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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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Jennifer Zarine @ Flute

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Jennifer Zarine @ Duane Park

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Jennifer Zarine @ Linger cafe and lounge

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Jennifer Zarine is a small town girl who decided to make it as a big city performer. From stage productions in musical theater to exciting live jazz performances, Jennifer has gained a lot of praise and a more than just a few fans.

Jennifer has recorded an album that has an interesting range of music. There are pop tunes, some jazz and even a jazz infused rock song. There is even one original song on the album. Jennifer gave the album the title of Fresh Made Cuppa Tea. She produced the album with Deena Kaye.

You know that a good jazz vocalist will have a good band backing them. That is very much the case for this album. Jennifer recruited Ben Gallina to play bass, Brady Miller for drums and Eric Lindberg to play guitar. There is also Eric Stephenson on cello, Josh Rutner on saxophone and Red Wierenga on piano and accordion.

The best known version of Orange Colored Sky is from Nat King Cole. This song is not only a jazz standard but is part of many a barbershop quartet’s repertoire. Jennifer definitely makes it her own with a sexy, fun style. Her rendition makes it seem like she recorded it in 1950, the year the song was first published.

The second song on the album is a very cool version of the Smokey Robinson tune The Way You Do Things You Do. Some of the higher vocal ranges that Jennifer has in the song reminded me of Maria Muldaur’s Midnight At The Oasis. For the background music, the song has a definite jazz twist in its arrangement.

Then there is the Billy Barnes song, Something Cool. Soft and gentle, this is a terrific rendition of the song.

An utterly fun, smile effecting and toe tapping song is Have A Cuppa Tea. This is a song that was written by Ray Davies and made famous by his band the Kinks. It is more of a folk tune than a rock song, but the Kinks were a bit different at that. Anyway, you can tell that Jennifer had a good time with the song by the humorous lilt to her vocals.

Then there are the aching, yet seductive vocals in You’re My Thrill.

And Jennifer has an interesting take on the Elton John song, I Need You To Turn To. The song has some really good cello and melodic vocals.

Another fun and toe-tapping tune is Boum. Jennifer sings the song in French as it was intended to be. You can just imagine Jennifer dancing around, singing this song in front of the Eiffel Tower.

While not exactly a trend, a few jazz vocalists are taking rock songs and turning them into great jazz songs. Kelly Sweet did an intriguing twist on the Aerosmith song Dream On. And on this album, Jennifer takes a Rolling Stones song, Paint It Black, and changes it into a seductive torch song. Tough guitar and sax support vocals by Jennifer that drip sexuality.

That is followed by a medley of the songs Smile and I’m All Smiles. Jennifer’s vocals are gentle and sedate.

Sleep is an original tune that Jennifer wrote. It isn’t quite as light as most of the other songs on the album. Smooth and fluid vocals are here as well as an almost otherworldly, orchestral sound.

Soft and gentle are the vocals in Bye Bye Baby.

The last song on the album is a mellow and easy rendition of the Billy Haynes song, That’s All.

Jennifer Zarine isn’t afraid to step away from the old standards that make up a lot of jazz vocalists songbook. With classics like Smile mixed in with Elton John and the Kinks songs, this is an extremely entertaining album.

Fresh Made Cuppa Tea can be found at, CD Baby and other online and traditional music retailers.

Jennifer Zarine is a skillful jazz vocalist who comes up trumps on this vivacious record. She doesn't do anything new, but she presents her song choices with verve and flair.

