Jerald Wolf

Jerald Wolf


Jerald Wolfs' CD, Winter's Emptiness is deeply revealing and somewhat dark...a rich chemistry of acoustic and electric with strong vocals and warm harmonies... "a journey into a man's soul through the eyes of winter".


Jerald has been touring and recording as a soloist and with a number of bands for many years...he has performed extensively throughout much of the US and Canada...his music is acoustic/electric adult rock...Jerald is currently forming a back-up band to support his new CD and will be playing shows in the NY/NE area shortly...


First Snow

Written By: Jerald Wolf

I'm so sad that I have to go away:
I can't stay here anymore.
People come and go,
And love might die away:
But will the ocean stop racing to the shore?

Yesterday was happy;
And tomorrow's looking good;
Today is not a place I want to share.
So when you think of me,
Try not to think about this day;
It will only make you think I didn't care.
If you're going my way,
I'll be glad to have you with me;
With me everyday.
But your life is here;
And mine is not so clear,
I love you;
But I can't stay.

Fiery colors burn in my eyes,
Against the crisp fall skies;
I want to put my arms around you and say "don't cry".
Or should I wait for spring,
When the birds' song fill our lives?
There's really no good time to say goodbye.

When the first snow falls,
Then I'll be on my way.
Goodbye my love,
I hope we meet again someday.

C2006 Jerald Wolf/BMI

You're Gone

Written By: Jerald Wolf

Last night when I called you;
You were gone;
Gone back to a place you once called home.
You went trying to find the pieces of yesterday's life;
Trying to find somewhere to call your own.
Most of the old places still remain;
And some familiar faces with no names. You said;
"Everything seems different, but nothing has changed".
Nothing will ever be the same.
And as you walk around, you ask;
"Why am I here?"
"Why am I here?"
There's nothing but the sound;
Of the echo of wasted years.

You pass the schoolyard where you used to play;
You still here the voices of the children say, they say;
"Why are you so different?
Why can't you change?
You'll never fit in, you're not the same."
All those nights you cryed yourself to sleep;
Planning out the ways that you can leave. You said;
"Once I run away, I'll never look back".
Now it only feels like a bad dream.

And as you walk around, you ask;
"Why am I here?"
"Why am I here?"
There's nothing but the sound;
Of the echo of cold cruel years.

I just called to say I'm coming home;
I'm tired of living all alone.
I'm just trying to find the pieces;
Of yesterday's love...
Trying to find a place to call my own.

You're gone...(never go home) Everything's gone...(so alone)
You're gone!


"Winter's Emptiness" is Jerald Wolfs' first solo can hear some tracks here or at Music Forte, CDBaby, Listener Station and on many internet radio stations...and of course, on the Jerald Wolf Official Website...