Knee Deep EP is currently #2 on the Canadian Campus National Electro Charts (earshot!, February 2, 2011)


Jenocide is an indie-electro act which plays upbeat dance music. With her shredding synths, powerful beats and roaring but sweet vocals, Jenocide is not your average east coast girl with keytar…what? Jenocide works her way into the audience for an interactive concert experience to push and shove the crowd into a spontaneous party atmosphere, often leaving a trail of glitter and lipstick marks in her wake. Known for playful live mash-ups and throbbing original works, she wants to feel your heartbeat.

Jenocide is Jen Clarke, who first became involved in the Halifax Indie Music scene in 2005, fronting dancepunk band, hotshotrobot, and also plays keyboards in Halifax's synth-pop party collective, Windom Earle. In 2009, she decided to start a solo project based on her love of electro and feminist icons, called Jenocide, a tongue in cheek pun for girl-powered party destruction.

Her first two releases in 2009 were based on themes geared towards women’s empowerment inspired by queercore artists such as, Peaches, and Le Tigre and was featured on blogs such as Bitch Magazine and (Canada's source for gay and lesbian news).

Her debut EP entitled bikerides.barrettes.bruises (2009) was launched as part of the 2009 Atlantic Jazz Fest program. Shortly after, her debut album, Machines to Make Us Wet (2009), peaked in the top 10 of Canada's National earshot! Charts with multiple #1's in various cities, was selected as one of “The Best Releases of 2009” (The Coast, Halifax, NS) and has been featured on a variety of blogs including as Gunshy, Spinner, Singing Lamb and Snob's Music, and an audio-visual podcast by Radio-Canada spotlighting Canadian electro artists.

In November 2010, Jenocide released Knee Deep EP, a collaboration with local producer Willow Bell, which won the hearts of bloggers across North America including favourable reviews from blogs such as: MOKB, This Band is, CBC Radio 3 and the Wounded Jukebox, and was chosen by the editor at as one of the Top Ten Picks for the month of February 2011.

Her lead single off Knee Deep, "BeachBall", was chosen as one of the "Best Singles of 2010" by The Coast Weekly (Halifax, NS) and Knee Deep continues to chart on the National Top Ten Electro Charts (#7 Charttattack, February 1, 2011; #2 Earshot!, February 1, 2011).

In January 2011, she dropped a a new mixtape with her touring DJ, James Reid released on his Halifax label, North North Records. Shinin’ & Grindin’ Vol. 2 is a fun and quirky mix that uses a variety of beats and acapellas from Jenocide’s Knee Deep EP, combined with pop/rap/electro material from artists such as Gucci Mane, The B52s, and Afrojack and has been making a impact on Canadian and international blogs.

Jenocide has been featured at the Halifax Pop Explosion, Sunseekers Festival, East Coast Affair Festival, and has opened for artists such as Rich Aucoin, Think About Life, and Cadence Weapon. During the Winter of 2010 she toured Atlantic Canada with Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees, and this past summer completed a Maritime tour playing at houseparties, bars, on beaches, and at outdoor festivals. She has completed multiple tours to support Knee Deep including shows in Montreal and around the Eastern Canada, and will soon embark on a UK tour including appearances in Amsterdam, Netherlands.



Written By: Jenocide

Something happened last night
I fell asleep, but the moon shone so bright
I dreamed awake
And the stars they led me to the waves
And how it happened
I really can’t say
The pit in my stomach turned into a beachball
And bounced away
She led me knee deep
And said “it’s really not natural..
When you’re awake keep your eye on the snake
Never mind the apple”
Something happened last night
I fell asleep, but the moon shone so bright
I dreamed awake
And the stars they led me to the waves
And how it happened
I really can’t say
She tied my cares to the anchor
And we sailed away
And if you need to find her
You see her only at night
Both feet in the water
Close your eyes really, really tight
Something happened last night
I fell asleep, but the moon shone so bright
I dreamed awake
And the stars they led me to the waves


Shinin' & Grindin' Mixtape Vol.2
(January 2011)

Street Rhythm Remix EP
via freak2freak records

Knee Deep EP
Single: Beachball
(November 2010)

Machines to Make Us Wet LP
Singles: Fashion Icon, 28 mansions
(September 2009)

bikerides.barrettes.bruises EP
Single: junglefk
(July 2009)

Jenocide Tiny Demo EP
(May 2009)

Set List

Jenocide's set varies in length and content (anywhere from 20 minutes to close to an hour). All songs are written and performed by Jenocide although material may be appropriated from other sources at times for entertainment value. In the past she has re-adapted material of artists such as Salt N' Pepa, Madonna and Technotronic.

Every set is custom-made to the show she appears at making every performance unique.