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Jenny Mayhem

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sound Tracks: “Wide Open” by Jenny Mayhem"

Sound Tracks: “Wide Open” by Jenny Mayhem

Jenny Mayhem's debut video is an unabashed love letter to department store Honest Ed's, and a more tongue in cheek wink at the "blowing up" Toronto indie music scene.

Believe it or not, music videos still exist. Sound Tracks trolls the internet to find the best and the worst of local artists’ new singles and the good, bad, or otherwise noteworthy visuals that accompany them.

Indie-folk singer Jenny Mayhem certainly isn’t the first Toronto musician to use seminal discount emporium Honest Ed’s to display affection for her adopted hometown: after all, Hooded Fang asked artist Dougie Kerr, the man behind the visually distinctive signage at the Bloor and Bathurst establishment, to design their Album cover. She isn’t the first to be filmed strumming an instrument on the premises, either; in one fairly recent example, Whale Tooth hopped some caution tape in a quiet corner of the store for an unauthorized acoustic performance of their song “Vinyl Skin” for Mitch Fillion’s Southern Souls video project.

But Mayhem, who immigrated from Barbados to Toronto for her post secondary education and stayed here, can certainly lay claim to the most Honest Ed’s-centric music video to date—and with some scenes set in the staff lounge and changerooms, she and the video’s producers obviously obtained the management’s blessing beforehand. Directed by Ace Billet, the video casts Mayhem as a shelf stocker who daydreams about indie rock stardom while contemplating the odd menagerie of statues and knick-knacks in the labyrinthine store.

This being Honest Ed’s and not a Walmart, Mayhem’s shopgirl fantasies are also uniquely Torontonian in nature. Instead of picturing herself on the cover of Rolling Stone or the Village Voice, she imagines herself gracing the front of Exclaim!, Now Magazine, and the Grid. Given the latter’s recent assertion that Toronto’s the “Greatest Music City in the World” (a sentiment echoed in a New York Times blog post), maybe her minimum-wage worker is on to something: “If I can make it here, I’ll make it anywhere” may apply to the T-Dot for music stardom these days just as easily as NYC.

The Can-Con continues as our working-class heroine’s daydream slowly sours. She finds herself shilling for not Coke, or Pepsi, but Canadian Club, in a “product placement” sequence; her image also adorns the sort of billboard familiar to Toronto residents, a condo development desperately trying to project an image of downtown “hipster” living (in the half-million plus range).

Back in the video’s real world, Mayhem and her co-workers entertain themselves at work by sparring with their uptight supervisor and trying on “vintage” threads. Mayhem’s employee alter-ego eventually contemplates the idea that she’s more comfortable under the bright lights of Honest Ed’s side alley than in front of TMZ‘s paparazzi flash shots. Enjoying a modest level of artistic satisfaction may feel more traditionally Canadian than the in vogue “conquer the world” mentality of Toronto as #1, but it certainly doesn’t detract from the video’s mash-note to Honest Ed’s, or Toronto as a whole. The Annex landmark has been an authentic part of the Toronto downtown immigrant experience for decades, not to mention a refuge for students outfitting their first apartments. By tapping into that common experience, Mayhem and the “Wide Open” production team may have made a video that outlasts the current brash “It” status proclamations of Toronto’s music scenes—maybe even a video that will be remembered as fondly as The Shuffle Demons‘ tribute to the “Spadina Bus.” - Torontoist

"Local singer Jenny Mayhem makes contender for most Toronto-y video since Scott Pilgrim"

Jenny Mayhem ::: Wide Open from Jenny Mayhem on Vimeo.

The above (via The GridTO) is a video by Toronto singer Jenny Mayhem, who has managed to include the following items on the "how Toronto-y is your music video/film/graphic novel:

Honest Ed's!
Not just NOW, but The Grid and Exclaim!
Shilling for the city's condo developers (in a dream sequence)!
About the only thing missing at this point would be some reference to the city's cuckoo-bananas politics to make it super-current. But otherwise it's a fine successor to Scott Pilgrim, the film which mysteriously failed to wow Americans in spite of being filmed almost entirely within the Annex.