"The Way You Do The Things You Do" gets a soulful yet poppy take that brings out the best in her sultry voice. "Have a Cuppa Tea" is a fresh take on a Ray Davies song that seems to highlight the record's mischievous sense of fun. "Paint it Black" is an unlikely but satisfying slow burning take on the proto-Goth Stones classic. It's very nicely done and the saxophone bits are tastefully done. Zarine's own song "Sleep" is a sweet and moving lullaby that she handles with her usual finesse. It's a nice album in all.
- Copyright © 2010 Anna Maria Stjärnell

“Orange Colored Sky” is seldom recorded these days. Liveliness makes it a good opener; Josh Rutner’s saxophone solo, withholding “i-t it” until the last chorus, and Zarine’s sustained, up-sweeping final note all appeal. “Have a Cuppa Tea” has a country feel. It also has the sound of steam coming from a tea pot, allusions to Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus,” and the vocalist’s giggling. Of the three standards, “You’re My Thrill” is most attractive. Zarine sings the seldom-heard verse, and then performs the melody straight, with little adornment other than brief humming. She sings Charles Trenet’s “Boum” in French; the presence of an accordion (played by Red Wierenga) helps create the mood of a French cabaret.

The highlight of this release is Zarine’s treatment of Billy Barnes’s “Something Cool.” June Christy’s 1955 recording of it--widely considered the definitive interpretation--is something of a cult classic. To me, though, it is inferior to Zarine’s version for two reasons. One, excessive emotion is undesirable when singing these lyrics that relate the narrator/vocalist’s lethargy and sad life, and Christy sings them a little more emotionally than Zarine. Two, Christy is backed by a big band (conducted by Pete Rugolo) that violates the intimacy of the lyrics, while only a few players back Zarine, softly, with Eric Stephenson’s appropriately lachrymose cello most in evidence. - Cashbox Magazine

An eclectic mix of rare, timeless jazz standards and classic rock songs with a fresh jazzy twist, all tied together to create a vintage sound! Inspired by love for her family, friends and tea, Jennifer Zarine manages to blend classic romance with a mysterious quirk!

"Orange Colored Sky" kicks off the disc with a fun flavored classic in a swingin' style, that is in keeping with the spirit it was written in, by composer's Milton DeLugg and Willie Stein, published in 1950. The best-known version of the song was recorded by Nat King Cole (with Stan Kenton's orchestra). Zarine's version has a retro-authenticity that gives the treatment an apparent charm.

"Have a Cuppa Tea," a Ray Davies original made famous by the Kinks, opens with a whistling tea pot; enter Zarine, who playfully takes us on a journey explaining the importance of fun with tea. Not only is tea a cure all, but Zarine's interpretation of the well-crafted and witty lyrics prove the theory, if your foot is not tapping by now, you are a true HUM-BUG! and need to turn up your FUN-DIAL.

"Paint it Black," written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, is a mainstay Rolling Stones classic. Zarine gives this childhood favorite a complete facelift, creating a modern day sound that is warm, inviting and reminiscent of a Norah Jones recording.

"Sleep" is a Zarine original, filled with visions of far away places, and dreams of tomorrows. Zarine calls a surreal lullaby onto the sonic canvas, with dashes of color splashed throughout to transport the listener to a place of relaxation and serenity.

The last cut on the disc is, "That's All," an intimate duet rendition featuring Zarine and guitarist Eric Lindberg. This arrangement gives the listener the chance to experience Zarine in an exposed organic setting, allowing the song to have a chance to breath and Zarine's vocals the opportunity to touch your heart.

Zarine has captured the essence of a timeless recording with an air of yesterday laced throughout, instantly giving you the feeling of being transported to another time. Fresh Made Cuppa Tea is a collection of fun, exuberant, touching and witty songs that are at times quirky, at times serious, and most of all, just plain fun. So grab a freshly made cupper and Zarine's new CD, it's the perfect anti-dote guaranteed to be just the right ingredient needed to spice up your day! Drink it in!! - JazzUSA

