Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan

 Austin, Texas, USA

Jenny Morgan has a sweet voice mixed with the ability to tell a dark or forlorn story. She plays a right handed acoustic guitar left handed and crafts melodious tunes that will stay in your head for weeks.


Jenny Morgan was born in Austin, Texas but has been living in the Brazos Valley for some time. She has played at almost every local festival over the last 7 years and has played across Texas and in Europe. She has released an amatuer album, Old Ribbon Hi-Way, and is in the process of putting out her studio produced sophomore album, Jenny Morgan-A Collection of Songs, this winter.
Jenny has received such awards as the Kerrville Folk Festival University Songwriter finalist, honorable mention in the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Contest and has had two songs named Garage Band's Folk song of the day.


Album: "The Songs I've Sung" (2007) Canon Records
1. Running on the Brazos-plays on
2. Burning & 3. Brings Me Back Around-play on

Album: "Old Ribbon Hi-Way" (2001) Independent

Set List

I will typically play for an hour to 3 hours. I play mostly originals but sometimes throw in Roberta Flack, Fats Domino, Bob Marley or Al Green.