Or maybe that wasn't such a mystery after all - OpenFile


We love the Toronto-centric video for Jenny Mayhem's new folk song "Wide Open," directed by Ace Billet. Cast as a dreamer who kills time at her depressing job at Honest Ed's by imagining her rock-star success, Mayhem flounders around Toronto's discount haven. For fans of the bargain store, the video perfectly immortalizes its weirdness (love those giant deer clocks) and highlights Mayhem's adorability. -

"Watch This: Jenny Mayhem - "Wide Open""

"Wide Open" is the first single from Toronto's Jenny Mayhem off her self-titled EP. In the video she plays a down on her luck employee at Honest Ed's who sells out and becomes a media hyped indie poster child. Being shot in and around Honest Ed's, with nod's to local weeklies, it doesn't get more Toronto than this, plus the song is amazing. Be sure and check this one out.

- Toronto Music Scene

"Jenny Mayhem "Wide Open" (video)"

Barbados-born folk singer Jenny Mayhem is now based in Toronto, and in her new video for "Wide Open," she pays tribute to her adopted hometown.

The clip was directed by Ace Billet and shot in Toronto landmark Honest Ed's, the dizzying bargain store with rows upon rows of everything you could ever want to buy, and more than its fair share of mirrors and staircases. Billet claims the bargain store was one of his first memorable "Toronto experiences." The video casts Mayhem as one of the store's staff members, whose daydreams of being a folk pop superstar prevent her from being an ideal employee.

Keep an eye out for some of Toronto's best-known magazines, including a shout-out to yours truly, Exclaim!, at the 1:40 mark. - Exclaim!

"Jenny Mayhem puts herself on the cover of The Grid"

We have a little tradition around here at The Grid—whenever one of our co-workers bids us adieu and moves on to greener pastures, the art department fashions a farewell card in the form of a fake cover of the magazine with their face on it. We all sign the inside and tell them how much we will miss them.
We thought we were the only ones producing fake Grid covers, until we saw this video by local singer-songwriter Jenny Mayhem. The Barbados-born, Toronto-based artist just posted the clip for her song “Wide Open,” and the narrative is a cheeky take on the many things an up-and-comer must do to achieve indie-stardom in this town. These transgressions include: hipster-izing your image, recording in a bathroom, shilling for condo developers and apparently, posing for a cover feature in our little magazine.
We’re flattered, really!
Check out the video for this charming folk-pop tune below. Who knows: If it blows up, there’s a chance we will crown Jenny Mayhem the “Queen W Queen” for real. (Though we must say, Hooded Fang totally did the indie-pop-meets-Honest Ed’s thing first!) - The Grid

"Skope Magazine: Artists to Watch December 2011"

Skope: What does being an A2W December 2011 mean to you?
Jenny Mayhem: Someone new is listening! That’s always exciting.

Skope: What are you most looking forward to accomplishing with your music for 2012?
Jenny Mayhem: This year I got to connect with projects like the Bicycle City film, which will document how donations of second-hand bicycles have helped transform a small town in Nicaragua. One of my songs was also used in the Ball of Light documentary, which follows the life of a contemporary photographer in Adelaide. These little steps have been really fulfilling and I would love to connect with similar projects in 2012. They tie in with my own goals of gaining a wider audience for my music. It’s a new and interesting process in the age of digital media!

Skope: What are you currently promoting the most via an album, tour, single, etc?
Jenny Mayhem: I just worked with director Ace Billet on a music video for ‘Wide Open,’ which is a song from my most recent EP. The video will online this January, so that’s the most current thing I’m excited about.

Skope: What is your favorite Christmas tune that you want to do a cover for?
Jenny Mayhem: Not sure if this applies anymore!

Skope: What kind of mood and environment do you like to crafts new music?
Jenny Mayhem: I’m writing this while looking over the West Coast of Barbados, from the house where I grew up. This is one of the most inspiring places I’ve known.

