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Jenni Roditi

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A serious composers ear for songwriting Jenni's beautiful songs are from the heart with influences from far eastern singing, avant garde and gypsy. Her lyrics cut to the quick with a wide range of emotions that will make you shake out and wake up with their honesty.


I trained classically as a composer at the Guildhall School of Music. I've written to commission for classical ensembles, including choirs and operas. But my first love has always been 'singer songwriting'. I like nothing more than the nakedness of singing solo with piano or guitar. Getting to the heart of the music through performing it myself. I have always had this double edge - singing solo, and writing for other people. The commissions are great, but not as great as gigging solo! I've developed my voice through singing with free improvisers and non western musicians - and this brings a certain risky edge to my singing - but the guts for me are in the tunes and the words I write. I continue to write for others - currently developing a new music theatre piece, but put me on stage with a piano and guitar and hear the raw Jenni - without the trimmings of a classical education! That's the real thing!


Click on Love

Written By: Jenni Roditi

Click on Love (sample)

…How many are of us
holding out for love
How many are there of us
holding out for love?
Holding out for love (looking for love)

A gallery of pictures
on my computer file
Occasionally I see one
that makes me smile
Coffee with Mathew and
Dinner with Nick
There’s just something about us
That really doesn’t click.

Click on love
All the way down to the
storms in the sea
Click on love
All the way down to the
words ‘you and me’
Click on love
All the way up to the
stars in your eyes
Click on love….

Looking Back on Love

Written By: Jenni Roditi

Looking Back on Love (sample)

Imagining you alone,
at play, at rest, alone,
The pull of your solitude
draws me out.
It’s so, so quiet when you stop,
You can hear a tear drop.

Looking back on love
Helps me to undo,
All the crazy stuff
We went through,
Looking back on love
For the healing view.

Our hearts broke,
piece by piece,
We tried to mend it
but there was no release,
Our thoughts caught,
like aeroplanes circling rings,
But we only had three wings.

Looking back on love
Helps me to undo,
All the good and crazy stuff
We went through,
Looking back on love
For the healing view.

What's No More

Written By: Jenni Roditi

Leave it with me darlin',
leave it here
I'm not going far from home
I'm staying near.
I'm the guardian angel
of what's no more
I'm hugging into loss my love
I'm closing the door.

i'll take care of the grief my friend
I'll hold it in my heart
I'll take care of the loss
with which we end
It was all there from the start....


Classical: Devotion that Moves the Heart. Claudio Bohema CB5366-2
Crossover: The Riddle, song composed for a Kate Westbrook project: Voiceprint VP 310 CD
Arrangement : All I Want. J Mitchell, arr. J Roditi Homemade Label HMR049

Streaming and downloads of my recent songs on my website.

Set List

A 75 minute set in two halves:

1. The Turning - pno/ voice. 6mins
2. Heart Misfire. gtr/ voice. 3 mins
3. Earth is my Witness pno/ voice. 4 mins
4. Looking Back on Love - pno/ voice. 5 mins.
5. Click on Love. gtr/voice. 5 mins.
6. So Many Details. gtr/voice. 4 mins.
7. Yellow Butterflies. pno/voice. 4 mins.
8. You Give me Back my Song. pno/voice. 5 mins
9. Wild Geese. pno/voice. 10 mins
10. This Very Day. pno /voice. 5 mins
11. Angel Tears. pno/voice. 7 mins.
12 What's No More. pno/voice. 4 mins
13. Good Tears. gtr/ voice. 5 mins

Other songs ready to sing :
What's No More
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and others.