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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Roadie
(July 20, 2006)

Jenny Galt had a look and sound that appealed to the casting crew and producers of the reality tv, rockumentary Rock Star Supernova.

The look of Jenny Galt? Blonde hair, tight body, a Barbie-doll rocker if you will.

The sound of Jenny Galt? Soft, kind, a tad twangy and yes... Lilith Fair girlie.

Ultimately, that look / sound combo did not fit what Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, and Gilby Clark were looking for. The lack of horsepower in the throat may have been the clincher.

Last night, Jenny Galt became the third Rock Star Supernova Contestant eliminated from David Goffin's rock odyssey. (Fyi, Jenny was the first contestant with a vagina to exit the competition.)

We were lucky to meet up with Jenny Galt earlier today. It was great to connect with the Canadian singer. Especially considering that Jenny Galt got such little airplay (AKA DRRRAAAHHHH-MAAH) on Rock Star Supernova.

ReX: So let's start with a really, really tough question!!!!!

Jenny Galt: Okay.

ReX: Peanut or Chocolate M&Ms?

Jenny Galt: Hmmm. It really depends. But, I'd say chocolate. Yah. Chocolate.

ReX: Gotcha.

Jenny Galt: I also like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Nutella.

ReX: Let me guess you eat Nutella on a spoon with no bread or anything right?

Jenny Galt: You know it!

ReX: Ha-hahhhhh. I don't know anyone who eats Nutella via the spread method.

Jenny Galt: Yah, me neither.

ReX: Oh yah, back to the interview... Where are you right now?

Jenny Galt: I'm sequestered for the press in a Hollywood Hotel. It's kinda weird. I'm in limbo actually. I'm off Rock Star Supernova but they won't give me back me wallet, phone and stuff.

Tomorrow will be a good day. Well.... Today is a good day too. I get some added exposure to the press and I get to say what I really want to say!

ReX: Okay. What do you want to say?

Jenny Galt: [3 seconds of silence] I want to say that this experience has made me into a new person. I learned a shitload over the past few weeks - about music, about me. I've got lots to share.

I'm a free agent now, a solo artist and it's time to take the world by storm.

ReX: Huh. Quite the transformation, right?

Jenny Galt: Yah. I never knew how much fear controls me. I've been so scared for so long - with my work, my music. Shit. I've even held off on getting a tattoo because of things like work.

ReX: When did all this hit you?

Jenny Galt: It was during the last performance. I could see the others rockin' it. I knew I was gonna get burned with my track. Gilby was right. It was a step in the wrong direction.

I played it way to safe. Now, I'm like "Screw It!"

I have a new motto. It goes 'Living in fear makes the world small'. I'm stoked!

ReX: Right on momma. Hey. Gotta ask. Did you ever go swimming in that pool at the mansion? It looks soooooooo delicious?

Jenny Galt: Yah man. The pool was right outside my room. We went in it all the time! It was great for the parties and stuff.

ReX: Parties? Hmmmmmm. Tell me about those? Lots of drinking, yah?

Jenny Galt: Ummmm. Yah, I'd say it depended on the night. But, if we didn't have an early shoot, you could bet that someone was partying at the Mansion.

One night, we had a great party with the press, Tommy, Jason... It was beyond fun. And, really nice to talk with other people.

As for the booze, it never hurts to have a little drink to ease the stress. I mean this is a pretty crazy experience.

ReX. Crazy. Got it! But, give the dirt Jenny Galt... Anything kinky go on in the Rockstar Supernova mansion?

Jenny Galt: [Laughing] Ummmmmm. [Laughing some more.] Ummmmmmmmmm. Wellllll. Ummmmmmmm. One night I handcuffed Toby Rand to the pool.

ReX: Oh you naughty, naughty girl. Tell Rexy more!

Jenny Galt: It was innocent fun. I had these cuffs. He was in the pool and I just did it. He was in there for an hour or so while the rest of us just hung out and drank.

ReX: In your opinion, who's the sexiest member of the Rock Star Supernova House Band?

Jenny Galt: Sasha, the bassist.

ReX: In your opinion, who's the sexiest member of Supernova?

Jenny Galt: Tee-Lee

ReX: Who were your closest friends in the Mansion?

Jenny Galt: Dilana Robichaux and Storm Large.

