Jeny Miller

Jeny Miller


In LA after a show once told me that I sound like the Gypsy's who used to gather in the woods behind his home in England. He said, "Sing with emotion or don't sing." Sure, but I rather think of it as my true testament to the sound of what others ALSO call "heart." I just like to sing my ass off.


I studied opera. I was trained classically in a classical European world of music. (Maria Callas, Verdi, Puccini, Mozart, Leontyne Price etc.) On the other side felt that growing up with the jazz, blues and rock musicians my daddy raised me on had it going on. Tom Waits and Bob Dylan as writers. Etta, Aretha, Ruby Johnson, Nina, Billie, Chris Robinson and Bjork as vocalists. Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, Terry Reid, Van Morrison as sound brilliance. I haven't heard any musicians that sound like me really. Most musicians have a niche. I do not. I am for sure influenced by jazz, blues and rock. But the simple soul singing the rock/jazz chords and the amount of emphasis I place on my lyrics not so much lately. Fionna Apple, Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Regina Spektor are some major influences too. After I graduated school I moved to LA wrote an entire album in 8 months then recorded them when I moved to Brooklyn. I was "discovered" by Earl Slick last year who played with NY Dolls, Bowie and John Lennon who put musicians and a real life album for me last year including John Sebastian of the Lovin' Spoonful. Best week of my life! I am now playing around NYC including Brooklyn and getting my music out there. Music has been it for me.


My self titled album "Jeny Miller" comes out on the web and beyond within months now. My music was accepted with a company to hopefully place it in a film somewhere soon. I am super stoked. I can have an album release party soon! All of the websites I listed above have my music for listening but not to purchase yet. I have been playing the waiting game with publishing/ copy rights, laywer's and contracts to be signed to be able to sell the album. Close, so close!

Set List

Ruby Rose
Guns and Whiskey
Dead Girls
Some Sign
Die Without You