Jenn Lindsay

Jenn Lindsay


Jenn Lindsay plays folk music for the brave, the indignant, and the unemployed.



Jenn Lindsay grew up in San Diego, California and presently lives and plays shows in New York, New York. Since Jenn started touring nationally in 2002, she has played her songs in exchange for free catfish in Alabama, sang to a room full of friendly cowgirls in Amarillo Texas, entertained in Vegas, and played encores to Ladyfest attendees in Memphis, Brooklyn, and Ottawa. Her music has been featured on NPR's "All Songs Considered" program, WFMU, MTV, in the pilot series of "Something Blue" by Brooklyn filmmaker Emily Millay Haddad, and in the November 2006 issue of Curve Magazine UPHILL BOTH WAYS is described as "a complete joy from beginning to end...hard not to love."

In her time playing on New York City's folk circuit, Jenn's music has attracted a lively fanbase and enough buzz to fill a room in the East Village. Lyricist, guitarist, singer and poet, Jenn has been a Boston Globe Calendar Pick, recognized in Entertainment Today for music that is "deliciously earnest...Lindsay’s best songs are empowering battle hymns for the perpetually downtrodden," and was featured on the Village Voice weekly short list. Her style has been best described by fans and the media alike as intelligent, tender, and unaffected--or, according to NY MakeMusic, "a welcome blast of taste and sincerity." Jenn's musical community is the NYC Antifolk scene, a hub of musicians based in the East Village's Sidewalk Cafe, who share a mutual distaste for mediocre, well-packaged mainstream music.

In 2001, Jenn relocated to the brutal, unforgiving snowlands of New York City to jumpstart her career. Later that year, she released her self-produced debut album, BRING IT ON, peddling the album through grassroots efforts. 2002 saw the release of Jenn's second album, THE STORY OF WHAT WORKS, a title that is aptly inspired by her newfound understanding of the industry standard. She played every instrument on the record. Her powerful delivery of such songs as “I Am Not Going Home Yet,� and “Got My Baby� helped her gig schedule to grow into a roster of regional festivals, Ladyfests, house concerts and appearances at such popular folk destinations as Club Passim’s Cutting Edge of the Campfire Festival in Boston. In late 2002, Jenn released her third album, GOTTA LOTTA, a showcase of "songwriting genius" ( In 2003, Jenn released FIRED!, a personal testament to the unemployed and the economic slowdown. The EP, "fun-loving, buzzing and well-produced" (Village Voice) explores themes of seeking work, struggling with dayjobs, the workplace hierarchy, and rising unemployment rates in the United States. THE LAST NEW YORK HORN, Jenn's fifth studio album, was called "one of the best folk CDs of all time" by CD Baby founder/CEO Derek Sivers.

A few years ago, Jenn worked as a stargazing guide in Lake Tahoe, taking folks in a boat to the middle of the lake at night to tell them star stories; that deepened her interest in non-Western celestial mythologies, so she lived in Peru for a year studying Andean star myths and the locals' relationship with the sky. She's biked across the USA (which ruled), run a marathon (which totally blew, but she might do it again), and despite a general sense of adventurousness she is terrified of heights. She is delighted by fractals, Will Ferrell, David Sedaris, and funny-looking dogs. Oh, and she drives stick shift.


White Room

Written By: Jenn Lindsay

White Room
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

What's it say about me
My most persistent fantasy
Is to live in a white room for free
No guitar, no phone, no pens, just me
Me getting used to the things I see
When all empty time stares back at me
And says, what will you do so you aren't so tired
What will it take to be more inspired
What will you do, will you get up and move,
will you ever want more than a clean white room?
Where the days are all alike
The seasons alike
There goes your life
What did you like?

Gotta lotta voices in my little head
they swell and they burp and they fill me with dread
A room full of people, a scene-full
All cheerful and beer-full and talking an earful
I am just me-full my glass not nearly full
You know I get down one whole sea-full

Where the days are all alike
The seasons alike
There goes your life
What did you like?

Little blue bottles and fireflies
Sleeping bags
Blue eyes
They always remind me
Won't be long till they find me
Won't be long, won't be long, won't be long…

I am seeking a lonely life
A white room in my head at night
Where all these voices can step aside
They can drive, drive, drive….


Written By: Jenn Lindsay

Words and music by Jenn Lindsay.
The central phrase is adopted from a popular television ad from 1987 by The Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

This is your brain
This is your brain on love
This is your brain
This is your brain on breaking up

This is your kiss
My favorite thing
I had it in New York at midnight at airports
The only thing I need

This is your breakup
This your meltdown
This is your yearning, begging, hating
The worst of you at the worst time

I sold my heart
It was too broke to start
For a three dollar bill
Ain't that the price to win you back?

You got yourself spread out
You appear in everything
My brain's a department store
You're on every t.v. screen

Perfect circles I could never do
But here's a perfect circle
That we talk in
when we talk about me and you

This is my phone
This is me pacing while we talk
This is my heart
Right down on the chopping block
This is my heart
Right down on the chopping block

This is your brain
This is your brain on love
This is your brain
This is your brain on breaking up

Sidewalk Song

Written By: Jenn Lindsay

Sidewalk Song
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Someone make something called "Can of Sleep,"
So we can stay up making love and writing music all week
You rub my shoulders like I'm hoping you would do
The part of my shoulders that's just pebbles and spoons
You cut your own hair, you wear a velvet jacket
Kimya is singing about a velveteen rabbit
You push me outa bed I run my hands over your head
Your hair will flatten and stand up under my hand
Like I imagine a rabbit would feel under my hand

Paleface has a beautiful face
I do an impression just to make myself laugh
But I just don't have a face like that,
half Peter pan, half Cat in the Hat,
half turpentine and half little boy
detachable bike seat, beat up guitar
I feel better, I feel proud, on the outside of the inside of a crowd

When I leave the Sidewalk Café
I can hear the train from a minute away
I'm bing-bong closer to my home
Or bing-bong closer to a job I loathe
Regina and I sing the 6 Train strings
We sing the strings in perfect key
Casey says the train cries "Get in my belly,"
The belly of the city, the sweat of the air,
The ass of the gutter, the public bathroom air,
The hard cough of traffic, the throat of the street,
The gritty hard lungs of the lovely street

On Monday I will sing a new song
I think about it too much, it comes out all wrong
I forget why I do this at all
I just want to leave I want to sell my guitar
I wonder why it scares me so much
Cuz sometimes I write a song I love
I wake up at four to play it again
In the dark I really feel I've done something
I hope it's enough for him cuz it's enough for me
Maybe I could go now and be
Maybe I could go now and be
Maybe I could go now and be
Sorta kinda a little bit halfway
Half-wheelbarrow half-black sparrow partially


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