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Jenny Harrop

Allendale, Michigan, United States

Allendale, Michigan, United States
Band Comedy


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The best kept secret in music


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Jenny grew up as the second oldest of six children. Her family moved a lot, so she doesn’t claim any particular place as home. In fact, she went to high school in three different states, Nebraska, Iowa, and Arkansas. She moved almost thirty times before leaving home to go to college.

After attending BYU Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho, she served a mission for the LDS church in Tallahassee, Florida, and then attended BYU in Provo, Utah. She studied Political Science, but says she really spent most of her time obsessing about her weight. She was overweight in high school and the first couple years of college.

“It took eighteen months of hard work for me to lose fifty pounds. I should have been proud of losing weight. It should have given me confidence that I could succeed at any goal I put my mind too. Instead I felt insecure. I felt like a fat girl in a skinny girl’s body.

I was so afraid I would gain weight again that I went to very unhealthy lengths to see that I didn’t. In fact, I cycled between anorexia and bulimia for nearly eight years. Ultimately, my health gave out. I laid in bed for six months not knowing if today was my last day. It’s nothing short of a miracle that I am still here.

Of course, I maintain that the greater miracle isn’t my physical survival, but my mental recovery. At 37 years old, it is so wonderful to be free from constant worry about how I look, if I am attractive, if my jeans look good, and on and on and on.


Does This Life Make Me Look Fat?

How many college age women obsess about being thin enough and pretty enough? How many college age guys worry about taking off their shirt in public without embarrassment? The truth is almost EVERY student has these concerns.

For ten years Jenny suffered from obesity, then anorexia and bulimia. After years of speaking to college students, the one thing Jenny knows for sure is even if students never develop full blown eating disorders, too much external focus can ruin their ability to succeed.

Throughout college Jenny’s obsession over physical appearance controlled how she spent her time. Trying to look amazing and get constant validation meant less and less time to study. Her grades dropped. She lost focus on graduate school and career pursuits. She made irresponsible dating choices. Ultimately, she almost gave up her future simply because she lost sight of what really mattered. Her powerful message will help your students avoid a similar fate.
Jenny’s message will support campus program efforts to help students be their best selves. In fact, students that hear Jenny speak are better equipped to maintain a core self-confidence, ensuring a more focused, productive and happy college experience.