Skope: What is coming up for you and where you at online?
Jenny Mayhem: I’m really excited to share a new project in the works. It’s some very high-energy music with some very talented new bandmates in Toronto. Still in progress! Until that’s out, you can always connect with my solo self at -

"CD Review: Jenny Mayhem - Jenny Mayhem EP"

By: TJ Liebgott
November 11, 2011

Jenny Mayhem, previously of Toronto band ADA, shines in her solo self-titled debut. While ADA had some great songs, Jenny Mayhem's new laid back, acoustic folk sound really gives her the ability to showcase her smokey, sardonic voice.

The three-track EP encapsulates the emotional frailty of lost love, especially in the song "Could Be," which features Jesse Taylor who plays off magically with Jenny Mayhems voice.

Recorded at DNA Recording Facility by Steve Chahley (Sarah Slean, K'NAAN), the EP has an open, airy texture to it that gives the album a really intimate feel.

The only problem with the EP is that it's only three songs. Once you start really getting into the music, it's suddenly over leaving the desire to hear more. Hopefully it isn't too long before Jenny Mayhem is serenading us with a new release. - Toronto Music Scene

"Jenny Mayhem - Morning Sun"

Her name is actually contrary to her style. Here comes a rockin' artist with the last name Mayhem and you think she's gonna scream you to "def" but then she starts playing and you are soothed by floating riffs and her soft, comforting voice; reminiscent of Nora Jones. Then you are trapped; not having a care in the world... not until you have to press repeat. Her name is Jenny Mayhem.

I reached out to Mrs. Mayhem and had a quick conversation with her. One of the things she said was that leaving her home (Barbados) at a young age was one of the hardest things she's had to do to get to this point. Now based out of Toronto, Canada; Jenny states, " was a roadblock as well as a huge opportunity..." for her. She also mentioned that she couldn't have made it without the support of her mom, "...not many people have a mum like I do!"

Jenny's lastest EP, Keep the Fire, reached #5 top seller on (June 11th 2010). Check out more from Jenny Mayhem on her Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Otherwise watch her new latest video for her song,"Morning Sun", which was also featured in the official Gears of War 3 demo. - RoddyJ Blog

"Jenny Mayhem"

Jenny Mayhem brings a very interesting and eclectic feel. Her voice has a very soothing sense of awareness that you can appreciate in acoustic and folk type of music. There’s a lot of powerful and spiritual kind of imagery in lyrics such as one of her tracks called “Morning Sun”. With lines like, “The sun wouldn’t rise for the sake of me/It just sat back behind the sea,” you get a sense of simple complexity. A really simple line, but with a deep message. Her EP, “Keep the Fire“, features 6 different acoustic tracks including “Morning Sun.” It’s a very easy going kind of sound, so it’s very therapeutic. To hear more songs or to just download the whole EP, go over to her bandcamp page. - Game Console Reviews

"Feature Band of the Week - Jenny Mayhem"

100.3 SoundFM, CKMS in Waterloo Ontario is a campus community radio station which has, since 1977, brought independent and alternative music and cultures to the airwaves in Waterloo region and around the world. - Sound FM 100.3

"Jenny Mayhem - Keep the Fire"

"I first came across her in the band "Ada", which was also based in Toronto. [...] They had an definite edge, and after listening for a while I knew what it was. Something quite clear in Jenny M.'s new download "Keep the Fire", a whirlwind six song acoustic album made in only one day." - Village Voice Hudson

"ISR's Top Music Finds for 2010"

ISR's Top Music Finds for 2010 (in no particular order)

* Standard Fare - The Noyelle Beat
* Rodrigo y Gabriela - 11:11
* Yeasayer - Odd Blood
* Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
* Oberhofer - OOOoooo
* MGMT - Congratulations
* Vampire Weekend - Contra
* Loveseat - Loveseat EP
* Hey Champ - Star
* Hungry Kids of Hungary - Escapades
* The Morning Benders - Big Echo
* Freelance Whales - Weathervanes
* Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
* Fanfarlo - Reservoir
* Sleigh Bells - Treats
* Surfer Blood - Astrocoast
* Hot Chip - One Life Stand
* Ra Ra Riot - Orchard
* Elliott Brood - Mountain Meadows
* Scissor Sisters - Night Work
* The Drums - The Drums
* Of Montreal - False Priest

