Jenny Choi

Jenny Choi


Melancholy piano-based indie pop, grounded in the confessional singer-songwriter aesthetic.


Jenny Choi began her journey in singer-songwriting in Champaign, IL -- the mecca of indie rock. There, Choi forged for herself an impressive following through her achingly honest performance and unforgettably quirky and charming banter, attracting press from CMJ and attention from major labels. After relocating to her hometown Chicago, Choi collaborated and shared bills with local favorite acts such as the beloved Baldwin Brothers (TVT), Light FM, and Kim, while also touring and opening for diverse acts from Jill Sobule and Dan Bern to Dan Littleton of Ida, Seam, Euphone (Jade Tree), and even Fabulous Disaster (Fat Wreck Chords). Her extensive touring experiences also include joining Emm Gryner (of David Bowie and Mercury fame) for the first ever Asian American Singer Songwriter Showcase.

Her third and newest record, "Postcard Stories," was recently engineered and produced by Brendan Gamble (of Champaign's Private Studios) and Greg Norman (of Chicago's Electrical Audio). The collection of songs were so thematically united in its approach to heartache and nostalgia that Choi wrote a short short (aka "postcard story": a story not to exceed 150 words) to accompany each song. The resulting product is an eleven-song mini epic that traverses the universality of somber emotion over the landscape of urbanity.

This is Choi's songwriting at her most developed and mature; a much more cohesive and self-realized effort in melding her signature piano-based indie rock with thoughtful melancholy. The epic will debut via her website over the next few months in which each song is tied to an image and short short. Although it has yet to be released, the record has already garnered rave reviews from labels such as Double Zero Records (featuring members of Smoking Pope and formerly from the Alkaline Trio) and Ohiogirl Records (C-Clamp, Dianogah, Pinebender). (


George Bailey

Written By: Jenny Choi

The lonely sounds of distant trains;
their echoes fill me up as your face fades with the passing time.
I crossed my fingers twice too tight hoping that you’d read my thoughts graffitied across the great black sky. Oh and waxy tears may fall, but I won’t say a word.

The cold wet scent of vacant streets
remind me of the orange days when you kept me safe and unalarmed. But since then
I’ve committed sins I can’t take back, cemented in my skin but if you were here, I’d be the same.
And I know that I can’t reverse what’s already taken place.
But if I dare to look back I’ll face the fate of Lot’s wife and I’ll fade away.
My charcoal breath fogs up the glass and I write to you across the moisture, hoping that you’re fine.

So Far Gone

Written By: Jenny Choi

Look at me and say what you came here to say to me
and put an ending to what you’ve started
you’re a newborn baby who won’t stop crying in his mother’s arms oh
stop fighting and lower your fists and your pride
you’ve been disarmed
a cold blue shadow has crept in and wiped you dry
it singed and harmed
hey are you breathing? I see your chest rise and fall but you don’t seem very here at all
and are you seething in the things you chose to hide?
when you’re so far gone and you don’t know who you’ve become
it’s a long way back home
it’s so unclear. you’re never here you’re never anywhere
yet you're so stark, so starkly shining...another lone spot in the dark, yet you quickly fade..
it’s a long way back home to the place where you came from
and I don’t know who you are

Looking Up

Written By: Jenny Choi

Streams of clotheslines are strewn about
with photos hanging on within four walls of unfinished drywall
and the sighs humidify us as we look up
don’t dare to look down for fear the teardrops will start to keep looking up.
so many gasps smothered in white we know not how to reach over so we close our eyes.
meandering covering our open-wide mouths so we push our screams in and we hold each other through

the day that brought us together
and the day that tore everything apart.
and we raise our hands high in frustration together and everything that died made us complete.

Frozen grimacing statues in the midst of chalk and dust we uphold them with our eyes.
and it’s so close I can feel the stark heat emanating from the paper and it burns.
and I forgot how much i wished i could go back to yesterday.
and we are ghosts we are so silent in our shock and despair in meditation


Bittersweet (1998)
Grand and Ashland (2000)
Postcard Stories (2003)

Music can be found on mp3 and IUMA.

Set List

George Bailey
Plastic Mask
So Far Gone
Comfort Me
First Day
Velvet and Brass