Jennifer Zarine- FRESH MADE CUPPA TEA: Words like "vibrant", "sweet" & "zingy" come to mind as I listen to the opening track on Jennifer's too-cool CD "Fresh Made Cuppa Tea", "Orange Colored Sky"... then other words pour in as she segues into "The Way You Do The Things You Do"... "fun" & "frolicking", f'r'instance. The tunes are, for the most part, fairly short in length, almost at "radio length"... I think that makes the CD more enjoyable in a way, & certainly gives you a strong sense of her performance range. If you're in a rockin' mood, for instance, you'll definitely dig her rendition of Jagger/Richards' "Paint It Black" - Jennifer is definitely a siren on this one! It was the mighty mellow "Smile/I'm All Smiles" that captured my ear for favorite track... she's right out in front with a rich vocal that will make you feel the emotion she's singing! I give her a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an "EQ" (energy quotient) rating of 4.95. I expect we'll all be hearing much more from this highly talented jazz vocalist. Get more information on her FB PAGE! - Improvijazzation Nation

Jennifer Zarine is an exciting and vibrant jazz vocalist and… I know, you’re probably thinking “John, you’re the guy who cringes at the thought of vocal jazz”, but give me a moment here. I call Zarine “exciting and vibrant” because she is a bubbly singer that does not do things by the book, which is when it suffers for me. What I like about Fresh Made Cuppa Tea (self-released) is that her approach is very much a freshly made cup of tea, and by adding a few new songs into the jazz songbook, it shows her strengths as a vocalist and as someone who has a good ear for knowing how these songs will work in her world.

When she takes The Temptations‘ “The Way You Do The Things You Do” or Elton John‘s “I Need You To Turn To”, you begin to embrace the song in an all new way. If you’re familiar with the songs, it’s as if she’s entered the song to play, and she’s going to have a fun time at it. Even The Rolling Stones‘ “Paint It Black” jumps out at you, the tempo of which is almost done in half. Imagine Norah Jones taking the song and digging deep to explore its soul and essence, and you have that with Zarine, who doesn’t overdo it in this or any of the album’s songs. She could pull off the blues as much as she could do country, and I’d like to hear her do that in future releases. Her own composition, “Sleep”, talks about enjoying the comforts of sleep, as a means of rushing the time it takes to meet up with her lover. She hopes being in a dream state will make her see her man, but knows nothing is better than having that special someone in your presence. While it would be great to hear this covered by many artists in the next few years, I’d also like to hear Zarine’s own version get some attention.

Fresh Made Cuppa Tea is a jazz album, but it isn’t. It’s pop, it’s folk, it’s ballads, but it’s that and maybe it’s not. It’s a very good music album performed by a nice singer with a talent to add new accents to older songs, and someone who is also able to share her songwriting gifts with the world.
- This Is Book’s Music

Review: With the first notes of the first track Orange Colored Sky, you got the feeling that Fresh made cuppa tea, the new album from singer Jennifer Zarine, is going to be a fun ride. Fresh made cuppa tea is a delightful mix of Jazz standards with jazzy arrangements of Rock classics.

Jennifer Zarine vocals are playful, sexy and funny but always sincere. No doubt she enjoyed working on this album. The funny lyrics and folksy arrangements of The Kinks' Have a Cuppa Tea and the playful vocals on the French song, Boum will surely bring a smile to your face.

There is something for everyone on Fresh made cuppa tea. The swinging, vintage Jazz sounds of Orange Colored Sky. The beautiful, heartfelt vocals and classy phrasing of Something Cool, You’re my thrill, Smiles, Bye bye baby and That’s all. The entertaining version of The way you do the things you do and the cool, modern jazz arrangements of the Rolling Stones Paint it Black.

But besides being a wonderful singer, Jennifer is also a good songwriter. Listen to the enchanting music and vocals of Sleep, a lovely song that feel almost like a lullaby. Jennifer Zarine voice and music is definitely cool and fresh just like a fresh made cup of tea.

Tracks: Orange Colored Sky, The Way You Do The Things You Do, Something Cool, Have a Cuppa Tea, You're My Thrill, I need you to turn to, Boum, Paint it Black, Smile/I'm all smiles, Sleep, Bye bye baby, That's all

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Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre
- JazzTimes

So many sound so alike in this genre – that’s not the case here. A saucy romp through standards both old and new, Jennifer Zarine displays not only her theatre background, but the rare ability to dial it back for the recording studio without losing the emotion.

