Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis


Acclaimed jazz vocalist, Jenny Davis, delivers adventurous jazz standards with her gorgeous, lush voice. From the first clear note of each song to the silence that lingers at the last, she holds the listener in the palm of her hand.


"Jenny Davis.. coasts along with stellar vocal jazz hits the whole way. Blessed with a dynamic and well-ranged vocal, Davis grabs ahold of the listener with magnificent arrangements and talented interpretations of jazz standards. If you happen to catch her live you’re going to be one lucky soul if her talented crew and voice are even half as good live as they are on this jazz masterpiece."

"Ms. Davis reminds me of Stacey Kent, with that strong, yet feathery voice. Except that Ms. Davis has not one but a couple of really good sax players to back her up. This one is nicely done... Recommended!" GIRL SINGERS.ORG

"A stellar vocal presentation that truly exhibits Davis as a competent and skilled technician." CONSTANCE TUCKER, ALL ABOUT VOCALS

"Anyone that gets the high sign from Bud Shank, appreciates Comden & Green, does equal justice to Oscar Brown and Tom Jobim and sings like a jazzy angel is ok with us. Davis is a classic jazz vocalist that knows which end is up and has an special affinity for the classics, chestnuts and oldies but knows how to make them her own without making them feel corrupted. Way more than cocktail jazz, this is the real thing and it's just going to knock you off your pins." CHRIS SPECTOR, MIDWEST RECORD RECAP

"Davis' original composition “Answer the Call,” where she issues a dramatic challenge with ample authority, represents another high point. It’s the kind of inspiring message we all need to hear every day. New songs may be the key to her continued success. Davis already has the tools she needs. All that's left are a few new leaves to turn over when the time is right." ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"Jenny Davis, demonstrates a unique style and ability on her latest CD It Amazes Me. Vocal jazz lovers will quickly hear Davis’s ability to sing in the post-bop tradition, a welcome change from the full docket of traditional jazz singers that often draw upon other styles for inspiration such as; swing, cabaret, blues, and pop instead of the rich bop and post bop eras. Davis’s inclusion of “Joy Spring” and “Scrapple from the Apple” will surely inspire this and future generations of singers to tap more often into the vast resource of musicality combined with technicality. Her ability to really control her vibrato, using it only when adding it to the note would increase the expression of the phrase, instead of habitually sticking it on any note longer than a quarter note, is a welcome change from the norm. . The music and singing is definitely worth listening to and exploring."


Dec 2006--It Amazes Me

1. It Don't Mean a Thing
2. What'll I do/Tennessee Waltz
3. Born to Be Blue
4. Joy Spring
5. Dindi
6. It Amazes Me
7. Dat Dere
8. Make Someone Happy
9. Beautiful Love
10. Scrapple From the Apple/Honeysuckle Rose
11. You Don't Know What Love Is
12. Answer the Call
13. Just Squeeze Me

June 2000--Daydream

1. Peel Me A Grape
2. Daydream
3. Fever
4. Desafinado
5. Once Upon a Summertime
6. I'm Old Fashioned
7. All Blues
8. It Could Happen to You
9. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Set List

Jazz Standards
Straight ahead Jazz