- Indie Soup Runner

"The Neighbourhood Mixtape: Wasted Hours"

Track #3: Loveseat, "Charlie (Electronic Mistress)"

Maybe you decide to spend the day ducking in-and-out of thrift stores, rummaging in hopes of finding a hidden treasure before it's all picked over. "Let me grow, let me grow, let me grow old with you," Jen Mahon repeats into your headphones on Loveseat's optimistic track "Charlie (Electronic Mistress)" - it trails you around with its catchy lyrics and electro-pop chords. - blogTO

"Love Loveseat"

I know I've said this numerous times before, but I'll say it again now, since it'll be relevant in about three sentences: EPs have it easy when they're being judged. All they really need is one great song, and the rest can be forgiven, now matter how much filler there is.

Case in point: Loveseat's self-titled debut. It's only got three songs, and two of them -- "Beautiful High" and "Charlie (Electronic Mistress)" -- are pretty bland radio-friendly pop. They're not objectionable by any stretch of the imagination, but they're also totally lacking in anything that will make you remember them moments after they finish.

That's completely forgivable, however, when you consider that the third song, "Drinking Song", is just awesome. Like the other two songs, it's also radio-friendly pop, but it's done extraordinarily well, with an upbeat spirit and an infectious chorus that just explodes out of the speakers. If it were stuck in the middle of a full length's worth of tracks like "Beautiful High", I don't know if it would be enough to redeem the whole thing, but seeing as Loveseat's debut EP is only three songs, and it's pay what you can, there's really no excuse not to download it right now. - i(heart)music

"Vents Magazine Interview: Loveseat"

How did the band start??
Loveseat happened accidentally after our previous bands broke up, and we’d get together playing and drinking just for fun. We realised we just missed played music together, but after releasing the EP we’ve received more feedback in 6 months than in our five years playing music.

What's the message you transmit with your music??
I’m alive!

What's your method at the time of writing a song??
We use a home studio for lots of pre-production. Pouya writes the melodies on guitar and using programmed synth, drums, bass and samples, and we perfect the vocals and live sound in the studio and rehearsal space.

What are your music influences??
Names are too many to name. Our lyrics often come out of obscure dreams and fantastical thoughts. We write songs about talking to Amazon gods and conquering the world with an army of toothpicks.

What plans do you guys have for the future??
We want to play for everyone, everywhere.

What’s the funniest prank you guys have been or took part while on tour or after a show??
Probably when our bassist asked us to grab him a sandwich before a gig in Chinatown. We bought a live crab from the market and handed it to him in a paper bag.

If you guys were stranded in the middle of nowhere after a show or while on tour. The help is 65 miles away from where you guys are, ¿Who would you guys send to look for help? And if while the rest wait, there's no food and the only way to feed yourself is by eating each other, ¿Who would you eat first?
I would send the band members for help, and eat the leftover session players.

Which country would you guys love to play?
A tour of the band members’ home countries! It would span Persia, Eastern Europe, East Asia, North America and the Caribbean

With which bands would you guys love to share stage??
The Flaming Lips, they always pull stuff like naked dancing women or huge balloons or animal costumes.

Are you guys OK, with the direction the band is going actually?
The band is so new that the direction isn’t completely defined, but we are so far.

Check out more: - Vents Magazine

"MP3 feature: Indie Rock Cafe's "In Dee Mail""

In Dee Mail playlists have been one of the most popular features of Indie Rock Cafe for a couple of years now. The series has uncovered an amazing array of talented artists and bands from across the United States, and throughout the world. They are singer and songwriters, shoegaze rock bands, indie orchestra pop collectives, and one man glo-fi introverts with a MacBook and cheap gear.

So far this year, we’ve had SO many great songs sent to us by artists and bands that most people have never heard of, but we’ve also fallen a bit behind. The tremendous amount of work that goes into reviewing dozens and dozens of submissions to pick the best few from each lot is time-consuming, but rewarding. We do our best to keep up with all of the submissions, but it’s time to play some catch up.

