of July
And we’re at the lake ‘neath the sparkling sky
I don’t have to wonder what it might be like
I can go back anytime

Chorus 3:
I can close my eyes and it’s mid-December
There’s so many things that I still remember
Like the summer we drove up to South Dakota
Or the night we spent up in Minnesota

I don’t know if you could ever be mine
But I can go back anytime.