Jenny Lindfors

Jenny Lindfors


"This Dublin girl found inspiration from her musician father's record collection …judging from these shimmering, soulful folk-rock tunes. Lindfors may have borrowed her dad's elpees, but that superb, subtle voice is all her own." Kevin Courtney


Jenny Lindfors is a Dublin-based singer/songwriter and vocalist who also performs with the Happy Gang collective, playing guitar, banjo, vocals and percussion. She released her debut EP "Carry us away" last year to widespread critical acclaim (The Irish Times described it as "shimmering, soulful, superb"), and toured the country extensively, also opening for Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mundy, The Devlins, Perry Blake, Johnathan Rice and Guggenheim Grotto. She also works as a backing vocalist and has added her vocals to the soundtrack of The Halo Effect; a Lance Daly film featuring Stephen Rea, which was nominated for Best Music at the Irish Television & Film Awards in 2004. She can also be heard covering Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas on a Christmas Charity album entitled Its All Bells and she provided backing vocals on the upcoming Mundy single, Soulmate. She has just completed her self-produced debut album, scheduled for release Autumn/ Winter '06. The tracks here are just three from the album.



Written By: Jenny Lindfors

When the night time comes
I'll be beating like a drum
It's the song that's bringing on a strong desire
Crackle of the bonfire
It's untamed
People getting warm from the restless flame.
It's feeling like the aim of the game
To play and take it higher.

Shake it up while you're still young
You only get to live this once
Keep it up for years
Nobody watching here
Shake the weight out of your toes
Just close your eyes and let it go
What have you got to fear?
Everything will become clear.

When the night-time comes
No more judging anyone
Switch it off, switch this on and lift your armour
Purpose of the time
When the sun goes down
Let the loving in, let your love ring out.
You can do whatever you want to do when it gets darker

While you're free don't pass it by
No obligations stick in your side
What have you got to lose?
Who can disapprove?
I only know from how I was
Completely rooted to the spot
But something pulled me loose
And now it's like a dream come true.

Night time comes
The night time comes.


Written By: Jenny Lindfors


Bring up the moment, bring up a face
And bring on the voodoo lover
Reel him in and then release my mind
Keep up the hope and keep up the faith
And run for the voodoo cover
This is how I’m gonna make you mine

I’m coming up
It’s dangerous
‘Cause to win your love
I jump inside you
To bring out the voodoo
Bring out the voodoo
Bring out the voodoo
Bring out the voodoo lover.

You’re a blank page I decorate
With spells of a voodoo nature
A recipe that I’ve been making up
Put it out into the universe
And look how the voodoo ventures
Willing up a little magic touch

Repeat chorus

Slowly now you have come to me
And that’s just the voodoo working
Can you feel me in there dancing ‘round?
But when it’s the daytime, then it’s the end
‘Cause you’re not completely worthy
Bye bye voodoo as I come back down
You’re flying when I’m on the ground

Bring up the voodoo
Bring up the voodoo
Bring up the voodoo lover…


Carry us away EP (2005)

Set List

1. Light up
2. Voodoo
3. I don't really want you here (from album)
4. Night-time
5. Play it away (from album)
6. Let the seas calm (from album)