Jenny Kohls

Jenny Kohls

 Des Moines, Iowa, USA

In 2009, I said goodbye to my folk acoustic-duo, the honeybees, and began writing with more rock n' roll edge to my singer/songwriter style. Thus came the birth of Bovine Eyes. The songs are rock-driven, catchy and filled with vocal harmonies.


I have an extensive background in performing and writing songs. I write all the instrumental parts and lyrics to my songs.


I'm currently working on my first EP under the Bovine Eyes name, however I released an EP called 'Faders Up' with the honeybees.

Set List

Originals- Whiskey Nights & Bright Lights, Your Serenade, Born To Lose, Fireflies, Sweet Baby Jane, Come On Out, This Morning, 5th of Whiskey. Covers include- Heartless Bastards 'the mountain', Ra Ra Riot 'can you tell', City and Color 'sleeping sickness', Amy Ray 'Bus Bus', Pete Yorn's version of 'Dancing in the Dark'.