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Love Needs Me Naked

Written By: Jennifer Winters Goodrich

Love needs me naked
I'm so afraid
To know my desire
To call it by name
To want what's forbidden
Uncover what's hidden
In my soul

Here in the silence
I hold the shame
It covers my body
It lives in my vains
My hands are shaking
At the unveiling
Of my soul

Love needs me naked
Love needs me naked
Show me what's sacred
Love needs me naked

Inside my weakness
I feel the need
To strip every layer
To tear every seam
To leave this illusion
Enter the union
Of my soul


Here in my heart
Is where I'll begin
To bare my soul
To show who I am
Let me believe
In innocence again...


The Woman I Once was

Written By: Jennifer Winters Goodrich

You've been distant
You've been cold
It's like you shut down your heart when the factory closed

You've been quiet
Not yourself
You turn away from me when I just want to help

I'm not the enemy,
I'm on your side
There's one prayer that keeps runnin' through my mind

Let me be woman I once was
Let me be the lover you dream of
How I miss the man who made me feel so beautiful
Let me be the one you need to touch
The one you want to hold when things get rough
Oh Let me be the woman i once was

I've been patient
I've been strong
Through the hard times I've learned how to get along

But I'm aching for what we had
You made a promise to love me through the good and the bad

Cause I'm here for you
I've always been
Just open up and let me in


Well I know we can make it through
But we got some healing to do