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"In Dublin magazine"

I love it when they get the tables out in front of the stage at Whelans. It normally means it's a family-and-friends gathering and the atmosphere will be all Summer-Of-Lovey-Dovey/ Or, it could simply mean that they don't anticipate a huge crowd turning up. Actually, it's a little of both. No matter, the place is buzzing when Dublin lass Jenny Lindfors takes to her stool, guitar on lap, and there's enough goodw ill in the room for several sell-out gigs.

Jenny's album 'When the night time comes' is an exceptionally beautiful work; momentarily leaving aside the quality of her songs, her impeccable voice is what lifts it out of any suggestion of mediocrity. It faultlessly searches for words and finds meanings in the nooks and crannies of each song, without any of that histrionic, emotive faltering (in other words, bad singing) which is so prevalent amongst inferior singer-songwriters.
But those songs! Accentuated by some wonderful backing musicanship and the cosy atmosphere, Jenny takes us on a dream-like West Coast folk tour with unexpected twists and tangents here and there. Songs like 2x1, Voodoo and the stunning Fearful things produce tears aplenty from glass eyes, while the infectious Play It Away is nothing short of rousing. Reasoning that it's an intimate enough gathering, Jenny does a friendly amount of 'tween-song explaining. Citing "'Sex and the City' bullshit under the influence" and "right person, wrong time" on different songs is certainly helpful; but later, just before excellent new song "Weary-go-round", she starts talking about relationships and elephants in rooms and, sitting there barefoot in a floor-length hippie skirt with an acoustic guitar on her lap, cops on that she may be turning into Phoebe from Friends. With such a natural vivacious performance, Jenny leaves Whelans with a friendlier buzz than when she arrived- now, that takes a bit of doing.

Johnnie Craig - Live review

"Metro Magazine"

Jenny Lindfors's debut album is an unexpected delight, a breezy suite of folk-pop delivered with a surprising lightness of touch. Opening as she means to continue, the young Dubliner starts with Night time, a languid ballad that shines a torch on an adolescence spent listening to Carole King and Laura Nyro. But Lindfors has a darker side too: Voodoo lives up to its name, spinning a creepily exotic tale of longing and revenge. Elsewhere, Lovestage sees Lindfors seeking to transcend coffee house cliches and nearly suceeding. On live staples Fearful Things and By the wayside, meanwhile, she demonstrates her guitar chops, plucking siren notes that seem to linger chillingly in the air.
Granted, those with an aversion to drippy singer-songwriters will find much of "When the night time comes" unbearably worthy. For true believers though, Lindfors's good news is worth listening to.

4 stars- Eamon dePaor - Album review


It's sometimes worrying to learn of an artist's influences before you hear their own material; it can either turn some folk instantly away, or interest them enough to investigate further. Jenny Lindfors strikes a balance somewhere between the two. Her love of songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young is all well and good, but is it imaginative? It may conjure up images of solid song-crafting, but does it conjure up ones of innovation? Basing your opinion on Lindfors' background (she's previously worked with Offaly cowboy Mundy, and supported the likes of The Devlins and Rodrigo y Gabriela), her music should sound about as interesting as a fart in a paper bag. Astonishingly, it's far from it. When the Night Time Comes, the Dubliner's self-produced first album, is a fine example of lovingly-crafted and gorgeously-delivered folk-pop songs. The press release says that she's been writing songs since the age of six, and if true, it's unsurprising - each of the twelve songs here are executed with confidence and poise, in Lindfors' distinctive velvety tones. Night Time is a sultry, sensual acoustic number that indeed evokes shades of Stevie Nicks, not least because of the spine-tingling harmonies which feature prominently throughout the album. I Don't Really Want You Here and Lovestage are both heavy-hearted paeans - the former documenting the inevitable end of a relationship - while Play It Away's brooding, cello-supplemented angst reaches a stunning climax thanks to aforementioned harmonies. Lindfors also proves that she can do more than melancholia; lead single 2x1 is a swinging, uptempo number, Timewarp's sassy jangle positively fizzles with attitude, and closer Light Up could almost be a close-harmony, '20s-style girl group track. The most outstanding thing about the album, however, is Lindfors' pure, powerful voice, that's full of depth and richness and belies her 25 years. Forget the influences; When the Night Time Comes is best listened to through good earphones, and with an open mind.

Lauren Murphy
- Album review


Review Snapshot:
The Dublin singer-songer's first full-length release delivers on the promise she has shown ever since her first EP and early gigs. Blissed-out melodic folk-pop that will sound fantastic on a warm summer evening. And even if it rains it'll still sound deadly too.

