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"Exclusive Interview on EarFarm"

Change moves Jenny Dalton through illusive soundscapes that often play out as though they were the piano explorations of memories personified. While melodies and song structures drift from dreamy folk-pop to country to waltz to musical poetry, the atmospheric touches throughout the album enhance the intended melancholia and shine a well-guided light upon the introspective adventure that is Rusalka’s Umbrella. It is a moony and fantastic record. It’s ripe for bedroom floor listening and truly rewards repeated listens, with Daughters of the Dead Sea only furthering the depth of this particular private adventure. -

"5-Star Review"

Five Stars! Composed in conjunction with her book Daughters Of The Dead Sea, Dalton’s third album, Rusalka’s Umbrella, is full of beautiful melodies and arrangements...There is little doubt that Rusalka’s Umbrella is an impressive album... - Revolt Media

"Review: Compelling Arrangements"

Rusalka's Umbrella is always a compelling listen, due to Dalton's shrewd arrangements and composition skills... remarkable, though perhaps unintended, is the Nirvana-like repetition of certain melodic phrases and lyrics. In some of her quiet moments, Dalton has the hushed, passionate calm of Kurt Cobain. - MFR

"An Enigma To Be Embraced"

Jenny Dalton truly is a gem. An enigma to be embraced. An artist in the purest sense of the word. A musician that pushes boundaries. Rusalka’s Umbrella finds new ways to mezmerize, scare, and outright entertain. Crafted with precision and the perfect mix of great musicianship and the right amount of flair, Rasulka sits somewhere in that enchanted place between pop and avant-garde art rock. - Lunch of Champions

"Something Romantic about the Very Idea"

There is something romantic about the very idea of Jenny Dalton: She writes poems about soul-searching, sings fluidly over a rolling piano, crafts songs about yearning for love, water, and air. There is a mystical element to Dalton's music that is almost more powerful than the songs themselves; it's as if the disc might not play properly without the accompaniment of some burning candles and a stick or two of incense. Dalton's new disc, Rusalka's Umbrella, plays off the water theme to create a swirling, entrancing concept album, which will be co-released with Dalton's first book, Daughters of the Dead Sea. The book is a collection of journal entries and poems, but despite the implied personal nature of such writings, her prose and verses remain as vague and mysterious as the lyrics of her songs.... - City Pages

"What Dreams are Made Of"

The symphonic lox and ethereal fabric of Jenny Dalton’s music is stuff that dreams are made of ....Dalton is a practitioner of ambient-folk, but she does vary her ambient registers from a country slant in “The Turn and the River” to orchestral curls and maudlin fringes in “Married to the Sea” to a circus fair in “Alionushka” and a soothing piano-centric melody in the title track. The songs are like a consortium of instruments where each plays their own thought patterns but when they come together, everything is done in unison. The mellow undulations in the piano lifts of “So Says I” move like a love sonnet, and the lush melodic landscapes of “The Fall” are a vision of rolling hills, cascading brooks, and fluttering reefs. Slowly rising chord series build up into stirring flourishes in “Ladies and Gentlemen” and “Bad Seed” adorning the melodies with low rumbling bass drums and stylish string silhouettes...." -

"Spectacular Concept Album"

Working with darker chords and sonic layers akin to artists such as The Smiths, The Cure, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Peter Murphy, and others, Jenny Dalton has created a spectacular full-length concept album based around water as an element of change. A rusalka is a female water spirit in Slavic folklore, and while she’s not of Eastern European descent (Dalton's ancestry is Irish, French and Dutch), Jenny took an interest in the Eastern Block sound and culture which comes through on the title track as well as “Alionushka." In addition, as an interesting artist outreach to share with her growing fanbase, the CD is accompanied by her first book, Daughters of the Dead Sea, included as a pdf file on the disc. Jenny’s music spans the light/playful to the dark/mysterious, and the book documents an evolution through journal entries, poems, notes and lyrics. - L2P Network

"Transfixed Audience"

Ninety minutes had passed in what felt like fifteen. The audience was held in rapt attention, it seemed as though nobody was even breathing, they were transfixed on the stage. - How Was the

"Much Talked About"

The much talked about, Jenny Dalton arrived humbly with her piano and music for this very special show. Excitement built when Jenny Dalton began her initial interview. Everyone was touched by her soft voice as she spoke... - Twin Cities Radio


Chanteuse Jenny Dalton used her powers to work a little Tori-Amos-type magic on the ivories, picking out lonely, lovely lines that provided the perfect pop-lilt foil for her melancholy soprano whispers. - City Pages


Rusalka's Umbrella (LP record, 2008)
Daughters of the Dead Sea (paperback book, 2008)
Carbon Lily Remixes (Remix LP record, 2007)
Fleur de Lily (LP record, 2006)



Tori Amos fans love Minneapolis' sweetheart, Jenny Dalton. Her enchanting soprano vocals float above unique piano arrangements, and her engaging performances mesmerize audiences from L.A. to NYC.

Sincere, haunting, and graceful, Jenny Dalton's refreshing music has earned international media attention. Pushing the envelope, her multimedia endeavors include stage collaborations and book publishing.

She taught herself how to play the piano and began writing original songs at age 8. In 2005, she formed her own production company, Glossy Shoebox, on which she has released 3 full-length records and her first book which accompanies her latest CD.

Dalton's music has earned international accolades and a devoted following of fans. In order to stay connected to her supporters, she produces a regular podcast show whose episodes delve into what makes this artist tick.

If you have a chance to see her live or bring her to your town, DO NOT MISS IT!