Jennifer Tessier

Jennifer Tessier


Songs straight from the heart. My music could best be described as Folk-Country (with Blues accents).I sing most about what touches us (or the lack there of), life and livin'. My sound is unique, authentic and haphazardly on trend.


My story starts back on the farm where I was raised. My creative soul stems from having spent countless hours in the forest writing stories and poems, singing to the trees, pretending that they could hear me.
Once I was liberated from the farm I began to travel, meet people and explore. I went off to school and studied a great deal and lost my "song" for a time. I sang only for the four walls of my bedroom and maybe now and then to my Grandma on the phone. I was hidden. I hid myself away.
Two years ago, (after two both mind numbing and expanding degrees) I decided to have an adventure and moved to a little `no where` town in the deep North of Quebec. A new friend managed to get me to sing one of my songs for her. The hair on her arms stood on end and she told me that I couldn't hide anymore. She introduced me to a guitar player (who just so happened to have a basement full of recording equipment) and before I knew it we had made a homegrown album called MY FEELING. We started a duo called Lucky Bloom and we played three shows. I then proceeded to fall in love with the guitar player and that was the end of Lucky Bloom (long story). My heart was broken but my creative ache had been fulfilled. I have written some really beautiful songs from the sadness I felt and sometimes feel.
Fast forward a few months later and that same friend convinces me that I must audition for Quebec's largest television program STAR ACADEMIE. In January 2012 I magically made it into the top 20 out of 5000 people. I sang for an audience of 2.5 million and became known across Quebec. People recognize me when I go to the grocery store. Weird. Weird and surprisingly fantastic.
As a result of my "15 minutes" a local studio has offered to produce my first real album...I start this Saturday with one of my best songs called Goodbye So Long.


Lucky Bloom -My Feeling (