Covering a lot of territory, from the Nat King Cole classic “Orange Colored Sky,” to Mick Jagger’s “Paint It Black,” Ms. Zarine and the guys manage to put their own stamp on this material, and stand out from that crowd.

The “guys” include Ben Gallina on bass, Brady Miller on drums, Eric Lindberg guitar, Eric Stephenson on cello, Josh Rutner on sax, and Red Wierenga on keyboards – including an accordion. Mr. Rutner’s background work on “Paint It Black” had me following him instead of the vocal for a while – it’s that good; and Mr. Wierenga has a nice turn on the medley, “Smile-I’m All Smiles.”
Other favorites include “Bye Bye Baby,” and Smokey Robinson’s “The Way You Do The Things You Do.”

The lullaby “Sleep,” is an original penned by Ms. Zarine that fits nicely with this group of eclectic classics – assembled like a Chinese Puzzle into a work of finished art.

Well played, this disc is very highly recommended.

There is a storm brewin' in modern jazz, and Jennifer Zarine has just the remedy. Her latest, "Fresh Made Cuppa Tea", is a modern marvel of sound, taking some of the all time best songs and giving them a fresh twist before serving them up. You might just say she did them a lil' bit better.

With the bravadao of the past masters, Zarine weaves through Elton John, Charlie Chaplin and many others on the way to creating a work of art both timeless in it's delivery and stellar in it's appreciation of music at it's finest. I can't imagine anyone not finding a favorite track on this album, served up by both a student of the craft and a professor of good taste.

Of all the songs contained on this work, Zarine's spin on the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" is the best. She takes a rock classic and makes a flawless artistic statement, giving the track new life.

Modern jazz is better than ever, and some of the best in the genre are creating music's top works. Jennifer Zarine is no different, and "Fresh Made Cuppa Tea" should fit comfortably in your music collection as well as modern jazz radio playlists. Have a sip tonight.
- Cashbox Magazine

JENNIFER ZARINE/Fresh Made Cuppa Tea: With things so miserable these days, the best way to be subversive is to have fun. Zarine has a playful voice that knows how to make the most of it. A trained performer, Zarine knows how to give a classic song a super supper club reading that just makes everything feel rosy. A real mood lifter of a date, this is for those playful cocktail hours that are touch retro but made for lightness. Tasty, offbeat and a real gasser throughout. - Midwest Record

A seizure of nostalgia has gripped the jazz vocals community and shows no evidence of abating. Retta Christie continues her excellent survey of obscure show tunes with Dave Frishberg. Lawrence Lebo strips the American musical vernacular to the quick in her three volume series, and Jennifer Zarine successfully mashes up 75 years of Americana with prewar Berlin Cabaret.
Fresh Made Cuppa Tea is very familiar, but completely lacking that sepia- toned attic smell; rather, these songs are crisp like a Spring strawberry bursting on the roof of your mouth. Driven by an eclectic sextet that includes a cello and occasional accordion, Zarine's repertoire is coolly sleek and hip.

Following Art Pepper's sage advice to never start a show with a ballad, Zarine kicks things off with a little-big band expression of the DeLugg-Stein chestnut "Orange Colored Sky." That and Gorney-Clare's "You're My Thrill," Charles Chaplin's "Smile" (coupled with the Leonard-Martin "I'm All Smiles"), and the Styne-Robin "Bye- Bye Baby" are what pass for standards here, each fresh scrubbed and bubbly. "Something Cool" is splendidly sultry and becoming.

