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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"Metal Heads love her"

Tracy Chapman type tone with a mix of Carly Simon and Joplin, wrapped up with a hint of evil and anger somewhere in there. Sweet backing harmonies, with a hypnotic sense. Nice grooves and an overall great presentation. I wouldn't say rock, straight up, but I would class it with the same genre as an angry Dave Matthews with intelligent lyrics, and I love it. I'm sure the masses will also. This is almost in its own catagory...I would call it the "Jenny has a beautiful gift" genre. Very impressive, oh yea, love the bluesy lead guitar riffs.

I would love to hear her sing [Zep's] "Black Dog", that has to be awesome. - Dave Pope from Kurtz (Atlanta)

"Those who know best"

"I just want you to know how much I appreciate your 'Hollow Body Heal' album...I can relate to all the thoughts, emotions and spirit that come through so powerfully in those will forever be the musical connection to this crossroads, this life changing time in my life."
-- Todd Buckman (Boston, MA)

"She has a presence onstage. I can't stop watching her."
-- Shannon Lepore (Boston, MA)

"[She was] definitely the best drummer on campus...the Ziljians she punched holes through during one gig!..."
-- Chaz Rita (Grinnell, IA)

"'Blue' runs through my head on a regular basis. That truly is an amazing song, never heard anything like it, honestly... 'Magic Words' is another that plays in my head a lot. If 'motherf**kedness' isn't a word, it should be."
-- Carl Mamuszka (Cambridge, MA)

"This singing chick's got some lungs on her... think she'd hang out with me? Jenny's music is termed "anti-folk", but really, she just rocks."
-- DJ Tyranny (NYC) - Fans say...

"Dark and Mysterious"

We were impressed overall by the quality of [the] music. [Her] ability to write songs of a high standard certainly comes across on the recording. The melodies...also very impressive. There is a slightly dark and mysterious side...The guitar riffs are also of high quality, especially in Sweet Tension. And in terms of a favoured song from those submitted, that was the stand-out track. If there was one criticism, it would be that the intros are slightly too long... - Brian Scally, Reach 2004 (Dublin)

"Better than Blondes"

The music [reminds me] of Blind Melon and the 4 Non Blondes second record -- two of my favorites of all time except she's are a better vocalist than Linda Perry. But the piano stuff is my favorite... Gave me a Carole King vibe. - Jamie Forbes, Tribal Wisdom (Boston)

"Why Jenny?"

We are psyched to have her. The deciding factor in selecting her was a few things: Her songs are great!...and the number of instruments she plays makes for a great broadcast. It should be sweet. - Derek Tremblay, Evolving Artist (Southbridge, MA)

"The voice and the words"

[Jenny tackles] subjects that many have addressed before but ... taken a different approach with lyrics and created a new perception. This is very hard to do...[She has] a unique way of communicating... This is very special and a songwriting goldmine!
- Lior Shamir, We Are Listening Managing Director (London)

"Complex Art Rock"

Try on an ingenious and not-at-all-contrived blending of self-effacing folk, complex art rock, and metal. Jenny Elizabeth Jones puts a new spin on the folk/rock combo with a voice of sweetness and power, and songs that match hard with smooth. - CNET (San Francisco)

"Stunning vox, wild violin"

...Trippy, soulful hip-hop rock - but with creative twists. I mean, for example, how many bands in the hip-hop genre can successfully incorporate violin into the mix?...The tracks that caught my ears the most were for the words and Jenny's wonderful singing punctuating the rap; 'Radius' - funky rap rock, featuring Jenny's stunning vox; 'On The Bus' - the violin in this one really added an earthiness to this soulful rocker; and 'Reluctant Stowaway' - a slow, groovin' number... - Debbie Catalano, SoundCheck Magazine (Boston)


"Hollow Body Heal" -- (2011) 18-track, 72-minute protest to this ADD world -- this album definitely represents Jenny's best work yet. Playing the majority of the instruments herself on this round, she brings us incredible songs of healing and triumph over sickness, hurt, lost love, and death.

"Alienlightenment" -- (2007) 14-song CD of straight up curvy rock asking the Universe what it all means anyway.

"Bedroom Sessions" -- (2005) a 9-song CD in the epic tradition of Tori Amos or Freddy Mercury. No three-minute pop tunes here! Grooving non-4/4 timings in surprising places, spirited strings from out of no where.

"Green Dimension" -- (2003) a 13-song self-titled debut CD of hip-hop that breaks the rules with violin as the musical melody maker. The one cover on this CD is an outstanding rendition of School House Rock's "Interjections" where Jenny not only sings the main lyrics with as much passion as the original, but adds incredible voice-overs for all the speaking parts.



The power of jenny’s tribe is centered on the song writing of Boston song writer, Jenny Elizabeth Jones, who says she's merely a vessel for the great creative force that lives within her. Her stories are not only deeply personal but traverse an incredible universe of topics from alien visitations and conversations with God to classic themes with surprising descriptions of love, loss and recovery.

For jenny's tribe, incorporating new elements of feeling and experiencing flow throughout the music, lyrics and performances. From bringing searing violin into metal-infused hip-hop to orchestrating the construction of thematic landscape paintings over epics of songs in performances, Jenny continues to guide jenny's tribe into sweetly powerful, exotically accessible story tellings that delight the eye as well as the ear.

With instruments all over the house she grew up in, Jenny has become an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and lyricist. "Hollow Body Heal" represents the most interesting yet, featuring Jenny on her usual piano, guitar, vioin, vox and verve along with groovy drums (who knew?!) and even some cool bass lines for a couple of tracks. The tribe, itself, expanded for this effort featuring parts from several of Boston's best local players on electric and acoustic guitars and bass, with even a voiceover or two.

* 2011: Rocket Dog Records' Grammy Nomination for "Best New Artist" and "Best Album"
* 2009: Honorable Mention in Mike Pinder's Song wars
* 2006: Featured artist in NYC Skylark Serices
* 2005: Featured artist in FeminineGroove Weekly Radio Show
* 2005: Featured artist in EvolvingArtist ITV