My life is music.I sing since i was born, i can say that my mother is music:) Singing and compozing songs.Then making arranjements.:) Then communicating and working with people that make music ;) I love it !


Musical biography is something realy deep and specific for me.It can be all your life .
I made big concerts in school yards when I was a child.people were coming to see me,and they were giving me flowers from the gardens around:)My public was especially children:)It was crazy:)I was about 10 years old and I was the Happiest of the world:)
When I was 14 i wrote my first song:) Then I won a second price for singer, and 3d for a songwriter at a "Sarandev" music competition in Dobrich,Bulgaria.
My first album-Jenny,came since I was 14.It includes 2 german songs,one of them is a german version of the song Big Big world-Emilia:) that was a good beginning for me-the little ambicious singing girl...However:)
Since then, i cannot stop making music;)
I was invited by Leysin American School in Switzerland, to study there for two summer sessions,when I was 17,I studied musical there:)I got in touch with another cultures, i loved it!
I made a lot lot of songs:) I have a song with the big band of the bulgarian national radio here in Bulgaria,i wrote it jazzy,and it sounds realy nice:)I have an experience with lots of good musicians here in Bulgaria,and many of them took my songs:)and they sing them:) But my biggest dream is...people to know me;) And to show the world I can be so great, that I can change the world with music, and one day I can help people that make music:) Because music is something pretty special for me- another world.World of love,ideas,air....


Jenny-ich bin hier.monopol records.
Duet with a boy from Austria- Kiril Valeri, the song is named Fata Morgana:) U can see the clip on his

Set List

Wrong or right,A reason for living,Such a Soul,Sing Again,About you,Days.