jeremiah garcia

jeremiah garcia


My lyrics are about submitting to God, repenting, and thanking Him. The music is acoustic, jazz, contemporary, and I'm sure other things combined together. The purpose of my song writing and performing is to glorify God. When I am not doing a solo acoustic session, I have a 3 other guys help out.


My influences are Phil Keaggy, Shawn Mcdonald, Raul Midon, and Keith Green. What sets me apart from other bands is my song writing. I love to write about what the Bible says. Taking scriptures from the Bible to help tell stories is what my songs are about.
I've been playing guitar since I could walk. My father taught me how to play. He passed away when I was eight years old, but the investment he made in my life is fealt in so many different ares.
I started writing seriously since I was 16, and haven't looked back since.


I currently have 2 singles on my myspace page. Biography and 1 John are the two songs.

Set List

My typical set list includes all original songs. The amount of songs played depends on the length of the set. I have over 20 songs that I enjoy playing that I have written.