Jenny Lupa

Jenny Lupa


I'm a solo acoustic arist and play pop acoustic covers, and some origionals. I have played ( and currently) at well known venues such as Potbelly's, Coopers Hawk, Granite City, Durty Nellies, Lamplighter, Hollywood Casino, Stonefire Grill and many others.I love engaging with the audience.


From an early age I have loved performing in front of audiances, from musicals, plays, and in choir. Now with my passion for music i have witten songs that can be found on itunes and am always eager to perform live in front of an audience, and has been influenced by Ingrid Michaelson, Sarah Bareilles, and Colbie Caillat.


Had Enough

Written By: Jenny Lupa

Another day another dollar, but darling i'm not getting younger
One sunset after another, everyday becomes a number

Oh if I could find, a way of life to break this cycle of the circle in my mind

A tick tick tock the clock it never stops
a drink drink drink that coffee hits the spot
a beat beat beat my head is gonna pop
if this is living I've had enough

It feels like hours are getting shorter. Why can't the hourglass stand still
Who has time for sleeping anymore, with expectations to fulfill



I'm throwin out the worry
rippin up the care
I'll shred the insecurity
destroy the fear
shatter the edges of the box i'm in
take the initiative ti be spontaneous

a tick tick
a drink drink
a beat beat,
Had enough



Album Had Enough:
Had Enough
Sail Away
Have a nice life
Winter Walk

(Available on Itunes)