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Jennifer Yeung

Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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The best kept secret in music


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Dream The Ocean Blue, Musical Images for Bedtime
Contemplate, EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


..."With immediate comparisons of Tori Amos coming to my mind, Jennifer Yeung's storytelling, vocal ranges and writing progressions are right there with the Queen of shock. Her sweet, yet subtle performance attacks with prominent progressions of human emotion and beautifully suspenseful melodies." -BRIAN RUTHERFORD, MUSE'S MUSE... "A very capable singer/songwriter, Jennifer Yeung's songs are expressive and thought provoking, sweet and invigorating." -CARMINE PASCUZZI, MEDIASEARCH (Music, Film, and Fashion-Australia)... "Dark, somber, moody Jennifer's music is very personal, like a journal and very inviting. The music is not edgy or hard but fantastic and melodic. The Emperor's Daughter is probably the most powerful song on her debut EP, Contemplate." -JEREMY BAKER, INDULGED.COM... "With a haunting voice and enchanting original composition, Jennifer Yeung weaves a world of magic and wonder. It's hard not to find yourself lost in the stories she tells. She achieves this effect especially well with The Emperor's Daughter. No matter what you're doing, when this song comes on, you suddenly find yourself watching this beautiful princess standing on a cliff with the sun at the back telling her tale of love and despair. The world is in much need of music like hers." -CHRISTINE ROSE, ASU WEBDEVIL... "I love your music. I love your material. It's unusual, and well written; a well spring of creative talent in there. You are not afraid to tackle some big subjects are you?" -ALEXA MACDONALD AND TOM AGOSTINO hosts of Folk Sessions KJZA 89.5 FM... "A truly amazing score, "The Librarian". It's the best score yet for one of my films - complex, dramatic, and very well written. " -MATTHEW JAMES, screenwriter/director for MANKIND PICTURES... "Jennifer Yeung embodies the soul of music. She opens her heart and willingly lets us all in when she is performing. She is a true work of art" -ANTHONY MAZZELLA, World renowned virtuoso guitarist... "To be so young and so talented-I wait with anticipation for what's to come because each new song peels away another layer of her blossoming talent". "....Jennifers music is epic and mesmerizing, not to mention just down right gorgeous! I look forward to her scoring Films in the future...that's how grand her talent is...." -L MAROLAKOS (Along Came Polly, Laurel Canyon, Memento)... FROM HER AUDIENCE.... "Jennifer brings out the intimacy of a private concert. It feels like an orchestra is behind her." ~ J. Albertz... "What I enjoyed the most was her amazing voice and the depth and honesty of her lyrics. Also, very cool of her to try out new pieces of music that were not fully complete which showed me some of her raw material and how it comes together." ~ C. Fowler... "You have a gorgeous voice! I loved "Near". Let us know when you'll be in Sedona" ~ E. Mercer... "Your voice is comforting and your playing is out of this world!" ~ J. ... "Strong voice and beautiful, powerful songs" ~ R. Manley... "I really enjoyed Jennifer's "real" lyrics and her honest expressionsextremely talented pianist and lyricist." ~ S. Bryne... "There are no words to describe the beauty and passion of your music. Listening to you play has inspired me." ~J.... "Really appreciate your honesty and your ability to share your feelings of love to us. I needed to re-connect with positive feelings of love. Thank you so much for helping me do that." ~ D. Hagerty... "Beautiful music I'm sure you've heard this a million timesreminiscent of Tori Amos. I can really feel your emotion come through the music." ~ N. Koufis... "Your music is so poignant. It touched me deeply." ~ L. Stolp... "I appreciate the passion and emotion that you put into each song, very contemplative." ~ J. Petty... "Inspiring and honest. Outstanding!" ~ W.... "You sound a whole lot like TORI AMOS- You have her same style she had before she got a band! You sound great." ~ H. Stearns...