Over the next few weeks, there will be a number of In Dee Mail Special Edition posts. Chances are most of the music you hear in these posts you will not hear anywhere else. We also encourage you to click on the In Dee Mail category link above to listen to and download past mixes in this series; full of great songs from bands you’ve probably never heard of.

Crank up the grit and get ready to rock with this freakish mix of Black Sabbath and The White Stripes from Chico, California rock band People on the Moon. The band definitely got our attention with this track, and we’ve spun it already probably half a dozen times. Home-grown, psychedelic garage rock, tinged with Rush-era keys, is a rare species these days on indie rock blogs and websites. The only issue with have with this band is the name; it doesn’t really match the style of the music.

“Falls” – People On The Moon

San Diego’s The KABBs spit bluesy lyrics as a steady romp and angling guitar chords simmer along side a thumping bass. We’ve got them officially on radar now as another band to watch, among so many others. Now let’s see them catch a little fire from all of you out there with the ears for what works and doesn’t.

“Golden and Blue” – The KABBs

“Down This Road” – The KABBs
Non-Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers first came to our attention after we featured the impressive indie rock band The Vermicious K’nids – the latter of was a Band to Watch in February; and which was a big hit with all of you at the time. And for good reason – they rock! Some of the band members from VK also play hooky with The Non-Commissioned Officers, and they went ahead and sent a couple of tracks that we have to share with you.

“Just North” – Non-Commissioned Officers

“Love Will Conquer All” - Non-Commissioned Officers

A couple of months ago, we featured a couple of songs from the band Stockholm and they received a positive response from IRC readers and visitors. Spirited and upbeat, almost epic, perfectly timed transitions, the seedlings of a band to keep an eye and ear out for, even if they do sound a bit too Billboard, teeny bopper oriented.

“Bad By Design” - Stockholm
Kate Martin

Set worlds apart from the grit and naughtiness of the first artists in this mix, Kate Martin is the refreshing anti-thesis, with her sweet, well-honed vocals, and nice girl folk pop persona. But there’s a not-so-innocent story here.

“Lua” - Kate Martin
River City Extension

OK, so, we’re going to switch gears again here, and take a trip down to New Jersey? (yes) to hear the spirited, full-throttle countryish folk rock with horns on the track “Friends and Family” from a band making a big splash in our little Conor Oberst greets the Avett Brothers pond. For those of you who are really up on their music, you may have seen this band opening at one time for bands from CAKE to Gogol Bordello, and Floggy Molly to Manchester Orchestra.

“Friends and Family” – River City Extension

This next band brings us back to childhood days of AM pop rock radio. Make us feel shinny, happy and warm. This is a high-octane, sugary summer song that sounds like Seals and Crofts on Planet Cheeky Clean. But, admit it, we all have a little bit of sap in our blood. And, to boot, it has such a charm of unity and love. The band, Skytone, sound like pros, and regardless of this track’s squikie sweet blissfulness, are sure to make some fans among our loyal readers.

“We Are One” – Skytone
Backball False, Truth

The following songs are the work of one guy from New York City with the unusual name moniker, Backball False, Truth! We included both the songs he sent in; yet another one man band that impresses us (by the way, we have another installment of One Man Bands coming soon).

“De Rigueur” – Backball, False, Truth!

“We Will Be Realized” – Backball, False, Truth!

And, others that we simply don’t have time to write about. But the music speaks for itself.

“Cruise That Voice” - James Melaugh

“BMX” – City of Satellites

“Cabin in the Woods” - Alarma Man

“Drinking Song” – Loveseat

“Machines” - Cousin Dud - Indie Rock Cafe

"Listen Up! - Loveseat"

What makes Jen and Pouya such a great duo? What makes Loveseat the great musical duo that they are? Their reply? Simply, "Anything and everything that we've ever experienced." Simplicity...a great thing in a group...and a rare thing in a group. So, how did these two musicians hook up and realize their creative destiny? Go back five years to Toronto, Canada and you will discover two people, "Fresh off the boat from opposite corners of the earth." However, the actual establishment of Loveseat didn't even happen until last year. Though the core members are Jen and Pouya, they work with a five-piece setup for live gigs and conquer the music world with the key tools used in being a good musician. The key is "Not ever thinking you're a good musician."