ReX: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd....

Jenny Galt: Yes.

ReX: Who will win Rock Star Supernova?

Jenny Galt: I think Lukas is the guy. He's got the presence, the attitude, the look... Lukas Rossi will be the singer of Supernova. But, I must say, Dilana Robichaux is gonna give him a run for the money. Dilana is sooooooooooooooooooooo talented. I almost hope she doesn't win it. That way Dilana can go on her own and do something really big by herself.

ReX: Alright Jenny Galt.... Thanks for your time. This interview is done!

Jenny Galt: Cool. If anyone wants to know more they can check me out at

- Rockstar Go Home!


JENNY GALT - From Vancouver

Unlike Lukas Rossi, Jenny Galt is modest, humble...Canadian. “I don’t feel like I’m a front runner right now,” she said Sunday night back at the Rock Star mansion.

No wonder she’s so Canadian. Galt was born in Montreal, grew up in Ottawa and lives in Vancouver.

On tonight’s show, her rendition of the Incubus song Drive lacks it. The judges didn’t roast her, but they did tell her to stop playing it safe.

“The comments I got...really put a fire under my ass,” she says. “I’m going to make some changes. It’s not going to be little nice Jenny anymore.”
The kick-ass boots she bought on Melrose should help, along with the silver skulls and tiny hand cuffs around her neck, a gift from her boyfriend back home in Vancouver.

Galt says being cooped up in the rambling Rock Star mansion can drive you nuts at times. Cameras are everywhere (except the bathrooms) and there’s never any privacy. “You feel like you’re living in TVland,” she says.

Executive producer Mark Burnett (currently in the Pearl Islands shooting the next Survivor) is an impressive boss, she says, always making with the song and style suggestions.

Who are the front runners? Galt picks fellow Canuck Rossi, South African Dilana Robichaux and Aussie Toby Rand.

Most of her fellow competitors are pretty cool, but there’s one dude she just doesn’t trust: Rossi. “He messes with your head,” she said. “I think maybe Lukas, sometimes when he is feeling insecure, will do certain things that maybe he’ll regret later. He’s a player. He’s absolutely here to play the game. I’ve heard him say he’s not here to make friends.”

Her six years touring with the recently disbanded Cherrybomb brought her to the attention of the show’s producers. She hopes she doesn’t wind up in the bottom three in tomorrow night’s elimination episode but if she does, she plans to let it rip. “I totally need to do something that is way more intense,” she says. Rock Star is not all about the voice, as she is learning. “If Celine Dion put on rock clothes, nobody would buy it,” she says. “I have to keep that in mind.”
- By BILL BRIOUX -- Toronto Sun

"Women Rock: Giving Female Musicians a Chance To Be Heard"

ANCOUVER – Surprisingly, a clear evening graced the West Coast this March, and what better way to spend it than indoors. Fortunately, club going in Vancouver has changed recently due to legislation passed by the WCB making smoking in clubs illegal. This makes the experience much more pleasurable, as you no longer take that oh so familiar club ambiance home with you in your hair and clothes. Couple that with a good cause, and you have a very promising Tuesday evening in Vancouver's historical Gastown.

Women Rock is now officially an annual fund-raiser due to the success of its inaugural evening, March 7th, at the eclectic Purple Onion Cabaret. The event showcased local female talent from left of the Rockies, with proceeds going towards raising money for a Canadian Post-Secondary scholarship. The brains behind it all, Joyelle Brandt, (a University of B.C. student with a work load as unforgiving as they come) came up with the idea after noticing there wasn't such a scholarship available when she graduated High School.

The evening's line-up was packed between the two rooms in the Cabaret. Next time I would suggest wearing comfortable shoes, as there tended to be a lot of running back-and-forth between the two rooms. The first is the Lounge, the smaller of the two rooms with a definite hep-cat feel—with a tiny stage in the corner, several comfy couches, and a cigar bar that is now more form than function. The larger of the two sports two bars and a large stage that looks out on the dance floor. The line-up included Rose Ranger, Perpetuum, 9V Adaptor, Chanelle Dupre, Joyelle Brandt Trio, and Carmelina Cupo in the large room; and Tammy Brimmer, Laura Doyle, Katrina Bishop, Teena Davis, Shelley Lennox, and Jenny Galt in the lounge.