The Cluas Verdict: 8 out of 10.

Full Review:
Back in 2004 your reviewer saw Jenny Lindfors play an impressive acoustic set in support of her then EP 'Carry Us Away'. Our very appreciative review of that show remarked how we were "really looking forward to hearing a full album of hers". Three years later, here's 'When The Night Time Comes' - and we haven't been disappointed.

The headliner on that acoustic night was Katell Keineg, and Lindfors shares with her a brand of catchy folk-pop whose melody, confidence and free spirit seem beyond the ability or comprehension of most male acoustic-bashers. Perhaps it's because all the guys worship the sweaty, tuneless, overrated Bob Dylan while the girls draw on the superior songwriting craft of Joni Mitchell and Carole King. Just a theory.

'2 x 1' (pronounced "two multiplied by one") is the most charming and likeable Irish single in years, and it's a fair representation of the rest of the album. Cynics might sneer at the campfire vibe of 'Night Time' and 'Voodoo', all acoustic guitars and tom-toms, but this is an unapologetically feelgood album.

Anyone looking for female singer-songer 'kookiness' à la Julie Feeney won't find it here. In songs like 'Lovestage' (a piano ballad) and 'Fearful Things' Lindfors sings about her life and love without ever coming across as self-obsessed or overserious. Refreshingly for an acoustic album, Lindfors writes like someone talking with her mates rather than to a psychiatrist.

Lindfors self-produces, and does a fine job at it - the vocal harmonies are sweet and never overdone, and the instrumentation is varied and layered without ever getting cluttered. Her voice is strong and engaging, emotive but controlled.

"When The Night Time Comes" is everything we could have hoped for in a debut album from the very talented Lindfors. We're really looking forward to hearing a second album of hers.

Aidan Curran - Album review


Carry us away EP (2005)
When the night time comes (2007)



"Lindfors's talent goes way beyond second fiddle...her superb voice is well able to emulate her folk heroines."-

"...steeped in an early 1970's Californian sound, it's palette of mellow harmonies and acoustic guitars as chilled out as a gentle summer breeze from the Pacific...quietly enchanting"- THE SUNDAY TIMES

" A fine example of lovingly crafted and gorgeously delivered folk-pop songs...the most outstanding thing about the album however, is Lindfors's pure and powerful voice, that's full of depth and richness and belies her 25 years."

"Why a record company would pass up on tracks such as 'Voodoo', 'I don't really want you here' and the quite stunning 'Lovestage' defies logic."

"Jenny Lindfors's debut album is an unexpected delight"
METRO- 4 stars

"A dark and dreamy debut, it meanders wonderfully through a sea of mellow folk and gently acoustic pop."

"Twelve excellent songs, beautifully modulated"

"A well kept secret...fully formed...mature...terrific...with a touch of Mama Cass in her voice"

"Blissed-out melodic folk-pop that will sound fantastic on a warm summer evening. And even if it rains it'll still sound deadly."

The first songs were scribbled at the age of six, the first guitar strings strummed at 12 and the first stage dive in the Rock Garden at 14, Jenny Lindfors has always had the musical bug. Now with her debut offering 'When The Night Time Comes', featuring the seductive single '2 x 1', it is time for it to become infectious.

'When The Night Time Comes' is a collection of tracks tenderly capturing the rollercoaster weekend experience and the romantics tumbles that often ensue. With its warm and earthy tones, it has an organic, effortless charm. The sensuality (Voodoo) and hedonism (Night Time) of a young party-goer is beautifully balanced with a flip-side of vulnerability (Fearful Things) and darkness (Let The Seas Calm).

"I've always been aware of the difference between whiny self-indulgence and touching melancholic music," explains Jenny. "I've never very good at being contrived. People know when something is a genuine expression from the heart or a crock of shit."

Incorporating multi-instrumentation with a lot of African percussion such as the djembe (drum), congas, ukulele and old organs, When the Night Time Comes' was recorded with her mate Ben Delaney over the last two years with the acclaimed 'Carry Us Away' ep as a pitstop.

'When the night time comes' was released March 2007 to nationwide critical acclaim. The first single '2x1' received heavy airplay on RTÉ Radio 1, Phantom FM and Dan Hegartys 'Alternative to sleep' programme on 2FM. The second single is scheduled for release in September 2007.

With supports to Ben Taylor, My Brightest Diamond and Rodrigo y Gabriela prior to her album release, one senses that Jenny Lindfors is assuredly on her way. She is currently gigging extensively and working on the second album.