Jennifer Tahan

Jennifer Tahan


I am a new songwriter with a passion for country music. I am constantly striving to improve on my craft and hope to win the hearts of other country music fans. Every great new song makes me feel like I have been hit by a lightning bolt for the first time!

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Lettin' You Go

Written By: Jennifer Tahan & Chris Combs


You had me with your fancy little dance you do
But when I brought you home I saw another side of you
And it irks Meeeeeeee
How you whine every time you wanna be fed
Stealin covers and hogging my side of the bed
And I'm cold dear


There'll be no more cryin
Just this last goodbyin
Cause I’m cutting you off and Lettin’ You Go
That’s right you heard me say it
No need to replay it
Cause I’m cutting you off and Lettin’ You Go
Lettin’ You Go

Verse 2

I bet you'll be thinking that I'll be singing
That old tune, from our honeymoon
I don't think sooooo
Aint looking for a model for my sofa
No remote control Cassanova
So lazyyyyyy

(Repeat Chorus)


No more ball and chain'n
No more Miss complain'n
Or migraines that I've been fake’n
You're a bad habit that I’m break'n