However, three of these artists definitely stole the show.

Teena Davis was the first performer that truly captivated the audience. Her performance in the lounge was all about control and harmony, and she accomplished that with an incredible range. Quietly introducing the next songs and ending them with an infectious little giggle that lit up the room, Teena welcomed the audience with her own brand of blue-eyed soul. Tenna was diva without overdoing, and ended her set with an apology for running overtime. I'm sure the audience would have been happy to hear plenty more.

Jenny Galt was the last to play the lounge that evening, and with a performance like hers you find yourself yearning for encores even after the lights come back on. There is definitely something about a performer that makes the audience feel good and comfortable in a crowded public setting. Whether or not Jenny was trying, she had this way of making you feel like you were listening to her CD in your favourite armchair at home in front of the fire. At the same time she made sure to make eye contact with everyone in that intimate little room—a feeling you can only get at a live show. There are so many compliments to bestow upon Jenny Galt, but one word sums it all up… happy. Jenny was happy to be there, happy to play her music and all around… happy. I look forward to reviewing her CD in the coming months as she was the most listenable of the evening. Definitely watch out for her in the future.

Carmelina Cupo, the last act of the night, brought everyone back to the main room. With confidence and power, Carmelina took the crowd for a ride with tracks from her new CD "I Don't Look Like You." Proud of her Italian heritage (she even captivated the room with a song in her native tongue), she stunned everyone with her surprisingly catchy dance songs. It's nice to see motivation like that of producer Daren Staten of Synergy Records, who is two-for-two for signing both Carmelina Cupo and Teena Davis. Both of these acts are destined to do well in the future.

Let's not forget the purpose of the evening. The Women Rock Scholarship will be awarded to a female grade 12 student this summer who is interested in entering the music business as a contemporary singer or singer/songwriter. Applicants must send in a demo tape and an outline of how they will use the funds—whether for education, recording, equipment, or other expenses. The scholarship includes $1000, a day of recording at Vogville Recording Studio, and a membership to the Pacific Music Industry Association. Application deadlines are June 15th and a panel of Vancouver musicians and other industry professionals will choose the winner. Check the Women Rock website for more info.

- by Aaron Schallie -

"'Rock Star' Finalist Slams SUPERNOVA's Debut Single"

Ousted "Rock Star: Supernova" finalist Jenny Galt has told Tara Merrin of the Edmonton Sun that the "Rock Star" contestants are giving a big thumbs-down to SUPERNOVA's debut single.

"A lot of people in the group are skeptical about what kind of music they're playing," says the 29-year-old Montreal-born pop-rocker now based in Vancouver.

"(SUPERNOVA) say they want to do something fresh and new, but then the first track we got to hear, a lot of people were just like, 'Ew. I'm not sure if I like this.'

"It sounded just like that same old, boys rock 'n' roll kind of glam thing they said they weren't going to be doing. It was a bit surprising."

Galt, eliminated from the CBS-TV reality series last week, says the finalists are also questioning SUPERNOVA's commitment to its own future.

She says many contestants feel its members — Tommy Lee (MÖTLEY CRÜE's drummer), Jason Newsted (former METALLICA bassist) and Gilby Clarke (former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist) — are not exactly hellbent on making the new band a success.

"Because Tommy Lee's got MÖTLEY CRÜE and Jason Newsted's very passionate about (Canadian metal band) VOIVOD, there are a lot of questions as to whether this band is going to really take off. That's up in the air," she says.

"And then, how much commitment do the actual members of SUPERNOVA have?

"There was a lot of chit-chat in the mansion about that."

- Tara Merrin - Edmonton Sun

"Beautiful voice, beautiful song"

I awoke this morning, and i decided to do some reviews. I press play and what do i get? A beautifully written, excellently produced song with well-thought lyrics filled with moody melodies and metaphors; and an obviously professional female vocalist. The piano and vocal harmonies are all thats needed here. I listened to this song twice and seriously didn't want to continue to the next review.
At 3:00 the song goes into its climax; and the melody is full of angst and mood.
At 4:05 I'm hearing a hook that perfectly resolves this song. Nothing unexpected here, just a beautiful song. Thank you for the song
- reviews

"The Best Song"

The reason I love music is because every now and then I hear a song that just sounds really cool and I get blown away. This is that song for me today. I don't think I could possibly put into words how cool this song sounds. The vocals are outragiously AWESOME!!!!! The piano part rocks. Holy shit this is perfect...this is unbeatable...I hope you get the record deal if you don't already have one.
- reviews

"Standing On The Edge..."

