Jenny Franck

Jenny Franck

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jenny Franck's music can be described as rock/grunge. With her musical roots firmly implanted in grunge, Jenny takes her music to a whole new level. She offers music from the heart without the "whine". Jenny is often described as a combination of Jewel, Liz Phair, and Natalie Marchant.


Music lovers, beware! Listening to the talented singer/songwriter Jenny Franck will likely be the beginning of a long-term relationship. Whether it is after her live performance or listening to one of her recordings, you will find yourself taking bits and pieces of her creative and thought-provoking songs with you everywhere. Jenny is the definition of what a singer/songwriter truly is...raw, real, and open. Her songwriting style combines a catchy riff with some tricky metaphorical phrases. When Jenny adds bassist Mike Orr and drummer Steve Matthews it gives her songs an attitude which you will find hard to duplicate.

Jenny's musical odyssey passed through several instruments before she discovered the guitar as a teenager. Soon after learning to play, songs began pouring out of her. "I write to express myself and to try and understand my place in the world," explains Jenny. "My entire world is centered on this need for self-realization. And every song I write is a piece of me I am letting go of and sharing with whoever wants to listen."

Jenny happily shares her music through her recordings and live performances with a growing number of appreciative fans. Discover what a growing number of "Jenny Nation" already know. Jenny's music will become part of your soul. If you are a fan, you are a friend.


Jenny Franck Unplugged, 2011

Jenny Franck, (4-track demo EP), 2009

Nothing Girl, 2005