With their energetic dance rock sounds, I cannot fathom them not ever thinking they are good musicians...and I don't think their fans could either. Though they insist they're constantly growing, still learning. Inspiration for their music comes merely from their dreams..."Lucid dreaming" as they put it. Nonetheless, though they enjoy realizing their dreams through their music, they always keep in mind their listeners' needs. They believe that although creating music can be quite personal, music is meant to be shared. And they just love sharing their image of a "God-like being roaming the earth among the mortals." In the future, their goals remain simple yet still be able to play their songs for others. After all, their favorite aspects of what they do are just writing and performing. What more could an audience ask for? - MF Magazine (Fall 2010)

"Electronic Mistress"

"took me back to simpler times" - SoundOut

"Drinking Song - Loveseat"

"Lots of flare and plenty of substance, good personality, feel good factor" - SoundOut

"Drinking Song - Loveseat"

"A bit like what I imagine paradise to sound like" - Slicethepie


Jen Mahon and Pouya Birgani continue on where Ada left off – with an innovative twist, of course.

I came across Ada on Myspace music and after hearing the raw musical talent and bottomless energy of the band I felt compelled to follow this career in the making. Now, many things in life aren’t that easy to understand; why is the sky blue? Did that dryer REALLY eat that sock? Why do my keys always go missing when I’m in a rush?

Yes, these are not questions easily answered, and neither is this one; how on Earth is this still my little secret, after all this time? Not that I should mind – it always gives me a smug little smile when someone hears an Ada song, or one of Jenny M’s solo works on my playlists and wonders “Who is THAT!”

For that does boggle the mind; because clearly if you’ve followed the discography since Ada you come to realize how much Jen Mahon loves her music – and puts so much of herself into it’s creation. That alone is a reason to keep tuning your ear.

Jen does the vocals, Pouya does Guitar and Music production,they write the songs and they worked with Kevin Mendes and Jesse Taylor on the project. It’s a return to roots, of a kind. With Ada there was energy to spare so it is with Loveseat – this time with the addition of sampled music to the driving mix. Where Ada was guitar driven and raw emotion Loveseat finds it’s groove in the beat. Still present is the voice of Jen, lending itself to the guitars seamlessly when she hits the high notes – it’s makes for very compelling listening, and you can dance to it.
- Village Voice Hudson


Self-titled EP

1. Wide Open
2. Could Be ft. Jesse Taylor
3. Alice in Wonderland

released 16 October 2011
Instrumentation and arrangement:

Jenny Mayhem: vocals/ukelele/piano
Jesse Taylor: vocals ("Could Be")
Tom Juhas: guitar and ukelele
Justin Dunlop: upright bass
Kevin Mendes: drums
Russ Donohue: piano ("Alice in Wonderland")

Single - Seeing Stars (2011)

Single - Rainclouds (2011)

"Keep the Fire" EP
1.King of the Street
2. When You're Older
3. Keep the Fire
4. Morning Sun
5. All the World
6. Equatorial



Jenny Mayhem is a folk/electronic singer originally from Barbados. At the age of seventeen, she travelled north to start a life in the Toronto music scene. Jenny spent several years fronting progressive rock act ADA, later switching gears to focus on her solo career. Four releases later, Jenny has built a dedicated following online and around the world.

Jennys songs have been featured in non-profit documentaries such as Bicycle City and Ball of Light, and have been used by ONeill, Blumarine, Invoker, and the City of Buenos Aires. Her music has gained positive attention in Torontos Exclaim! and The Grid magazines, and her voice has been sampled by electronic artists Supreme Being and Tiger Tsunami, amongst others.

Jennys latest release is TV Waltz a folk acoustic single including remixes by Draaiwinti and O S L O. She continues to write, record and collaborate with artists in Toronto and in the online community.

Official website:




Band Members