This hauntingly beautiful, piano-based ballad is highlighted by a magnificent vocal performance. The emotional power on display here is truly amazing. The track steadily builts to a great crescendo, not because of thunderous drums or screaming guitars, but because of the singer's total commitment to conveying the emotional content of the lyrics. The jump to the upper octave for the final chorus is impressive, even somewhat moving. If this track is indicative of the rest of this band's material, they may well be "standing on the edge" of greatness.
- reviews

"Feel This"

I dare you not to feel the emotion is this song... Lyrics, melody and sound all top notch.. Listen to this... I dare you!!
- reviews

"Beautiful new song rocks the airwaves"

Excellent song!! This is a winner - beautiful vocals, sound quality, and lyrics. You sound like yourselves and should keep it that way so that your not another "splash in the pan" One of the best songs that I have heard lately!!!!

- reviews


Debut Album "Polygraph" coming soon.



Jenny Galt has a striking presence. She has a natural radiance that comes effortlessly, her genuine smile only making her appeal all the more alluring. And when you see her on stage skillfully playing the piano or guitar, you instantly know that music, and the stage, is where she belongs.

If the name Jenny Galt rings a bell, it should. She's a Canadian singer/songwriter best known as one of fifteen finalists from the 2006 Mark Burnett television reality series Rockstar: Supernova. Each night, in front of millions of viewers, Jenny showcased for Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction), Gilby Clarke (Guns n' Roses), and Jason Newsted (Metallica) as they searched for a lead singer and front person for their new project.

Rockstar Supernova exposure quickly lead to another high profile gig; touring guitarist/keyboardist for Perry Farrell's new band Satellite Party. She catapulted from a successful audition straight into her first show at the venerable Coachella Festival in 2007, followed by a world tour, then appearing on both the Howard Stern Show and The Late Show with David Letterman.

After the whirlwind exposure and attention that being a TV star brought, followed by a worldwide tour with one of rock's biggest names, Jenny felt as if something was missing. Deciding to leave it all behind and do things on her own, she embarked on her own solo project, and began the planning stages of recording her own debut solo album.

When asked what caused this shift in focus, Jenny reflects on how she was empowered by the Rockstar experience, realizing that being a front person for a hard rock band isn’t what she wanted out of life. She'd much rather create music that’s more intimate, personal, and fulfilling. "I think that we all have an array of possibilities inside of us and finding that inner voice is one of the best, most exhilarating challenges in life," says Jenny. “Finding my own voice became my mantra, my identity, and it carried me forward."

Galt has left her rock edge behind for something much subtler. She's managed to incorporate an almost Parisian influence; creating a sexy, clean, electro-mood, pop sound. Sultry smooth vocals glide over subtle layered melodies, piano ballads graced with beautiful cello textures and pulsing, moody synth-pop rhythms. Her sensual voice rises above dark overtones and fluid downtempo beats, creating an intimate setting poised for a true and lasting connection with her audience.

While writing and recording for her upcoming release with producers Jeff Dawson and Jay Evjen in Vancouver, Jenny somehow found time to work with some other well known Canadian musicians including Todd Kerns (Age Of Electric), Holly McNarland, Shaun Verreault (Wide Mouth Mason), Alan Frew (Glass Tiger), and Matthew Good. Not being one to sit still, Jenny has also recently performed on two Canadian Forces military tours, one to Greece and the other to the North Pole, with another tour already in the works.

Never one to fear change, Jenny Galt has taken the challenge of being an independent solo artist head-on. In her exit from the Rockstar show, she promised to move beyond the "safe choices" of the past. And now, three years later, Jenny has done just that. With her new mantra, "To Live Without Fear" not so subtly tattooed on her forearm as a permanent reminder, Galt has created new territory where pop, lounge, and electronica peacefully coexist. And it suits her beautifully.

Jenny Galt is indeed a one-woman army. Watch for her solo debut release, "Polygraph", to be released in 2010.