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Jered Sanders

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"'s 15 Freshmen of 2016"

Jered Sanders is a new name to Christian hip hop, but not broader, underground hip hop. In 2014, celebrated him as one of the top 75 underground/indie and emerging artists of the year.

This year, Sanders released his debut retail album Daylight Savings Time., which — in an age when lyricism is less lauded than ever — is packed with bars. They, and his confident delivery, will be on display again in the album he’s dropping next month, Hope Is Dope. - Rapzilla

"Top 25 2015 Underground Hip-Hop List"

Over the last several years, played an amazing role in helping to secure exposure for deserving artists who were right at the cusp of their own greatness but, still needed that extra little push and the right set of ears to help get them over on to the next level. We have also been instrumental in helping underground and independent artists gain new listeners and followers for the dope music that they were creating. Our lists have played their part in this task as well.
We have called more than a few winners over the years and were ecstatic to see some of our favorites graduate to that next platform during the last 12 months. We knew they were stars all along, so we’re glad to see them finally get their shine! We look forward to catching up with them in a “Where Are They Now” type of way in the coming months to show you just how far they’ve come.

That said, there are still so many deserving artists with phenomenal music, movements, stage shows and most importantly lyrical ability that we are eager to bring to you and to applaud. As we say every year, there is far too much unsigned, underground and independent talent in the world to be able to recognize them all the way we would like to. However, please don’t let the absence of artists that you are more familiar with, stop you from becoming a fan of someone new this year! And if you have suggestions for artists that we can become fans of too, please let us know in the comments! We’ve actually found some amazing talent from our readers suggestions in the past, so please keep them coming.

The 2015 list got back to the basics. We pared it down and included more music for your listening enjoyment. 2015 took us all around the country and even out of the continental US to check on artists doing their thing! We found a crazy mix of messages in the music that we selected. Whether it be about politics, struggle,encouragement, loss, suffering, enlightenment or just the party, these artists did not disappoint in their respective sectors of the Hip Hop arena. So, whether you’re listening to a song about protest or to our very first entry from a Native American Hip Hop artist, please sit and really think about what went in to the lyrics that are being spit! Hip Hop is back in a big way and we’re glad to share some new ideas about it with you.

With that said, congratulations and job very well done to our 2015 picks. Salute! In no particular order: - AllHipHop

"'s Top 75 Underground/Indie Emerging Artists of 2014"

The term underground isn’t a dirty word. It actually represents a healthy majority of the music that is released today as only a handful of artists are able to secure mainstream radio play…even if they are very well known and beloved.

However, this doesn’t mean that outstanding efforts should not be recognized regardless of your Hip Hop pedigree.

In 2014 AllHipHop.comsearched the country from left coast to right coast and top to bottom to find talent from all walks. Boy did we find it!

We encountered more nouns and verbs and clever double entendres than we ever thought we could find in one sitting. They were served up on a golden platter and we there with knives and forks ready to eat that dopeness up!

This year we decided to do something a little bit different. We know that heads get bored with long lists of artists. So, taking that into consideration…we figured it was time to do what has always done in order to maintain it’s relevancy…we changed it up!

We evolved this year’s list into something a little outside the box. So, instead of having to read all about what we thought of the artists we’ve selected, we thought we’d invite some of the artists to speak for themselves about one another. It’s extra easy to get cats to talk about themselves but we actually got to see the genuine community that resides in the culture through this short documentary that we put together which allows for artists to be fans of one another. We truly believe it’s a win for Hip Hop whenever artists show support for music they didn’t make and the people who created it.

Some of these artists you may be very familiar with…some maybe not! But every artist selected put forth something extra special in 2014 whether it was on a stage, in the booth, or in the streets! This year we saw a huge swing back toward substance and skill and we could not be happier! Congratulations to the 75 artists that made it! Salute!

Take a look at the video below to see who the Top 75 artists are and please remember there is NO RANKING! They were all wonderful and we enjoyed them all! - AllHipHop


The basic premise is that I was nominated for two categories at this year's Kingdom Choice Awards, an award show that rewards independent Christian Hip-Hop/Soul artist located in Brooklyn, NY annually. I was nominated and awarded "Up Next" at the awards show. Below is the press writeup for the show.

The 2016 Kingdom Choice Awards nomination committee have the arduous task of having to choose nominees and pick a winner. It’s never easy because each nominee is an amazing gift. We encourage everyone who is helping to advance the Kingdom through this urban Christian ministry to keep pressing forward. The KCA are awards given by man, but the ultimate reward will be given by our Savior. (Revelation 22:12). Be encouraged and keep it Kingdom! - Kingdom Time Media


Still working on that hot first release.



Jered Sanders is an artist who is able to lyrically hopscotch through rhymes and flows. His clever metaphors and witty observances compliment a rhyme scheme that few could match let alone live up to. However, that is only a small portion of who he is an artist.

After the widely acclaimed success of his 2013 debut EP, "While You Were Waiting" a metamorphosis took place within Jered. In 2014 Jered became a youth minister for his church and found himself thinking about how he could be a better representation of a leader for the kids. Knowing in his heart that he could do better than what he had previously been flooding the streets with, he decided to pull his former style of Hip Hop out of his repertoire and totally devote himself to crafting a new way of spitting that encouraged instead of assassinated.

The result has been a brand new album that Jered can be proud of and that his mentees can look up to. So, what's next in the cards for the favorite? That chapter is yet to be written.

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