Jens Jeppesen

Jens Jeppesen


Stonecold guaranteed to blow your mind.


Jens Jeppesen has spent a year developing his musical stylings in preparation for his first studio album "Making Time". This bluegrass hybrid of old country and youthful energy is Jens' trademark. Through his intense rhythmic attack coupled with an upbeat and dynamic performance, Jens has entertained crowds as a solo performer on his acoustic guitar wherever he has rambled. At the age of 24 Jens has already traveled the globe performing in Seoul South Korea for over a year in western pubs and bars. Yet Canada is where he seeks to make a mark in the music industry. He returned home to New Brunswick and quickly moved to Newfoundland where he met musicians and performed for seven months straight to polish off his material in preparation for his album.


60 Hour Week

Written By: Jens Jeppesen

Every day another deal goes down and the rich ones line their pockets with your town
Closing businesses putting up shops of their own
if you ever had a chance by now it's gone

There's no need to suffer in this crazy day and age
whith people are starving to death on minimum wage

Here's your 60 hour week working a nine to five to try and build a future and try to build some sort of life. Oh come back down to earth and and see what it's like to work, well I am sure your parents did but for you I think it would be a first. Lord a first.

Making more and more is their sick and twisted game as they are taking folks off salary to cut their wage.
There's nothing more frustrating than this business what's your name no there is nothing more frustrating youre to blame.

There are a few folks left who are masters of their trade but every year they are getting thiner that's a shame.

Because the one who's taking over only sees one tiny part and he's never had to work or had to starve.

My Little Babe

Written By: Jens Jeppesen

I came home but the lights weren`t on. I wondered were she could be. I`d been on the road for a week without sleep so that I could get home to see my little babe. She got home at a quarter pass three stumbling in off the street so drunk that she could barley keep herself on her feet. O My little babe what have you done.
So I took her in my arms and told her everything would be ok, but she hates to watch me leave when she knows that I`m going away.`
I`m on the road, but I`m headed back home I keep her close because she loves me so and its so plain to see my little babe O my little babe.


First Album "Making Time" Now available at HMV.
Second Album "Time To Go" is near completion and will be available in stores November.

Set List

Jens Jeppesen performs 3, 45 minute sets. Two sets of original material and Old Country such as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Earl Scruggs and other bluegrass traditional mountain music.