Jentri Colello

Jentri Colello


Jentri Colello is an indie-folk artist from Madison, WI. The singer-songwriter often plays solo. However, this year's addition of a backing band "Horse In Motion" has added a dynamic layer to her live set.


From the start, Jentri has drawn upon personal experience for songwriting inspiration. As a child she travelled frequently and lived all over from Las Vegas to Norway. Being exposed to so many different social scenes instilled in her endless fascination with all that was going on around her. Today she continues to be inspired by, and write about, human interaction/social nuances that catch her attention.

Musical influences: Neil Young, The Pixies, Feist, Mike Doughty, Sleater Kinney, Cold War Kids, Pearl Jam, Nina Simone, Wilco, The Beach Boys, Ray Charles, The Smiths, Aretha Franklin, The Clash, Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley, Andrew Bird. And everything else.

The main thing that sets Jentri apart from other singer-songwriters is her versatility in playing live. She is often booked in low-lit, mellow coffeehouse atmospheres with other solo acts. However, when playing with her band "Horse In Motion," she is well received by lively alt-country fans and rock audiences alike.



Written By: Jentri Colello

blow your last kiss
to the lake
'cause you know impulse
wont wait
you'll paint the towns red
on your way
you'll go you'll go alone

you could leave it
all tonight
'cause you've got texas
on your mind
i'll miss my monday lullaby
you'll go you'll go your way

this porch is singing so low
its 5am and time to go
this bottles empty and i know
you'll go 'cause that's your way

how do you charm them
with a smile
knowing your mind sets on fire
perhaps you'll cool down meanwhile
and i'll go i'll go alone

Flying Days

Written By: Jentri Colello

I’ll wait for your song
If it takes much too long
You were good
With your toys
With grease on your face and hands
Still just a boy

Now youre a big Italian man
Wont you laugh a little
You wont say
Why wont you dance w her
Your life

I wait for you eyes
From the reds to the whites
And I stay by your bed
Cause that truck hit you
Pretty damn hard just like they said

And youre still on the wayside
Tryin to feel a little
You wont say why
Your flying days are gone
To waste

I cant understand
What’d they do to your hands
Speak up
Don’t be shy
Roman catholic basilicas
Now off your mind

And your big red balloons
Are all but slain and buried
You wont say why
Theyre painted all the same
These days

Set List

Flying Days
Toss It Upward
The Way
New York City

"City Walls" by Matt Hopper
"Maybe" by Cat Power
"Jolene" by Dolly Parton
"Sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams
"I've Just Seen A Face" by The Beatles
"Lukin" by Pearl Jam
"Campaigner" by Neil Young

Sets are usually 30 minutes unless covers are included.