Jenn Pidgeon

Jenn Pidgeon

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Rhythmic word, multi genre, a capella or with varied accompaniment, lyrically focused, positive, and socially aware.


Jenn Pidgeon is a poet, emcee, and rhythmic word artist from Waterloo, who has been described as a “subversive rhythmic walking lexicon”. Her joy is to assemble enthusiastic musicians and create a niche for the vocals, making the most of live, collaborative soundscapes. Jenn began picking up the mic in ’97, with any variety of gracious musicians who welcomed her words, and has shared stages with Scott Wicken, Adrian Jones, Cease Scuff Collective, Shannon Lyon, and Ace Kinkaid.
Jenn has been performing vocally for 12 years, from 2000-05 with the Hillside Festival of Guelph as the Spoken Word Programmer. Over time, her poetics have morphed into melodic pieces, to tell of life, in all its harsh and beautiful ways. In '05 Jenn was invited to speak as the in house poet, with Dale Marcell and the Fletcher Valve Drummers, soaking the in rhythm and mutual respect of the players. This is where listening on stage became more important than speaking, to get a word in, lead-wise. Every subtle, or not so subtle experience contributing to what these Rhythmic Words are becoming. Recently Jenn has been performing and hosting events with I.R.I.S. Indie Showcases and the Exhibit Café, and will be Emceeing the Sun Stage and performing with the Cease Scuff Collective at Hillside Festival 2009. Jenn has just released her first collection of vocal~lyrical~musical recordings, “Rhythmic Word”, produced by Jonny Riddim, of Kitchener-Waterloo based Riddim Productions.


Rhythmic Word, 2009.
Track 2, 'Eyes Cream' ~CKMS, CJIQ, CFRU.
Track 5 ~ 'Ungendered', CKMS, CJIQ, CFRU,
Track 6, 'Kindred' ~ CKMS, CJIQ, CFRU.
Track 6, 'Kindred' ~ Performed live at Hillside Festival of Guelph 2009 with the 'Cease Scuff Collective'

Set List

Jenn Pidgeons performance can be Emceeing, doing between set sets, hosting showcases/ workshops in a festival setting, or performing a set of origional material anywhere from 5minutes to 2 hours. The performance is geared to the venue and audience to compliment the event as a whole.