Jenny Keefe

Jenny Keefe


acoustic singer/songwriter who's songs cover everything from the ups and downs of love to the conscious state of society and characters with whom the listener can relate. Passionate and intimate vocal delivery complimenting melodic guitar. *ALL ORIGINAL MUSIC*


Singer/Songwriter Jenny Keefe brings ambience and introspect to her acoustic performances endearing audiences of all ages at coffee houses, colleges, and bars throughout the midwest.
Described by some as a folk balladeer and others as soulful and urban, emotionally moving is always a common thread.
Her passionate vocal delivery proves to be as captivating as the songs themselves. The stories they present range anywhere from comparing shameless flirtations with applying for a job or the changing of the weather to life's trials and tribulations. She evokes memories of childhood along with experiences of growing and changing from year to year. She introduces you to characters who "wear their will down to the bone" and yet "never lose their strength", some songs visit those who are intuitive or are perhaps just crossing over the oine of mental and emotional boundaries.
Whether she is singing about painting landscapes, traveling the country, dancing ancient dances or the conscious state of society; Jackson Avenue Coffee Shop writes, "Jenny Keefe will woo you into a beautiful place with her enchanting vocals."
Look for her seventeen track debut "Pot Belly Prizm" as well as "Wellspring" her second offering; a new album is presently in the works.


"Pot Belly Prizm" debut cd
"Wellspring" second release
I appear on the track "In the Long Run" on the cd "Nothing for Design" from the band "Elsinore"
I am working on my third album now.

Set List

A typical set list is anything off of my first 2 cd's along with many newer songs. I don't do covers except every once in a while when I'm asked to do Janis Joplin a capella. I also include original funky jazz songs from my band "Lip Service" into shows.
My shows are usually 2 hours long with a shortbreak in between sets. I can play for 3 hours.