But, it is the out-of-the-way selections that steal the show. Smokey Robinson's "The Way You Do The Things You Do" is Linda Ronstadt-smart and Elton John's "I Need You to Turn To" is the disc highlight. Great fun is the francophonic "Boum," a song truly summoning the spirit of the Berlin Cabaret, Red Wierenga's accordion adding that Lawrence Welk authenticity to the whole affair. Eric Lindberg's Hot Club guitar completes the underground laudanum dream.

"Paint it Black" is the breakout song of the disc. Take the Berlin paradigm into the 21st Century, add the beat of Sonny Rollins' "I'm Old Cowhand" as manifested in Josh Rutner divining Sidney Bechet on the tenor saxophone, and the idea might begin to become clear. This release should not be treated as a gimmick disc. Jennifer Zarine is the real deal.

Track listing: Orange Colored Sky; The Way You Do the Things You Do; Something Cool; Have A Cuppa Tea; You're My Thrill; I Need You To Turn To; Boum; Paint It Black; Smile--I'm All Smiles; Sleep; Bye Bye Baby; That's All.

Personnel: Jennifer Zarine: vocals; Ben Gallina: bass; Brady Miller: drums; Eric Lindberg: guitar; Eric Stephenson: cello; Josh Rutner: saxophone; Red Wierenga: piano and accordion.

- All About Jazz

Well, well, here we have an album that is firmly aimed at having fun. Vocalist Jennifer Zarine has one of those light soprano voices full of girlish giggles and a way of giving jazz and pop standards a rejuvenating workout. Backed by a band playing in a lightly retro swinging style, the twelve tracks on offer on her new album, Fresh Made Cuppa Tea, are performed with a smile and a big heart.

Though the voices are very different, I was reminded of Maria Muldaur's seminal 70's jazz/roots/rock album, Waitress In A Donut Shop - this album has the same good vibe. The excellent band are Ben Gallina on bass, Brady Miller on drums, Eric Lindberg on guitar, Eric Stephenson on cello, Josh Rutner on saxes and Red Wierenga on piano and accordion. Tracks include: Orange Colored Sky, The Way You Do The Things You Do, Something Cool, Have A Cuppa Tea [a Ray Davies of the Kinks song], You're My Thrill, I Need You To Turn To, Boum, Paint It Black [A Stones song that even they wouldn't recognise], Smile/I'm All Smiles, Sleep, Bye Bye Baby, That's All. I think Fresh Made Cuppa Tea is as much a pop album as it is jazz, and one can only hope that it will find a home on some pop radio stations, as almost every track is radio friendly.

It seems such a shame that a good singer like Jennifer Zarine has to self-release her album, when her talent is so big she should be on a major record label with a promotion budget to match. She is definitely better than many of the so called pop divas you can see on MTV. Do yourself a favor and get in at the beginning and support this lovely singer by buying this superb album.

For more information about this artist and album and availability visit:
- The Borderland (Music Watch Column #12)


Fresh Made Cuppa Tea 2010



Originally from the small, upstate New York town of Ghent, where values are a way of life, Jennifer Zarine grew up grounded with a passion for hard work and dedication.

Following her passion for music, she performed her way through most of the Capital Region, achieving a BM in vocal performance from the prestigious Eastman School of Music along the way.

Her journey took her to New York City, where she focused her energies in musical theater and graduated from the famed Circle in the Square Theater School. Always playful and quirky, Jennifer's voice expressed her depth, her openness and her warmth. This talent and drive was harnessed by her vocal teacher at Circle, who inspired her to pursue jazz.

The combination of her formal vocal and theater training is why Jennifer’s live and recorded performances are exciting and entertaining. Her ability to deliver each song with vivid interpretation and conviction is due to all the training in the multi-disciplined performance backgrounds. A true entertainer is more than just a vocalist and Jennifer offers a vintage authenticity to each selection.

Her debut album, Fresh Made Cuppa Tea is a dream come true... a compilation of standards and classic rock songs with a fresh jazzy twist. Jennifer’s love for her family, friends and tea were the inspiration for the album.